The Prey: Ch3 Enter the Rabbit’s Hole


[A daylight blue sky had grown darker in a short time, street lights coming to life one shortly after the other. The smell was every kind of unclean of expired mess that one could expect to find in such a place. Trash cans and dumpsters that don’t look like they’ve ever been clean a day after they were placed sit firmly where they were overflowing with the waste and unwanted of the area’s denizens. A total of 5 exits to the street, leaving no way out for anyone to have gotten stuck inside.][Around eight o’clock… Somewhere… People were opening their laptops, and booting up their computers, running through several websites before pausing at a black screen. The image of a wooden door with the words “Rabbit’s Hole” written over it in cartoonish red paint. A click of the mouse would require user names and passwords, standard practices of course, and once inside, live streams were available to those who were successful in logging in. The option to review old postings, or find out about new ones were to the left and right, respectively. While the center of the page focused on the current nights entertainment.[Tonight’s game was “Hide & Seek”, One of the lowest view counts, it wasn’t the most popular showing, but it stayed afloat. A simple game where one comes into the area, and has to remain hidden for a set amount of time while being sought by the seeker. A simple one-on-one game, but a change in the video description caught the eyes of users.
‘The seeker’s prey has been released into the hunting grounds, but the seeker is unaware of another that has wandered in. Will the seeker be able to find both?’
Several wellplaced cameras looked over the area, one of which spotted a drunk guy stumbling around while looking and then digging through the wallet he ‘found.’ Those watching this feed would See above his head the word ‘target’ in bold red letters. Another showed a second man dressed in a buttondown with a tie. He had a big frame, but somehow, looking at him as he walked around the alley, many found it funny how he navigated, bumping into things and fearfully backing away with his hands out as if apologizing. Views added up over this new development.]

“Evan…. Evan Bartholomew Spent…. That is a funky name…” Laughed the drunk as he scavenged through the wallet he lifted. Not that he had need to see the I.D. inside, once he counted the money that was in the wallet, he decided that he’d get the name of the guy who kindly gave him a few bucks to spend. It was around now that he realized he had been in this alley for while and hadn’t been followed. “Guess I lost him… Ughh, Need to get home… Feels like I’m sober and drunk at the same time… No… Not a hangover… Just…?” As he rambled to him self, shoving the wallet into his back pocket, he saw a figured standing before him, a wall light shining orange against their tan colored coat. A hood covered their face and the rest of the coat came all the way down to their feet where two thick looking boots stood out, but the stranger was about the same height as the drunk. The puzzled expression on his face began to sink more, the stranger not saying a word or moving. Was it a guy? A girl? Both…Neither? He fussed with his eyes, something glinting at them from the stranger. Light beaming from the knife they had in hand.

Butcher(Its getting late. You cannot seem to find the thief who made off with your loot…”

“What do you do?”

A.) Go home, and shut down all bank cards, and apply for new I.D.’s to be issued.
B.) Throw a tantrum.
>C.) Chase him down and get back what is yours.
D.) Call the police.

“I think I’ve been playing too many of those games… I look at everything like a multiple choice question now…” Said Evan, the wallet’s owner. He had taken a wrong turn or two while chasing the thief, a chance wind making some noise in the wrong direction tricked him into thinking that he went that way. It was looking less likely that he’d find this guy, who probably cut out of this maze like alley moments after getting in.

(You have likely been set up… This is the ‘Thief’s Den.’ After a hit and run, they dart within and lose you inside. While making off with your loot, they will leave you to be maimed by the scum and low lives that dwell here. Perhaps you should make haste before the latter befalls you…)

“What do you do?”
>A.) Get the hell out and go home.
B.) Keep searching.
C.) Throw a tantrum. (It could work…)
D.) Stand still and think about it some more.
“….Did I just come up with that? That’s make for a good location in that ‘g.o.g.’ game to visit… Mid Level location though.” Evan thought to himself as he head back the way he came. It was easy for him to find his way back, but was confused over the fact that there was now a barbed wired metal fence blocking his way, sealed by lock and chain on the end where it was pulled shut to.
Evan looked it over and figured this might be to prevent homeless people or thugs from trying anything funny throughout the alley. It was the best way for him to rationalize what was going on. He didn’t panic, realizing that the other guy found a way out, and that all he needed to do was take a new turn here or there.
“THE HELL DO YOU MEAN THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE?!?” Shouted a voice from further away from where Evan walked. Simply excited to hear another voice, He rushed back with a right and a left to the source of the voice, his relieved expression slowly fading away as he got closer to the scene.
[Sat up against the wall was the thief, his head drooping down in Evan’s direction and his eyes wide and looking to him. Every attempt to call out was thwarted by the thick gurgle of blood that built up at his sliced neck. His hands twitched frantically, his legs push and kick weakly at the ground as if trying to push him up, but couldn’t bring him from the ground at all. Everything he did, every futile move was his way of crying for help. Seeing Evan there, seemed to give him hope. Tears flooded from his face, as if he would be saved by the man he stole from not to long ago. His hopeful gurgling, along with Evan’s inability to understand what he was seeing were all ended with a swift swing from the killer. The Butcher’s knife came down upon the thief’s head with such force, it nearly sat directly between his eyes.]
(Survivors of great wars, who were on their last dying breath, would look to the horizon and see the Calvary arrive just in time. Such a peaceful look, as if the burden had just been lifted from their weary bones and they could rest… It was there, frozen on the thief’s face while a butcher’s knife sat wedged into his skull… The Killer stands over it’s kill and looks almost disgusted.)
“What do you do?”
A.) RUN.
B.) RUN!!!
C.) Hide.
>E.) ???!
[Evan looked to the killer, their knee high boots to the dead man’s chest, one hand trying to pull the weapon loose, while the other held the phone to their head. While rough and angry, the voice and legs of a woman were at work before him. She didn’t seem to notice his presence standing not to far away from her, more focused on getting some information about her surprise guest, ironically.]
“Okay, give me a hint? ….He’s nearby?” She repeated, before stumbling back, finally getting her weapon back from the thief’s head. “Much better… Now, how near are we-” The killer was cut off suddenly, the growing whine that was rushing toward her didn’t seem to get her attention until the last moment with an old metal trash can was slammed into her like a battering ram by Evan, shouting as he charged her like a mad man. She was sent flying into the dumpster further down the ally with such force that she bounce off of it and hit the ground just as hard. Evan didn’t bother to go check, but from where she was, she didn’t move or make a sound, and he wasn’t about to confirm his possible murder.
If not for his own very heavy breathing, Evan would assume he was also dead after all of this. The sights filled him with the urge to vomit and the warmth traveling down his leg told him that this wasn’t the place he wanted to be. This thought, was fighting with dozens of others and left his mind was scrambled, he couldn’t figure out what to say, or how he even got to this point. As dozens of thoughts and reactions ran rampant through his head, Evan slowed down his breathing until he was a able to take one deep breath. What felt like an eternity, was a short five minutes of breath control before suddenly a text appeared in his head, the same way it would in his text based games.
[Having beaten the beast in the ‘Thief’s Den’, Evan searched the remains of the thief for his loot and haste fully left the scene before anything else could be done. Unless there was something else to be done…]
“What will you do?”
A.) Call the police and tell them everything.
B.) Break down and scream like a mad man.
C.) Say something witty.
>D.) Quit stalling, grab your wallet and haul ass!
Evan carefully snaked his wallet out of the thief’s pocket, trying not to touch anymore than he needed to and collected his property.  He rushed from the alley as fast as he could, tumbling over and over as his legs seemed to give out on him from time to time at first. Without realizing it, Evan would escape by leaving the alley from the same way he entered.
[This brought an end to the live feed of ‘Hide & Seek,’ one of the lowest viewed feeds, had now received  one of the highest view counts among the top 5 feeds, most comments going to the surprise ending, and the desire to see the ‘Trash Man’ again.]

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