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Hello again readers of Justice, it is I the ever opinionated Rufus coming to you this monday morning with talk of politics. Now i’m not sure i’ve ever spoke much on politics, mostly because A) I don’t really trust the government. and B) Quite honestly I know little on the subject in general, mostly because of A. That’s not to say i’m an idiot when it comes to politicians, oh no i know about them quite well, but when it comes to who is doing what or who is causing what, i tend to hold my tongue. We all know Obamacare is great for the people, or that Obama is doing a bang up job but Congress is holding him back. For every complaint there is praise, but really what the hell do any of you know about anything they’ve been talking about for the last 5 or so years? Did you read bill? Have you sat down and determined if this was good or bad based on facts written and explained? I don’t think you have, and i’m willing to bet that everything you know is based of off hearsay. (Hearsay: information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.)

Now i’m going to link you to…a couple of videos. One is Russell Brand on politics, the other is Dylan Ratigan i believe lets watch shall we:



Alright, now i’m going to be honest, that first video, i have little to no idea what he is talking about. Banks exporting money or some such, really didn’t get the whole meaning of that, but what i did get was that he is saying that so long as lobbyist are fueling our politics then we’re going to have a bad time. Now for those of you who don’t know what a lobbyist is listen up. Campaigns cost money, lots of money, lobbyist are people who work for either A) Corporations or B) very rich people, and what they do is offer politicians money to run their campaign so long as they lean their way when it comes to certain things. Tobacco industry, we know it’s a bad company, selling people death n such, but lets use them as an example anyway. Bill is running for senator of Ohio, and he needs some extra money to get his campaign up and running. Tobacco industry has that extra money, and wouldn’t you know it, Bill’s political opinions align with the tobacco industries so they give Bill money, and Bill wins that race. Now lets say two years into Bills term there comes a bill (ha get it?) that would make things better for people in poverty, maybe it would ban the sell of cigarettes altogether or something like that. Do you think, Bill, who might have wised up or like the idea in general, would be allowed to let that to pass without his ‘friends’ the Tobacco industries approval? No, or at least, it would be a fat chance.

So long as corporations have say so in our politics, i truly think things will never get better, because they seem (at least the majority) to only care about money. Making more money, spending less doing so, that’s why they outsource.

Now Russell Brand’s video is a bit simpler to understand simply because he’s talking about things that people such as I (lower to middle class) can understand. See I like to think that I can understand things fairly well just so long as I can take the time to look them over and/or see them in action a certain amount of times. What I’ve learned is this, there has been no good president in my life time, which started in 1989. I know, people are going to say Clinton, but look at what happened with Clinton in office: The Internet, Cell phones, and the raise of Video games. We’re talking an increase in jobs, more money, and prosperity, but did that have anything to do with what Clinton did? Then look what came after. Bush, need i say more? Hell the movie they came out with after his term W. was supposed to be a look into his time in office in a serious and dramatic light, I thought it was a comedy. Now we look to Obama, and the more time passes the less i like what i’m seeing. We got out of Iraq, which he said we would, but he didn’t bring them home, no instead we’re sweeping across the middle east like it’s our own backyard. Healthcare is still in shambles, and though i know little of Obama Care, I’m not sure forcing people onto insurance plans is going to be a better alternative than what we have now, but like i said before, i haven’t read the bill, nor do i intend to. I don’t know legal jargon and just attempting to read something like that would be a task bigger than my time would comfortably allow.

All in all I believe that no president will do good for the country unless it lines alot of pockets, and even then WE don’t see that money. That’s another thing, there is no WE when it comes to Government. If they say WE have over 10million dollars in profit, that check doesn’t come to your house for anything does it? But when they say WE are 500million dollars in debt and need help don’t they hike up the prices to try and collect? WE are always doing things but WE never see the profit, WE only see the hard times, so no there is no WE, just us who do the labor, and they who reap the benefits. But what do i know right, i’m just a man working the 9-5 and trying to eek by.


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