The Prey: Ch5 Loose ends

“Where is Evan?! He’s never been late before!” Hill yelled as he power walked down the hall of the office floor of the building. Sweat on his brow like the heat was on in the well air conditioned office, tugging at the collar of his suit, brand named something or another, but simply expensive to others. He looked to the cubicles for answers from men and women to busy with their own work to be concerned about the dilemma that seemed to have their boss worried.

Evan’s role there seemed to be a major one, but some how he remained to himself most of the time. He was in on time and out on time, and moved too quick for anyone to give him a second thought, or approach him for even small talk. Mr. Hill however, relied on Evans to always have the most important documents at his desk, and never once failed to get them on time. This was the one thing that Hill never worried about, with this being the first time it had ever happened since Evans was hired. He found himself at Evan’s cubical, looking to it with such concern, as if his gaze would somehow summon him there.

In the Cubical over from him, the radio was playing as always, news updates on traffic and other stories to be told later on in the morning. “Turn that thing down, please!” Hill shouted in annoyance. Hill looked like he was going to collapse as he looked from his left to his right like a lost child in a crowd. “HENDRIX! I need you to do me a favor!” Hendrix shot up from his cubical and turned to face his boss like a meerkat being called from its home by day light.

While his boss worried for his return, the man in question was storming back home, seeming much calmer after the events of the previous night. His formal attire was riddled with sweat patches that had no success in drying out.

“The whole place.. clean.. That guy’s body… All his blood… And that woman and her weapon were gone too. What if the hidden party involved in this really was hiding out nearby and watching?! Did they clean it up to-” He grumbled to himself and then suddenly stopped in his tracks, looking around a bit. “Loose ends.. LOOSE END!” He said out loud, freaking out the few people walking along the side walk near him. He broke out into a sprint to get home, realizing that he was the last end to be tied in all of this.

(Whatever faction cleaned the crime scene will be after you soon. Nothing was left, no bodies, not blood, no trace. With no real means to defend yourself, your best course of action is to call the police. These people are too strong for you to try and face alone anymore.)

“What will you do?
xA) Face them anyway
xB) Try to skip town

>C) Call the authorities.

His other two options were to much for him to get into leaving town wouldn’t solve anything if he was being watch, at the very least if he called the police now, it would be investigated even if he didn’t make it through. Facing them? There would obviously be more than one, and he got lucky last night getting out alive. He won’t have the element of surprise to keep him from dying. He tried to be vigilant on his own, skulking to the crime scene and risking being caught if everything was still there, or worse, if he walked in on the hidden party cleaning up after themselves.

Calling the police would be his next plan of action. As he rushed up the stairs and turned sharp down the hall to his apartment, he unlocked the door, got in and locked it back almost as fast. He took a deep breath and turned around to look for his land line phone. His hand reached out as if were expecting it to come to him, though he moved rapidly toward it.

>A) DODGE!!!!!!!!!!

Something made his senses go nuts, alarms blaring in his head, and his body perspiring madly as if he was standing before an oncoming train. From out of the open closet to his right,  a butchers knife swung around and wedged it’s self into the wall where Evan’s head nearly was. He could hear her pants as she stepped from around the corner, her body shuddering visibly as she gripped the handle tightly to her murder weapon.

Blood ran down from her head to her leg after the damage she sustained from Evans last night. Her head was wrapped with gauze and it seemed as though the bleeding stopped, but as she pulled her weapon free, her buckling knees and stagger walk made it clear that she hadn’t properly recovered from the night before. She sneered at him, pulling back her sharp weapon to attack the panicking Evans.

(The killer from the night before is alive! Judging from the dried bloody bandages around her head your attack managed to do a lot of damage to her… She doesn’t seem to let that stop her as she lunges at you! You are fighting the ‘Crazed Ally Killer!’)

“What will you do?!”


>C) Try to reason with her!

Evans didn’t want this. he didn’t want this at all. He waved his hands at her, tears streaming down his face as he barely managed to dive out of the way of her next attack and get around her and further in to his home.

“PLEASE! WAIT!! Look! I don’t know anything! I Don’t! I w-w-won’t tell anyone.. Please! DON’T!” He tried to speak to her, only to have her chuck the weapon at him in her rage. Evans nearly fainted when the sound of the blade wedging into the wall behind him revealed her miss. Though only by inches. She ran up to him, her left poised like a claw, and her right into a fist.

(She’s disarmed…. She’s smaller than you…. She ha only seen you cower, and is rushing you as if you have no spine… Show her!)

As Evan got pumped up by the text appearing in his head, he moved to attack her only to be countered by the smaller being. A hay maker to Evan’s chin… A knee to his gut, and an elbow to his chin. Evans found himself being torn apart by the little monster, who’s weapon was only half as deadly as she. A quick grab would turn the tables when Evans got hold of one of her arms, yanking her in to a powerful kick to knock her back and away from him so that he could catch his breath. She went through the class table he had sitting there near the love seats that surrounded it. Evan swallowed down the mouth full of blood he had and tried to breath for a few moments, thinking that maybe he managed to end it.

Evans looked to where she was on the floor, once again seeming lifeless like the last time he used force against her. He turned away to walk toward his phone again, slouching and putting his hands to his knees for support. No sooner than when he took a single step, the killer jumped onto his back, and took heavy swings at his head. Her attacks seemed to finally send Evans into a rage, the massive man taking his fears and choking them down with his anger. As she bashed her small rock like fist into his head, Evans would slam her into his walls with all the force he could muster, the two wrecking his whole place in the process. She got off of him just before he slammed her into his front door, where she revealed that she had gotten her weapon back. She walked up to him with a wide grin, thinking she had won, though Evans looked far from ready to give in. He barely managed to catch the hand that swung down the weapon, still slightly covered in dried blood from the first kill. It became a power struggle with both of them using both arms to push. It was amazing that the woman trying to kill Evans was so strong given how much smaller she looked.

The tension between the two was high, when suddenly, they both froze up.

‘Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.’

“Hey, Evans?” Called out a man’s voice. “It’s Hendrix? Mr. Hill asked me to come and see if you were all right. The number you provided wasn’t working, and he sent me here to check on you.” He explained in a loud voice, in case Evans was to far from the door to hear him.

It was silent, the two in Evans’s house glaring each other down, as if agreeing to wait for him to leave, which was odd since Evan could use a hand here, clearly. both of them breathing carefully and quietly in case he was listening.

“I know you are in there, I heard a whole bunch of noise on my way up here right up until I knocked… If you aren’t feeling well, then you should’ve called out sick.” Hendrix reminded him as he waited for a reply.

With his killer glaring into his eyes, the life of his coworker possibly in his hands, Evan’s mind was actually much clearer now. As if waiting on him, the power struggle between the fighters came to a halt, but only until the issue of Hendrix was solved. Evans looked to her and then to his door, and then back to her with a puzzled expression.

“What will you do?”>SAVE GAME?

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