The Once and Future King Episode 3: Health & Good Fortune

His mother was quick on her feet like always, and before the boy knew it he was whisked away into the car and taken to the local hospital. The entire trip to the hospital only took about ten minutes and yet for the boy, it felt like an eternity. The scar on his arm continued to glow a brilliant red; that was until the moment his mother put her small white BMW into park just outside of the hospital. As quickly as the pain and glowing had come it had gone. In response to the sudden relief, the boy slumped deep down into the supple leather seat he was being contained within. He let out a deep breathe just in time for his mother to notice the glowing had stopped. ” I thought your arm was glowing? How did you get it to stop?….” The concern in his mother’s voice let the boy know his mother was not only worried but also frightened. After all, not everyday did you see your son’s arm glowing mysteriously.

His mother being the worrier she is, forced the boy to go through the entire testing process at the Hospital. A CAT scan, an EKG, X-Rays, and a full blood panel were completed. All the scans and X-Rays came up clean which much to his mother’s dismay didn’t help to ease her fears. After several hours the boy was released and told the blood work would take a day to come back. After leaving the hospital, his mother would wait until the third stop light before asking him questions. ” Are you drugs on?” The boy had been taken a back before the look in his mother’s eyes let him know his mother was fishing. ” Yes Mom…I’m a drug addicted thief who runs with the Chavs that live down the road from us…I also happen to like having sex with animals and dead people….” The boy laughed hysterically before his mother simply slapped him in the arm before giggling herself. ” Maybe we were hallucinating….either way, we will have to wait for your blood work to come back…”

Desmond shook his head in response to his mother’s statement before patting his body over for his phone. In his mother’s manic movements, he managed to forget his phone on his desk back at the house. ” My Kingdom for my phone…” His mother giggled for a moment before turning to him at a stop light. ” Too bad your a frog and not a prince…..but lucky for you you’re my frog…”



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