Weekend with Ruthless: Read a book! or “How I kept on reading, and learned to love intellegence.”

One of the oddest things that happens on my average everyday right now as I get ready for bar prep to start again is that old friends ask me about passing the bar. Well it sucks to tell them I didn’t and I wonder how in November I’m still being asked when that status went up some time ago. Don’t worry this is not a post about that, its just odd and I wish they’d stop. Instead I wanted to talk about something a bit light today. Reading. Now this is not about to be a post about “Who do you read?” We aren’t going to do a WDDIJ reading challenge, or open a book club…well at least not until I have books available for purchase(Stories I told Myself Augusty Septemberish Octoberesque 2014, lol) But what happened to people reading? Without getting into a dating topic, I’ve found it odd how anti-reading we’ve become.

Now I don’t mean things like “people don’t read books anymore they only kindle or e-book and that doesn’t count” In fact I disagree with that mentality all together. I love how easy it is to read with technology. I don’t have a book fetish, but I like books, feel me? Good. I mean I was having a conversation about my philosophy challenge I have with myself, and the person I was talking to couldn’t remember the last non school related, non fiction book they’d read. To say I was more than a bit weirded out about that is an understatement. I’m in a space right now that makes it easy to read, but even in law school I made time for books. The 48 laws of Power being a favorite among those non fiction selections, but there were always at least 3 or 4 books a semester that I just read.

I guess maybe I’m the odd one here for reading so much in adulthood, but doesn’t that seem odd? I remember after getting that first abscess on my back and thinking that I would commit to getting fitter. But while I was on the shelf in pain I was still reading a ton. Reading is fundamental may be a catchphrase but it makes logical sense, the more you read the bigger your knowledge base. And that means a lot in your career and personal life. Taking a brief moment to pop into dating, I just sort of naturally ask women what kind of books they like. Its not even a thoughtful question to me. I just do it. Because I assumed that every adult does some light reading. I mean don’t get me wrong, if you say 50 shades of anything, the predator in my brain kicks on(Christian Grey is a lightweight). And if you say twilight or bring up the hunger games without mentioning Battle Royale I’m probably never going to call again, but at least you read. Jack Reacher is pulp action detective Knight errant fiction to be sure, but it’s a book series.

I guess growing up in a house that always had tons of books, because my Mom reads circles around whole countries at once and has since I was a kid, makes me a bit of an odd one about it all. I’m extreme enough on it that I used to not date women who don’t own 10 books. I’ve changed that to at least 10 non fiction books. But just generally speaking why is it that no one reads? I crush Grisham books in a few days. I reread the Tao fairly often. I even have to lend off my copies of The Art of War, Leviathan, The Prince and Utopia to keep from constantly rereading them when I need to add in new stuff. People just seem to be okay with not reading. Isn’t that sad? Isn’t that tragic? Why not read? Even on a kindle. Even on your computer screen? Why not crush down 400 pages of thoughts, cut them with ink, and take your brain on a trip(Yes I just compared reading to cocaine, some of you get it)? I guess I’m odd. Or maybe you are for not reading? Anyway, that’s just a thought I’ve been thinking. I was also thinking we could read a book together, but I’m about to start bar prep next month so I want to wait until after it to come up with one. I don’t mind rereading, And it might be fun to see your comments on it each blog post. For now though read a book, make your kids/spouse/parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/friends/co-workers/church family/whoever read a book as well. Reading is fundamental, but also fun to mental. Think on it.

-THE Ruthless Wonder

3 thoughts on “Weekend with Ruthless: Read a book! or “How I kept on reading, and learned to love intellegence.”

  1. You aren’t odd. People who survive without reading (physical or digial books) puzzle me. When I come across a person who says, ‘I don’t read’ I study them like they’re from another planet.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with reading especially in adult hold, I think to would be smart to keep reading. My mom knows I read, and I do have a slight fetish of having books around. That help me cope with my surroundings and I need to start back reading because every week that goes by I feel as though I can’t always get my arguments across. I don’t know I’ll just sat that I love reading my books the old fashion way and reading them on my cracked up Kindle. So there is nothing wrong with reading, there’s something wrong with those that don’t spend enough time doing it.

    What is so hard about reading to some people stay away from it like a plague? I don’t really know but I think I would really come to hurt someone if they kept me from a good book that takes the mind on an adventure. Books to me is a view into the authors world, and I will enjoy every bit of their world because it’s so different from mines.

    The Ruthless Wonder I will be the first one to be on this page if there is a book you would offer to read and review. If I have enough money to buy it, Be ready to see little old me in this here blog 🙂

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