The Ruthless Wonders…Where the hell is he?

There is something to be said for my disappearing acts.  Usually it is something rather important, and usually someone knows where I went, and I come back with something to tell you.

Well for once most of that isn’t true. The last couple weeks we’ve had some shakeups and vacations, and I’ve been trying to keep things figured out. SO I didn’t post. But I got some pretty good posts from our authors and everyone can like that. On the other hand I am quite aware that it may look like I’m slacking by not posting. After all, I did bring this crew of uberness together right?

Well the reality is I’ve been working on some rather non-interesting battles in the life of the guy who failed the bar exam. The great battle at getting registered for the next exam, the amazing triumph of The Ruthless Wonder over the speeding ticket, and who can forget the skirmish with the failing office wifi signal which was won with a router reset, some music videos of Those Acoustic Cats, and some feverish research to keep the deadlines we had.

But it wasn’t all overhyped battles and minor life annoyances. No, I got some things figured out and some idea moved to paper for a more interesting next few weeks. Because if you recall from my post about my resurrection hobby, I have a grand one to do. Now of course folks I can’t tell you everything. Some stuff for legal reasons, some stuff because I want you to have the surprise of it that I did. So we’re gonna just you know tell you a few bits to come and I’m going to get back to it.

First up: Special column week.

Next week I’m being very ambitious, not saying I will be not posting otherwise this week, but next week I’m going to be doing a column collab with a bunch of folks. You may remember the double R post Rufus and I did. Well think of a week of posts like that. Still getting the folks together for it, but it is a go. Think of it as me saying I’m sorry. But far more awesome.

Second: the big announcement

Well I have to save the juiciest bit about this for a certain day in March, but right now I can and will tell you that we are bringing on board a new extension of Words Don’t Do It Justice. I toyed with a monthly podcast, we talked about leaving WordPress for a full on site with more media. All of that may still come but for right now, we will be launching a monthly interview series in March. Each month a 3 interview program will be shot and uploaded to here and later to youtube. And it isn’t just a bunch of my friends and associates, we’re going to reach out to larger and larger folks as we get going. Mostly keeping with the theme, but hey if we somehow get Meghan Markle, sorry if I get off track.

Last: Recruitment

The R Revolution is growing, and so is The Justice League. Many of you saw the post, with and without the spoiler alert tag, from Carl McPhail. Rest assured we will have more guests coming, and more from the newest Rs as well. And there may be a few new Rs coming to join the revolution.

The long wave goodbye

SO with all that said I want to say thanks to everyone who’s been picking up the slack with me MIA and Rufus on a break. And like I said who knows I may be back tomorrow or over the weekend. I mean I could say more but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!

-THE Ruthless Wonder

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