The Justice League, but first…WAR! (just kidding)

First things first

New year, still Ruthless. Of course that doesn’t come without some announcements. The big stuff comes during the anniversary in March but as we’ve begun 2016 I wanted to make you all aware of something big. After much deliberation, we’ve decided to get rid of the guest blogger justice league. Because they aren’t guests. they may post only once in a blue moon, but they are as much a part of our staff as each and every R revolution member has been. And calling them by a separate name was not respectful of their contribution.

So the Justice League is going away?


Instead we have the reason why I’m dedicating my post for the week to this subject. We’ve created a community for you all to hang out. And until my cheap ass buys some more space to host it over here We have given the Justice League to all of you our super fans over Facebook.

The Justice League at
The Justice League at

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All of our writers past and present are a part of the group. And you’ll be free to have discussions on any topic you like. Be sure to be civil, but disagreement is just the genesis of conversation. Also, look for our friends from 9 to 5 gamer, Geek Street Radio, and elsewhere in the group. Feel free to ask us questions, talk about the latest pieces or podcasts, and of course bring your friends in. We’d love to meet them as well.

And now for the first thing for the ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT Justice League

I’ve been running a contest that had some very odd finishes. First was a lack of new contest participants and non WDDIJ staffers. Then the random selection gave equal selections to three people. So after some coinflipping and some assistance we have a winner. Winning a free copy of good friend of Words Don’t Do It Justice Da Kinky Kid’s book “365 ways to Keep It Kinky” is super fan PHILLIP JONES! We’ll be contacting him to get the book shipped to him. And of course be sure to buy the book if you weren’t lucky to win it.

Congrats to you Phillip!
Congrats to you Phillip!

As you’ve seen The WRATH of Ruthless is back with a brand new format and set crew, but there is much more in store. I could tell you about that now, but Words Don’t Do It Justice!

THE Ruthless Wonder

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