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The Wrath of Ruthless Episode 3: Ruthless as the 4th of July

The Wrath of Ruthless Episode 3 features discussion of the ongoing Feed Your Mind initiative, The consequences of the militarization of local police and sheriffs, corruption in politics, Gods of Egypt/Moses: Gods and Kings, and make another big announcement.
Joining THE Ruthless Wonder is Staff Writer Ronin.

The Wrath of Ruthless Theme “Bring It!” is provided by Keith Labell(visit the link for his personal Sound Cloud)

WoR Ep3 Download link<-RIght clck and selct save link as to download

Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

The Wrath of Ruthless: Love your haters


And here it is. Episode 2 with yours truly THE Ruthless Wonder not A Ruthless Wonder, and my co host this month was none other than The Ronin. Its always dangerous to hear me talk, but add in an original member of the 3 Rs? Well take a listen. As always we have it in the media player, here on this page, and of course available for download.

WoR Ep2<- right click to download

Words Dont Do It Justice: The Revolution Continues


January 1, 2013, an idea started germinating. in less than 2 months it had come to term. And one year ago today that thought in the minds of some men of will made its entry into the world.

Pretentious introduction aside today is amazing. One year ago today Roddi P, Ronin, And The Ruthless Wonder decided we were tired of the other voices on the internet, and opened Words Don’t Do It Justice to stake our claim on this culture of blogging. Along the way there were some bumps in the road, and we lost two of those men of vision to other endeavors. But the dream continued, and in the summer of 2013 we all welcomed Rufus to the team. The Summer of Rufus was followed by the R Revolution. Brand new faces joined us in the fall of 2013, but all were amazing.

And while the end of the year brought on a 2 month hiatus from The Ruthless Wonder, it also brought the arrival of Reign, and who doesn’t love reading her on Wednesdays? But none of this progress would be possible without 2 major groups here. The first is you. All of you. Blogs don’t last long normally. And many turn into periodic updates when someone feels like venting. But every day and sometimes multiple times a day, you, our readers, come and read our plucky little blog and show our authors, your friends, and the internet as a whole that you like it here. We wouldn’t be here still without you. And without 1 ad, without 1 SEO optimization, without 1 famous endorsement or guest blog, without more than a few personal Twitters, A facebook group, and some email accounts we amassed, 124 posts, 103 comments, and 3 THOUSAND, 5 hundred views in this 1 year. That’s right 3,500 times you all have said I want to know more, and came here to read what we have to say.

I’m not one for major emotional moments, but to break from the norm for a moment. I just want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the support. Everytime someone bugged you about checking us out. Everytime you clicked through from facebook, twitter, google +, Instagram, and every other way someone brought you here to WDDIJ, you made us thrive. Thank you.

The second group is The Justice League/The Fourth R/The greatest guests on the planet. When I or another of the authors here have been unable to come in and provide new material, you all have shown exactly how amazing you can be. Nothing can be said to be enough thanks to you for being there whenever we need.

And this Anniversary isn’t without a bit of an announcement. Thursday’s just got twice as interesting. Because Mr. Itty Bitty Ideas Chris McWhite will be permanently joining Words Don’t Do It Justice as the off week counterpart to Realistic Royalty. Every Thursday you now know there is new content to check out. So say hello when his first piece comes up later this week.

I’ve said before there are some other things coming soon. And they still are. Later this month will be the first ever WDDIJ Podcast. And over the next weeks you’ll see a new theme as we try out different ideas. And there is so much more. But one more time, thank you all. We love you all. And you know the deal, I could tell you more, but…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!


Das Disappointment

So you may recall that last Friday I was gearing up to fight the Nazis and the Klan in downtown Kansas City. Well little did I know this would not be your garden variety run in with the white supremacists. In fact this was so far from what I expected you will have to forgive the manner in which I address this particular situation…


Seriously. That is all I can respond with. Folks these were the lamest Nazis I have ever seen. I’ve seen actual Nazis in old film reels, I’ve seen Neo-Nazi college students, and of course now I have seen what happens when you let just anyone have children.

I’m not going to waste too much breath on this because Fuck the Nazis. But also because it was such a joke. I don’t know that they realized how much of a laughing-stock they were. Where do I begin?

1. For the first 2 hours there were a total of 4 Nazis and it took them 40 minutes to erect 1 flag.

2. Some old chick at least as big as me in a confederate flag leather jacket was trying to egg on some of the anti-nazi folks down at the corner near the school board building(Is that still the KCMSD school board building downtown? I’ve been gone a while.) She nearly fell on her face twice, and would get winded every 40 seconds mid middle finger or ass rub gesture and have to sit down. This continued when she joined the rest of them in front of the courthouse. There was also a man so old we are all pretty sure that he was just an old German man who they talked into walking with a flag in his hand so they had more people. He didn’t even seem to know where he was.

3. When the rest did show up…no co-ordination whatsoever. Look I’m not about to praise Nazis here but dammit they could goose-step together and coordinated all the “Sieg heil” chants and salutes. These losers didn’t goose-step at all, and not one single solitary time did anyone chant at the same time or salute at the same time. If this is the Neo-Nazi army preparing to march on America…well apparently a lot got lost in translation.

4. Granddad fought the real Nazis in World War II, so I will say this as clear as I can. None spoke any German. If you’re so angry about the state of America than you want to create a group based on your thoughts and then have rallies and name yourselves after the Biggest Evil behind the Confederacy, England, and The Soviets, as yourself Sprechen sie deutsch(That means “do you speak German”)? None of them even slipped in any other German word. Ich bin enttäuscht.

5. I have a few German friends both here in the US and in Germany/randomly about the world(Frankfurt was a blast last summer!) So I don’t want you to think I hate German people. Fucking brilliant country to drop in on. Next time I’ll see more. I’m confident though if my friends of German national or ethnic classification saw this they would be collectively headslapping themselves harder than a Jean Luc Picard Meme.

6. Everybody basically had on random t-shirts. Some didn’t even have supremacist stuff on them. Not one Nazi uniform in the bunch. I know Cosplay FAIL photos with better attention to detail. Even the Klan all come in uniform. Speaking of the Klan…

7. How sad are you that the Klu Klux Klan stands you up and leaves you hanging? When we went from the initial 4 to the 24 about 2 hours and a 40 minute flag raising attempt later, we still didn’t see any of the supposed Aryan biker gang that was going to show support, and the Klan no-showed harder than DMX to the VMAs when he was popular. When the KKK is standing you up for White Power dates where national publicity is involved you need to re-evaluate things.

8. So after we got an answer to how many neo-nazis does it take to set up a flag, and the lamest Nazis ever proved to be the latest nazis ever, they played a half hour-long speech even they didn’t listen to. If you’re so bored that you don’t want to pay any attention to your own recordings of your supposed great leaders then why even do this? But the live folks were no better, each speaker contradicted the one before them, it sounded like none of them had actually prepared. Hitler might have been charismatic, but this lot couldn’t talk paint into drying on a summer afternoon.

9. It should go without saying these people are stupid, but saying you want to fight the crowd of anti-rally members in Westport in full earshot of 40 police officers is pretty dunderheaded. Even for this lot of dolts.

10. What was the big point in every speech by the Lamest Nazis ever? Why fighting communism of course. Yes every single live speaker spent at least 10 muttering about fighting the onslaught of the communist threat. COMMUNISTS. Apparently there are secret roving bands of communists waging a secret war on all of America. Lurking around every corner. Hiding in every bush. lol. If they were so serious I’d swear they were trolling.

I met some very cool new folks, and reconnected with some old friends from undergrad, and of course heckled the annoyance by shouting “Shoot yourself like Hitler did.” when they were looking my direction or quiet. But I met a woman with the sign you see in the picture below, and while my friend Paul at Forever Flawless Photography(Hire the guy, he does great work) took more shots which we’ll put in the Facebook group, She had a great sign and I think the best thought to have about intolerant people like this. So as I end while I now have more respect for the Klan than Neo-Nazis, am surprised at the Nazi rhetoric, and supremely disappointed in the whole sham of an affair they did, I am happy humanity has people like Marianne in it. Make Love not Hate people. I’d say more, but this picture says a lot, besides…Words Don’t Do It Justice!


-THE Ruthless Wonder

Special Unscheduled Announcement

Today marks the day that I hoped would occur 3 months from now. When we started Words Don’t Do It Justice the hope was in 6 months we’d get to 1k. Ronin, Roddi, and I knew we had good content, but we figured that it would take a while to get people into reading us. Today you all shattered that expectation by taking us over 1,000 views. We’re a plucky blog, we have a unique perspective, and because of you here on Facebook and people on twitter and elsewhere we crushed a goal so far ahead of schedule we’re going to have to rethink the next one.

I want to thank some folks though. Marlon aka Ronin and Jerrod aka Roddi, who when I came up with the idea were down from moment one. Rufus, who was our first guest blogger, and when I asked him to come on board stepped right in despite being the new face with some great posts.’s Panama Jackson who gave me some much needed advice back in March and April on how to do things. Rebecca Dimond, our second guest blogger who came with a post right when I was truly hurting for content while moving home. Da Kinkyland who has always supported us, and me specifically. And thank you to all of you who endure the constant publicity status messages, direct messages, tweets, reminder posts, FB messages, and subtle and not so subtle attempts to get you to read the new stuff we have up. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following us.

This isn’t the end. We have so much more to do. We can’t go away now. We’ve got more plans for the future that I apparently need to move up a bit. I’d tell you more but well…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– The Ruthless Wonder

Inside the Cell…

Inside the Cell

Inside the Cell
Inside each of us lies a container. The construction of the containers range from fragile to durable, and can be as open as a petting zoo or as heavily guarded as most top secret military installations (the container for my being is the latter, and for damn good reason…). However, none of them are impenetrable, nor are they indestructible.

Given that innate knowledge, we give birth to a manifestation within that container; a being of sorts. It is born within you because it was born with you; it’s connected to you. The being can take many forms as it was born from three places. It was born from your mind, your heart, and your ‘gut’. It was your best friend before you even knew what a friend was. Hell, you probably even gave it a name, or a title. It learned through you, it grew with you, it learned YOU because its survival depends on your relationship/connection with it.

This being acts as a guardian, and it’s not always ‘angellic’…but it does serve to protect you above all else. It will fight (and in some cases ‘kill’) to keep you out of harm’s way from others (especially those closest to you), even if it has to protect you against yourself. Though sometimes you may want to, or even feel like you should, it will not let you die (completely), because it wants/needs you to live (I know from personal experience).

To somewhat answer your questions “No one” and “The Phoenix”, this being is the one reason why I’m not completely dead. I’m merely in a void (Purgatory, Limbo, whatever) until I find my way back or I am brought back by some method. My infernal horoscopes didn’t fuel my ‘death’ as they reached me post-mortem. I died that Sunday morning/afternoon, and it was slow and torturously painful. As for calling, No one, thanks for the sound optimistic advice. As much as I truly like and desire to entertain that idea, it’s more difficult than it seems. Purgatory has only afforded me this method of communication to the outside world as all other communication mediums were completely expunged in the explosion, so there’s only one way to actually get to me. Not to mention the one most affected has no desire to reach me or know what’s left of me or my whereab..*oof!* (*knocked down by being* “Who has time to communicate with the ‘dead’ when they’re too busy bragging about baking “cookies” and being spitefully/joyfully face deep in a pillow, taking vigorous natural protein injections from their neighb…”*electric zap sounds* ‘Goddamnit, that’s enough! Shut it! You’re the reason I’m stuck here now!’)*sigh…* See what I have to deal with?! Anyhoo, I’m just biding my time in this cell until I can find redemption, resurrection, or both…oh, and in case you’re wondering, the stormy weather this week is not a coincidence, it’s been like this for a reason…