John Gray: A Tale of Hearts Part VI

Welcome to the Mystery World of Reason…

“Alright everyone we are ready to give the profile.” Captain Philip says.

“White, female in her thirties, cognizant enough to hold a steady job, but we don’t believe she is currently employed. Also, this woman must have had some type of trauma in her life that caused her to start this killing spree all of a sudden. We have checked all the databases and there are no other murders that fit this MO. So we are looking for someone with a recent traumatic event.” Steve says.

“Could it be that she has been killing for a while and we are just finding out about it.” Officer Rogers asks.

“Anything is possible, but that is unlikely.” Steve responds.

“We believe the suspect is affluent in different languages, so we are potentially looking for an individual who has an extensive travel history or who perhaps obtained a degree that would facilitate acquiring of different languages.” Stone says.

Stone always sounds like he has a doctorate degree in big words when he is giving a profile. I’m not sure he realizes there is no one here to impress, it’s just a bunch of police officers and personnel. “The suspect seems to be stalking these families before kidnapping the babies. She is meticulous and relentless. I recommend getting the word out to families who have newborns to be extra vigilant. Lock their doors no matter what neighborhood they live in.” Steve says.

“Are we so sure this killer is a woman?” Officer Max says.

“We strongly believe so.” I respond.

“So should we be out looking for this monster or what?” Officer Stepson says.

“We don’t know what the suspect looks like at this time, and we do not want to start a panic. We just want everyone to keep their eyes open for anyone that seems in the least suspicious.” I say.

“I don’t see how we can do that, when this crazy lady clearly has learned how to blend in.” Officer Markson says.

Steve sighs then says, “That is correct, but unfortunately that is all we can do at this present time.”

“Great.” Officer Max says sarcastically.

Cap looks at his phone then says, “That will be all for now, thank you gentlemen. Team please meet me in the conference room as soon as possible.”

We walk to the conference room and take a seat. Steve remains standing. I can tell he is on edge and to be honest so am I. Cap takes a deep breath then says, “As you all know the second baby’s parents have positively identified the body. I just received word of happened at the hospital. They brought the baby in because she was coughing up blood, she has hemophilia so they were worried. The baby was supposed to be with a nurse or doctor, they aren’t sure. They say they didn’t even know the baby was missing.”

“That really doesn’t make sense Cap, how did they not notice their baby was missing?” Stone asks.

“This was the hospital their baby was born in so they trusted the staff. They claim someone came out and told them their baby was in surgery, and so they waited. They waited over ten hours. They say the hospital was extremely busy so they didn’t think to ask anyone for an update. I know it sounds crazy, but their story checks out. Cameras show them in the waiting room, just waiting.” Cap says.

“That’s crazy.” Steve says.

“We are looking at the video recording now to see if we can identify the person who spoke to them, but the person was clearly trying to avoid the camera. And none of the hospital staff can identify the mysterious imposter.” Cap informs us.

“So this lady walks into a hospital and just takes a baby. Can someone please explain this to me?” Steve asks.

“It seems a nurse took the baby from the parents to run some test. She put the baby in those baby carrier things and she claims there was a commotion and she ran to help, leaving the baby alone for what she claims was only a second.” Cap says.

“And what was this commotion?” Steve asks angrily.

“Not sure if you guys heard with all we have going on, but there was a bus crash, and most of the victims went to that hospital.” Chambers says.

“But isn’t it a children’s hospital?” Steve says.

“It was a bus full of kids.” Chambers says.

“Was there a camera where the nurse left the baby?” I ask.

“No.” Cap says.

“When you spoke to them Stone, did they have any information we could use?” I ask.

“Not really. I wanted to put them with a sketch artist but they said it all happened so fast; they don’t think it would be useful.” Stone says.

“Did we find out why the baby had St. John’s Wort in her system?” I ask.

“It’s just like Marcy said. The mother had postpartum depression, but didn’t want to take the prescribed meds, she said she thought the herbal stuff would be safer.” Stone says.

“Are we going to tell anyone what the killer is doing to the baby’s hearts?” Steve asks.

“Well we don’t exactly have that answer now do we?” Cap says.

“I think what he means is will we be telling anyone the baby’s hearts are being cut out of their bodies and taken?” Chambers says.

“No.” Cap says.

“Excuse me guys, I have an update?” Candy says.

“What do you have for us?” I ask.

“I just wanted to let you guys know we tracked down that kid who worked in that yarn shop. The one who the killer brought the yarn from.” Candy says.

“What. That’s great, where is he?” I ask.

“He’s in room one.” Candy says.

“Cap, I’m gonna go talk to him.” I say.

“No, let Steve and Stone talk to him. The rest of us can watch behind the glass.” Cap says.

“But Cap. I want to talk to him!” I say.

“Thank you for your enthusiasm person who is merely assisting on a case he has no business being a part of, until psych re-clears him.” Cap says sharply.

“Damn you guys are still on that?” I say, “I haven’t had a blackout in days. I’m back to my old self.” No! I didn’t mean to say that. Maybe no one heard me.

“Blackout?” Cap and Steve say at the same time.

Damn. Damn. “What? Blackout, oh no! Blackout no, no, no, no. Not like black-OUT you know, BLACK-out. Like umm that thing that happens when you’re a black man and you are in umm places and umm, you know it’s, you know what it is, it’s a language thing. My first language is Creole, so I translated wrong. You know how that goes…umm sir.” I say. I probably should shut up before I dig this grave any deeper. At this rate I’ll be lucky to get on any case at all.

“We’ll talk about this later and until we do, you are to leave this building immediately and go home.” Cap says.

“Cap, please, okay just wait. Let me at least watch the interview, just watch that’s it. Then I’ll leave.” I say.

Cap looks at me then walks out of the room. I’ll take that as a yes. “I can’t believe you. Blackouts?” Steve says.

“Please not you too.” I say.

We all walk into room one, and watch behind the glass as Steve and Stone talk to the witness. I try to stay quiet and unseen just in case Cap’s respond or lack thereof was actually a no. “Tell me your name.” Stone says.

“Dude do I need a lawyer or something.” The kid asks.

“Why would you need a lawyer?” Stone asks.

“I don’t know. That’s just what they always say in the movies.” The kid says laughing.

“Do you think this is a game son?” Stone says.

“Dude chillz. Just vibes dude.” The kid says.

Stone looks at Steve. He probably has no clue what this kid is saying. “So what’s your name?” Steve says.

“Dude, I like totally told the lady already. You know the one with the rad racks.” The kid says smiling.

“So why don’t you tell us, now.” Steve says.

“Whatever boss. My name’s Ray.” Ray says.

“Okay Ray, do you have a last name.” Stone says.

“Doesn’t everyone?” Ray says.

“Look kid if you don’t want me to throw you in jail you better start talking.” Stone says.

Wrong move. This kid isn’t going to take intimidation well. “Dude. You don’t scare me. I know my rights. I listened to Mr. Rod.” Ray says.

“Who?” Steve says.

“Mr. Rod. My government teacher. Dude get with the times bro.” Ray says.

“They are dying in there, Cap I know I’m not supposed to be here, but we will, well you will be here all day if they keep this up. This kid needs someone who can talk to him on his level. Those two idiots are too prim and proper. Let me in there Cap.” I say.

“Detective Gray, if I wasn’t so busy I would have you arrested.” Cap says with a straight face.

“Oohkay, but like I was saying, just give me five minutes, if he doesn’t open up to me I will drive home and you will not see me until I get cleared.” I say.

Cap ignores me. Cap really needs to get laid; he’s not usually this grumpy even when there’s a touchy case going on. We continue to watch the disaster of a conversation between Steve and Stone and Ray. After another 10 minutes of getting anywhere, Cap turns to me and says, “You have three minutes.”

“Three minutes? I’m pretty sure I asked for five.” I say as I walk out of the room. I walk into the room where they are questioning Ray, “Dudes did you see what toots had on today, she’s totally giving us a preview of that rack!”

“Dude, I was just saying the same thing.” Ray says laughing.

“Where you? Oh dude, we’re like kindred spirits bro.” I say.

“What? Kented spirits?” Ray says.

“Nothing, so dude I like your kicks, they are totally rad.” I say. I really hope I’m not over doing it.

“Dude, totally, my pops got them for me.” Ray says.

“Pops? Are you still living at home dude?” I say.

“Bro it’s horrible I know. I was about to get this apartment with my girl, but I got fired so I couldn’t do it anymore. Sucks right.” Ray says.

“Fired? What for?” I ask.

“Bro, my boss is so lame. He caught me and my girl doing it, you know.” Ray says laughing.

“What? No. Dude that totally sucks. How long did you work there?” I ask.

“Dude, I been there for about a year. It’s crazy because, I was like DUDE YOU KNOW ME!” Ray says.

“Man that’s totally unfair. Where do you work?” I ask.

“At this stupid yarn shop.” Ray says, “Lame I know, but it was the only place that would take me without my papers you know.”

“Are you from another country?” I ask.

“No bro, born right here in Miami, but I don’t trust people with that kind of info you know bro. The government is trying to control us bro.” Ray says seriously.

“Bro I’m always saying that!” I say, “So I bet you meet all kinds of people at that yarn shop right? I mean the kind of people that still knit are like what, crazy right?”

“Bro I get all sorts of weirdos. Like why buy yarn when you can just buy regular clothes.” Ray says, “Omg like this one weirdo, she came in there dude and bought a truck load of yarn. I was like are you nutso? When I asked her why she was buying so much, she said she was making blankets. Lame!”

Stone and I look at each other. He may be talking about the suspect. “Blankets dude that’s not cool.” I say.

“Not at all bro. I told her, hey miss you know they sell blankets at Walmart right.” Ray says laughing.

“So what did she look like bro?” I ask.

“Who cares bro?” Ray says.

“No one dude, but I always wonder what those crazy people look like you know.” I say.

“Dude you’re so right. She was like short and had brown hair. She had the best rack on her bro. like double, double D’s.” Ray says.

“What did her face look like?” I ask.

“Bro she was a total babe. If I wasn’t with my girl, I would totally have taken her to the back room if you know what I mean.” Ray says laughing.

I take the picture of the blanket that was found on the babies from the table and show it to Ray, “Bro does this look like it could have been made from the yarn she bought.”

“Bro that’s exactly the blankets that cutie weirdo was planning on making.” Ray says.

“Really? How do you know that?” I ask.

“Well she showed me a picture of a blanket she wanted to replicate. It looks just like this picture. I’m the one that helped her pick out the yarn bro. She said she wanted to make this exact blanket and she went from store to store and no one had that particular color and yarn, blah, blah. Dude she was so picky, like blue is blue dude, who cares if it’s the same exact shade, right bro?” Ray says.

“Totally, so if you saw this lady again would you be able to identify her?” I ask.

“Totally dude.” Ray says.

“Are you sure? Like you could describe her to me if I wanted to draw her?” I ask.

“Dude that’s weird. Why would you want to draw her?” Ray says.

“Well I’m making this comic book and she sounds perfect for this crazy yarn lady I wanted to make?” I say.

“Dude that’s cool, you make comics?” Ray asks.

“Yeah, yeah, so you could describe her to me then?” I ask.

“Dude I told you yes.” Ray says. “I could never forget her face bro.”

“Why is that?” I ask.

“Dude, she was hot!” Ray says, “I have never seen a pregnant lady look so fine”.

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