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I loved Linda Carter, but she wasn’t much bigger than this people. Calm down.


I want to take a break from the norm and talk a bit about the situation with Wonder Woman. Why? Because like every kid who ever had nothing but tv to watch when home sick I remember the days of Linda Carter reruns, and super friends. Today someone linked me to this article in one of the groups I’m in on Facebook. And it flat out got into my happy mood turning it into annoyance with people. So first you have a read, then I’ll be back.

THE MISSION: Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman,” Marvel’s “Agent Carter,” and the Heroic Mystique

Now I’m not saying this is the author who is the problem. No no, there is a mass of people writing about this, this guy just happens to be the one who I feel like sharing the link for. There were no less than 10 pieces and 5 mentions in my various daily watching and reading related to the change. My problem with this assessment is that it ignores the things that actually confirmed. DC/Warner wants Wonder Woman in a time frame that can actually work with the Universe they are building. It is why you knew way back when it was announced, that at some point in Captain America they were going to freeze/put in a fridge/send into space, the hero in order to make sure he was in the present in time for him to be in the Avengers.

Considering Wonder Woman is the person who actually gets the heroes to team up and form the Justice League (Something no one has said is being changed so far), putting her in the 20’s screws the entire multi-billion dollar universe they are building. Why is Superman an odd thing for the world if Wonder Woman, who would have essentially the same effect on an unassuming world, has been here in the consciousness of the world since before WWII?

At the end of the day, this was less about sexism, and more about the wrong director vision for what they are doing. We bag on DC for trying to put the square peg in the round hole. Yet here people are talking like these ideas were something that makes the situation better not worse. When Edgar Wright was talking about Ant-Man being unrelated to the rest of the MCU, people were up in arms. Now we had a director who wanted a talking tiger, no connection to the modern world that has the rest of the superheroes in it, and was playing out cool as again, a stand alone styled film. It was a clear square peg given the circumstances.

I love Game of Thrones and loved Breaking Bad, but not enough to say it is a good idea to help screw up DC’s universe. They are already on thin ice. And now we have a director with an oscar nomination who helped get her female lead an Oscar in a character driven, stuning, piece of film. If you were worried Wonder Woman would have all the depth of Thor, this is good for you. If you were worried there would be bad choices from how Gal Gadot is used in the film, this is good for you. If you were worried the film would not be up to the quality level coming out of Marvel, this is good for you. If you were worried the script would get mired in stupidity, up it’s own ass, and sound like something the writers of Spice World wrote? THE DIRECTOR WROTE THE SCREENPLAY FOR MONSTER AND THE PILOT FOR THE KILLING! These things are all good for you. Have a seat.

Neither of these directors are even the ones I wanted and I think people are making too big a deal of it all. Sometimes a change in direction is just a change in direction. Sometime creative differences are just creative differences. And for the record I wanted Ava DuVernay.


– THE Ruthless Wonder

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