WDDIJ Presents: The Justice League

The Justice League is our guest blogger section. Posts by the Justice League bloggers are often hyped in advance so their usual readership and our readership can know they are coming. This page lists all of our JL members to date with a link to their personal sites.

Rufus aka Anothermaker

Rufus The name is Rufus, a twenty-three year old amateur writer with a lot on his mind and more in his heart. My posts are usually a journey inwards, exploring the effects of the world on the way I perceive and react to such events. So if you���re looking for countless questions with only partial answers, my posts will saite that thirst. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Drivingmisty – Most known for her new blog “Is this thing on?” our good friend Drivingmisty is a writer, blogger, poet, and mom of twins. Her first guest blog on WDDIJ is Words are bad, Mmkay? Delving into parenting and language, it was if I am correct her first blog before she opened up her personal blog which is linked in her name. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Realistic Royalty

R Revolution member Realistic Royalty aka Double R

Author Biography to appear soon

*Realistic Royalty also appears Thursdays on Words Don’t Do It Justice*







Author biography and photo to appear soon

*Rebellionista appears Thursdays on Words Don’t Do It Justice*