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The Letter Series: Dear Employers…

To the CEOs, stock and share holders, Business owners, Efficiency consultants, and everyone who has ever played a decision-making role in the hiring, firing, or salary of another human being; Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, the best way to enhance your bottom-line and improve efficiency within businesses is to improve the atmosphere of the work place? Have you ever heard the saying “Happy employees are productive employees” and really considered what it would mean to actually make the work place a happy place for your employees to be?

Once upon a time, businesses like Apple and Google understood that concept and made the idea of working for their companies seem like the Shangri-La of employment opportunities. Droves of creative minds are still flocking toward their Employment Opportunity pages hoping to get into the promised land of gainfulWage Strike Livingl employment.

These days, jobs are hard to come by; not just because there are more unemployed people than there are jobs, or because the economy has made it easy for you employers to fire and hire folks and claim budget cutbacks. No. Jobs–good jobs–are hard to come by because  you have decided that the populous is undeserving of a proper living wage.

Specters; the likes of your McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks… Insisting that paying higher wages or offering full-time employment and benefits would force you to charge your adoring customers for your loss in multi-billion dollar profits… You should be ashamed of yourselves… but you’re not. Because you’re making skrillions. And you don’t have to care about you employees or we the consumers. While the nation was suffering through a depression, your shareholders saw revenues that no code of ethics could support.

Minimum wage RealityAnd let’s talk about how so many of your representatives and supporters keep trying to push the idea that the nation’s unemployment situation and the economic downturn can somehow be blamed on a “lazy,” “taker” mentality… Because apparently, all the government subsidies, tax breaks, and incentives that you suckle from the government’s generous teet… Tax dollars you only contribute to in the form of taxes withdrawn from your employees’ paychecks long before they’ve even had a chance to smell it. You know what… I’ll just stop there. I believe I’ve made my point.

Dear Employers,
You have done such a great job of increasing and protecting your shareholders’ investments, that you have completely forgotten that you can’t do that without your employees. What will you do when your former and prospective employees opt for the Cooperative Enterprise model of business development? What will you do when the masses realize that they have options that don’t require your participation?

Do. Better… or Lose. Everything.

From: The current and future employees of the world.

Wage Strike

State of the Union: Politics & You – The Big 3

I think this might be a good opportunity to help you prepare for the coming season. Let’s briefly discuss some of this election year’s three biggest ticket issues: Women’s Rights, The Economy (specifically, how to build it back up), and Immigration. It just so happens that I have very personal experiences that inform and mold my opinion and stance on each of these hot-button topics.

While I admit that I could probably—and still might—dedicate an entire piece to this issue, I’ll do my best to keep this short and factual, with few interjections of my personal feelings on the matter of Women’s Rights. Being a Woman, every time any party brings up the issue of women’s rights, I have to take a step back and several deep breaths before I can be objective, only to land squarely on the side of “you make the decisions for your body, and I’ll continue making the decisions for mine.” Fact: the foundation of the argument is “should women be allowed to make their own decisions about their bodies?” Once it was established that we double X chromosome proprietors were in fact capable of logic, reasoning, and independent thinking one would think that we might at least be trusted to make decisions about our own bodies… Instead, we are trusted with matters of state, running corporations, weapons of mass destructions on the battle fields, and running operating rooms… still can’t get the “all clear” on our own bodies yet. Hmph…

Next, we have the issue of rebuilding The Economy. Will we increase the minimum wage? Raise the debt ceiling? Encourage projects that improve and upgrade our nation’s infrastructure? Perhaps we’ll simply focus alternative fuel and energy sources to decrease our dependence on “foreign” oil? Or—on the other side of the argument—we could lower taxes and regulations on corporations to encourage their business and let the profits trickle down through their tight fists and clenched cheeks onto the commoners… because that always works.

Finally, we have Immigration. There is no question that having a constant flux of foreigners isn’t necessarily a good thing. I mean, look what happened with the colonists came over to the Americas from Europe… or when they discovered free labor when they landed in Africa… none of that turned out particularly well for the natives. However, this nation was built because immigrants came here and sought to make better lives for themselves. Finding a balanced system to encourage folk from far away to camp out here, and maybe become taxpaying productive members of our communities, and discouraging the riff and the raff from putting down roots of rotten apple trees. Unfortunately, there is an unfair focus on certain kinds of immigrants that isn’t serving either sides of the argument in a positive manner.

So, there you have it: the 3 major issues that give rise to all the rest of the issues, as I see them. There is of course no shortage of other issues to discuss and be concerned about. Education, foreign policy, gun control, healthcare, freedom of religion, gay rights, national security, government funding and where it should go, privacy, animal rights, farming and agriculture, children’s rights, elder affairs, cloning… no shortage at all. It’s up to you to find one that you can get passionate enough about to want to learn more and get involved with. I hope this post helps strike a chord that compels you to act.

Today’s homework: What do you think is THE issue that has things in this nation so difficult? What do you think is the solution? Can’t come up with a solution? Then what is one step that could be taken in the right direction? Open forum folks, so don’t be scared. We’re all in a position of learning here.

Write and be heard.