Decorum Deficiency Disorder: Them Dresses Though… *Face Palm*

Let’s talk current events. Why… when there are so many more important things going on in the world worth discussing… is my Facebook feed full of posts about the dresses celebrities wore to their respective awards shows? Why are people really wasting energy asking entertainers to speak out about issues that have nothing to do with what we keep them around for: entertainment? Why are we looking to otherwise insignificant and irrelevant people for guidance on things that are very important and significant? Have we really become so… addicted to entertainment that we can’t even stand up for an issues without having to Kidding Meconsult our favorite sports personality or singer? Why the fuck should I care what Kobe Bryant has to say about what’s going on in Baltimore; are the heads of state in Baltimore big fans of his or something? How on God’s green Earth are Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna’s dresses going to make a difference in the economy or hell, just make my life better?

I can’t even begin to express my frustration at having to deviate from my time of mourning to remind you people that these people are just entertainers. We don’t pay them for their insight. We don’t pay them to teach our children right from wrong. They’re there to entertain us, and then move on with their lives, just as we are supposed to move on with ours. Just because we have access to random starlet No. 7’s life story in Wikipedia and her every thought on Twitter doesn’t mean that what she says or thinks should have any bearing on anything but her life. can she sing a song or play a role that helps to take my mind off my daily grind? Great! Then when she’s done, if she could just shut the fuck up and move on with her life, I’ll be more than happy to just move on with mine.

If you’re a parent concerned about the images your children see, do your damn job and censor that shit. Stop leaning on TV to raise and educate your kids. If you’re wondering why you have no control over your kid, or why they have no respect for your position of authority in your life, it’s because you’ve positioned yourself as little more than a food and entertainment dispenser. Let that sink in.

And before you start getting defensive, consider how many YouTube videos there are with kids jumping each other, angry rants delivered before a killing spree, youths having killed themselves because no one was there who could understand and help them through their struggle?

If you’re a socially conscious individual who for whatever reason believes that entertainers should weigh in on the issues… Stop. What happens when people like Kanye, Raven Simone, and Charles Barkley allow the truth of their perspective to ooze out of their mouths? You turn around and tell them to shut up. If you only want to hear what people have to say when they agree with you, then in addition to having a seat, you need to go back to elementary school where you were supposed to learn the lesson about people being different and having freedom of speech, and the right to their opinions. if you’re going to live in the land of butt hurt and salt, you should really just stick your own opinions. Do like the FOX News folks do and fabricate your own little world where the only truth that’s out there is yours. You want to hear a sport’s personality’s opinion on something? Ask Michael Jordan why he allows his sneakers to that probably cost 5 cents to manufacture cost $125 a pair. Ask him why, after the first death, did he not do something to protect his consumers… like making the sneakers more easily accessible to all youths by lowering the price. Why didn’t he make a public statement about that? Why wasn’t there a public outcry about his silence on something that actually was within his control? Oh, do we understand that he’s a businessman? Are we okay with his silence because he’s usually a really nice guy?

Ok, I think I’ve made my point. But just in case:
Even if original thought isn’t really a thing, and common sense isn’t common, its time we started thinking with our own brains instead of allowing the talking heads on TV to lead, control and distract us more than they already do. In short: Do More. Require Better… or shut the fuck up.

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