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Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Words Dont Do It Justice: The Revolution Continues


January 1, 2013, an idea started germinating. in less than 2 months it had come to term. And one year ago today that thought in the minds of some men of will made its entry into the world.

Pretentious introduction aside today is amazing. One year ago today Roddi P, Ronin, And The Ruthless Wonder decided we were tired of the other voices on the internet, and opened Words Don’t Do It Justice to stake our claim on this culture of blogging. Along the way there were some bumps in the road, and we lost two of those men of vision to other endeavors. But the dream continued, and in the summer of 2013 we all welcomed Rufus to the team. The Summer of Rufus was followed by the R Revolution. Brand new faces joined us in the fall of 2013, but all were amazing.

And while the end of the year brought on a 2 month hiatus from The Ruthless Wonder, it also brought the arrival of Reign, and who doesn’t love reading her on Wednesdays? But none of this progress would be possible without 2 major groups here. The first is you. All of you. Blogs don’t last long normally. And many turn into periodic updates when someone feels like venting. But every day and sometimes multiple times a day, you, our readers, come and read our plucky little blog and show our authors, your friends, and the internet as a whole that you like it here. We wouldn’t be here still without you. And without 1 ad, without 1 SEO optimization, without 1 famous endorsement or guest blog, without more than a few personal Twitters, A facebook group, and some email accounts we amassed, 124 posts, 103 comments, and 3 THOUSAND, 5 hundred views in this 1 year. That’s right 3,500 times you all have said I want to know more, and came here to read what we have to say.

I’m not one for major emotional moments, but to break from the norm for a moment. I just want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the support. Everytime someone bugged you about checking us out. Everytime you clicked through from facebook, twitter, google +, Instagram, and every other way someone brought you here to WDDIJ, you made us thrive. Thank you.

The second group is The Justice League/The Fourth R/The greatest guests on the planet. When I or another of the authors here have been unable to come in and provide new material, you all have shown exactly how amazing you can be. Nothing can be said to be enough thanks to you for being there whenever we need.

And this Anniversary isn’t without a bit of an announcement. Thursday’s just got twice as interesting. Because Mr. Itty Bitty Ideas Chris McWhite will be permanently joining Words Don’t Do It Justice as the off week counterpart to Realistic Royalty. Every Thursday you now know there is new content to check out. So say hello when his first piece comes up later this week.

I’ve said before there are some other things coming soon. And they still are. Later this month will be the first ever WDDIJ Podcast. And over the next weeks you’ll see a new theme as we try out different ideas. And there is so much more. But one more time, thank you all. We love you all. And you know the deal, I could tell you more, but…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!


Special Unscheduled Announcement

Today marks the day that I hoped would occur 3 months from now. When we started Words Don’t Do It Justice the hope was in 6 months we’d get to 1k. Ronin, Roddi, and I knew we had good content, but we figured that it would take a while to get people into reading us. Today you all shattered that expectation by taking us over 1,000 views. We’re a plucky blog, we have a unique perspective, and because of you here on Facebook and people on twitter and elsewhere we crushed a goal so far ahead of schedule we’re going to have to rethink the next one.

I want to thank some folks though. Marlon aka Ronin and Jerrod aka Roddi, who when I came up with the idea were down from moment one. Rufus, who was our first guest blogger, and when I asked him to come on board stepped right in despite being the new face with some great posts.’s Panama Jackson who gave me some much needed advice back in March and April on how to do things. Rebecca Dimond, our second guest blogger who came with a post right when I was truly hurting for content while moving home. Da Kinkyland who has always supported us, and me specifically. And thank you to all of you who endure the constant publicity status messages, direct messages, tweets, reminder posts, FB messages, and subtle and not so subtle attempts to get you to read the new stuff we have up. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following us.

This isn’t the end. We have so much more to do. We can’t go away now. We’ve got more plans for the future that I apparently need to move up a bit. I’d tell you more but well…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– The Ruthless Wonder

Sometimes you just gotta shake things up

Never let it be said that I will bury the lead. I teased a big announcement last week.

Well it is big.

What is it?

What is the latest shake up around these parts?

Why am I stalling?

First up Our good buddy Roddi was slated to join us with a post over here soon, however a great set of opportunities have come up for him with his music career. We’re a plucky little blog site on the other hand, so he’s going to be joining the ranks of our 4th R guest bloggers with pieces from time to time.

That seems to leave a massive hole where a 3rd R should be doesn’t it?

The kind of hole I’ll need to fill if we’re going to keep honest around here.

Well we already took care of that.

And that’s the second of our announcements.

Please Welcome the New R of the 3 R’s

A man you already know, and have read.

Our first guest blogger, the author of “Can There Ever be Love” and “From the heart with R4Anothermaker himself

Rufus!3rd R

Thank you brother Ruthless for the introduction and the invite, I won’t let you down. The name is Rufus, a twenty-three year old amateur writer with a lot on his mind and more in his heart. My posts are usually a journey inwards, exploring the effects of the world on the way I perceive and react to such events. So if you’re looking for countless questions with only partial answers, my posts will slate that thirst.

His first post will be up soon. So look out for it. It wasn’t even a second thought when we needed to bring in a 3rd R. You all loved his post. I’ve be watching his writing both blog and otherwise. So say hello, check out his first post here again, share, like, comment, email, fan, pin, link, all that jazz.

Not a bad shake up on a holiday huh?

Also. Today is Memorial Day and at WDDIJ we remember those who gave their service no matter the political reasons for the wars they fought in so this nation can continue to be great. America may not be perfect. But those brave men and women gave their last full measure of devotion in perfect sacrifice towards the ideals that we cherish and they swore to protect. Today, though they may no longer be here to see and hear us, we too say, thank you.


– The Ruthless Wonder

Ruthless Grab Bag

So today’s post is going up later than usual. Blame it on the celebration after my last final exam at any school anywhere. Today is going to be shorter but I’m going to cover a few things. First up is not Jason Collins.

I write poetry as a hobby/outlet and have for about 20 plus years at this point(I have never felt older than that sentence). One of the themes I always have liked and at some point started making more of an abstract unreal thing versus my personal emotion on paper is the post breakup feeling. From time to time I’ll repeat that inspiration is for suckers. I can’t take credit for that ruthless line, a poet who visited a class I took said it. But I use it to mean that I don’t have to use my life as the background for what I create. So when I first heard Ray J’s “I Hit It First” live on The Breakfast Club I was laughing like everyone else.  It was easy to make fun of, and I assumed it leaked, or was a parody, or it would just go away. When I saw the video though I had to get a hold of Roddi to make sure it was real.

What possesses men to do this? What leads us down this inexorable path of idiocy? I’m not certain. But it does create an interesting question from here. Is this the new ex boyfriend theme song? I think it just might be. It is just stupid enough to not be quickly forgotten. When that I hit I hit I hit I hit section of the hook comes it you are disgusted with yourself for listening and also want to join in. The song is dangerous. It must be stopped. But on a more serious note what does this say about R&B culture right now? I’ll save my I miss the 90’s music rant for some point after Roddi gets up and running. Feel free to bug him on Facebook about it. But I tend to think that only in our current climate of R&B could this have happened. I’m not going to say I wouldn’t have expected this out of Ray J, Look at his previous songs. But that he could release it now and not get laughed out of every radio station and in every part of media for it says something. I just don’t know what.


Second topic isn’t Jason Collins either

I was reflecting and writing the other night. Thinking about how certain people can’t evolve passed certain things about them. Me included of course. And I couldn’t really put it into words. It was at that moment that I happened on the news report of a woman who drove an hour to pick up a guy who had random sent her a text message. She didn’t know him. He just said his name was DJ. She and he had sent a few messages and bam she came to get him on a street corner and they went to the beach. After which he carjacked her at gunpoint. Now they caught him so no worries about a tragic end to the story. But when the TV news crew was interviewing her she said I wasn’t thinking about doing anything with him. Yes she meant that in the no sex fashion.

Now I’m not about to get up here and slut shame some woman who just got carjacked in Florida when I’ve just finished law school. That’s piling on and against my general Rules of Ruthlessness(In stores 4th quarter 2015). My problem with this story is “WHO DOES THAT?” I know I wrote that in caps but this was appallingly stupid to me. She got a random message. Not a message from a friend of a friend. A message from a random dude who was nowhere near where she lived. This wasn’t a Facebook message, not an email from Plenty of Fish, OK cupid, Match, or E Harmony. This was a regular old in your phone text message from a guy who later called himself DJ. I don’t know too many guys with just DJ as a first name. Based on the strength of these messages she drove over an hour to pick this broke dude with no car to hang out? Why does that even begin to seem logical? Why is it even sound correct? Why wasn’t her internal mental faculty screaming at her to not do this, turn the car around, have a friend come with her, go do something else? Well I can say that “The Thirst” would be a good explanation, but she says it was. Instead she’s an absolute grade A idiot. And an idiot who’s lucky to be alive and not being used as material for the next CSI: Miami. I can already hear Caruso saying “Looks like she had a long strange trip.” *que sunglasses*  YEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


Guess this means the last one is Jason Collins huh?

So I did want to stop and get in on the Jason Collins bit. I think it is difficult to come right out and say anything about your personal life that seems out of the norm. Especially in sports. I will be surprised if any athlete ever comes out as being a submissive for a dominatrix. But I digress. Collins is a non-spectacular but solid contributing player. It might best be said he needed to be the one who did it first. He takes pressure off of any star player who might be in the same situation. But this could have gone far worse than it did. I think I was surprised that some much of the talk went to his game and talent on the court as opposed to his lifestyle. But another factor does weigh in there. Jason Collins was never a personality in the NBA. He did his thing on the court, and didn’t get crazy out in public. Being an upstanding journeyman player helped make this easier.

What do I mean? Well let’s say we have a situation where a player is seen as a troublesome presence. To not make it seem like any particular player let’s say we have a star athlete who is seen in strip clubs and hip hop parties. Hosts massive celebrations for his birthday. Isn’t the best talent in the league but lives like Lebron on a much more reduced salary and endorsement deals. Now say all of this was a smoke screen to make you think he’s out here hooking up with new women all the time. When the reality is his agent’s assistant or his PR guy is really his lover. If that fictitious down low guy came out and said I’m gay, even now, it would be shocking. Every single paper in the US would cover it. There would be massive amounts of public support and hate. He would be mobbed everywhere by reporters. But that is because the lifestyle wasn’t one that said he was anything other than just another sex crazed, party hard, money wasting, star athlete. Jason Collins isn’t that. And I hope he gets picked up for a new team in the off-season. I don’t believe people in today’s society should have to do the kinds of things for their personal life the way Jackie Robinson had to for being black. Your personal life is your personal life. Unless I want to be apart of it, it isn’t my place to judge, or keep you from it. But if you are going to have an ambassador for gay basketball players then he seems like a good candidate. Professional, humble, honest, and no big character flaws. Maybe it would be better if he was more successful, but like I said. I think that is the thing that has helped make this go so smoothly.


Hope you enjoyed the Ruthless Grab Bag. Don’t know when I’ll do it again. Tomorrow look for Ronin’s return. Until then I have packing and celebrating to do. I’d tell you what kind of celebrations were planned but Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Ruthless on relationships…not yet

Why I haven’t written a relationship advice/analysis post yet.

It seems like my private life from time to time gets in the way of my public persona. One of the biggest ways it does that is expectations. When we announced this blog one of those expectations was the particular topic of relationships. Why? Who knows really. Maybe it’s the ruthless manner in which I talk about everything. Maybe its my “other” nickname. Maybe its the Lex Luthor look. Maybe its this rant from 2009.  I have no idea. Whatever the reason, they think I’m supposed to drop a rant, or a reasoned, logical, methodical approach to the subject. Why is this coming up on a Monday? Because after I woke up in what I can only call a Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas deleted scene involving my condo I had questions from a couple friends. Now Facebook is usually how I get these questions so I wasn’t surprised when my screen was staring back at me like “YO! You gonna answer these RW? People want your advice.”

After I got some water and came back to the mortal plane to the sound of hail I answered them. That wasn’t the end of course. The moment I dropped some signature yet specific insights they came back with the same things anyone would that doesn’t want to believe the situation they find themselves in. And let’s get real here. Why believe my advice? Forget that I was an overly optimistic kid who’s bad choices in the women he’s been with left him more than a little jaded, and necessitated the Ruthless Revolution that made me your favorite neighborhood Super Villain. Forget that entirely. Why pay any attention to my advice? Well its because sometimes you need the seemingly free spirited, constantly relaxed, yet intellectual insight. But mostly its because everyone needs someone to tell them the things they already know to be the right way of doing something. And they need them to push back against the bad path/advice that comes up in their heads when the situation happens.

Which brings us back to WDDIJ. I’m not going to say I won’t rant or otherwise discuss these things. I’m sure the inbox over at will fill up soon with requests once we get more readers[People tell your friends.]. If you do send mail there please put WDDIJ in the subject line. This isn’t the only blog spot for the words of THE Ruthless Wonder, and I don’t wanna mix things up too badly. But I personally don’t want to be the first one to drop WDDIJ into the ocean of that subject. Roddi P and Ronin may have other ideas for their columns when they get up on the page, but I’m trying to stay away no matter how hard the current situations are making it to do so. I’m your super villain. I’m your Ruthless Wonder. And with that comes some requirements yes, but just because my poetry is littered with love doesn’t mean its going to take center stage over here.

That said I will gladly let you know what’s coming down the pipe. This week there should be a couple more columns from me. Ronin is getting used to wordpress so everyone bug him about getting a post up. Roddi P is doing his thing but you never know when the resident lyrical genius will put some work in on the page. We’re also looking at doing the first 4th R segment.  What’s The 4th R? Guest columns. I’m glad to say I have a few friends running blogs out there. They have some great content and so from time to time we’ll be tapping them to do a guest spot. First up for a 4R segment is “Can there every be love?” himself, our boy Rufus. So look out for that. And look out for something a lot more Ruthless from me than usual coming up. And since your Ruthless Wonder loves you I want to leave on this note. Call it a teaser for whenever I hit the relationship bit. When Wale got on Tiara Thomas’ track Bad he dropped this lil gem.

“Bad girls ain’t no good,

and the good girls ain’t no fun

And the hood girls want a smart dude,

college girls all want a thug

So it seems we fiend what we don’t need”

Now I’m not a big time Wale listener. Dude has some good stuff out there, but I’ve been heavy on Strange Music lately to the point of passing up much else. Good or bad. In those few lines though something profound is being said. I find myself agreeing with the sentiment more than I would expect to. My number 1 rule has always been “Don’t be boring.” That goes for friends, girlfriends, family, the whole 9. If you’re boring I have little to no time for you. But is that really the right idea? Especially in relationships you need a little bit of boring so you know you are really into the person, and not just a fiend for the feeling. But searching only for those who aren’t boring tends to lead to the opposite type of person you need to have in your life. Relationships are generally ways to balance us out. The perversion of them in modern times notwithstanding, that’s really the point. Make each other better by having us calm more than wild, reasoned more that reckless, a movement by ourselves, and a force when we’re together.

Can you really get that when all you go after is the type you by all rights should clash with? I know why I sometimes get with the absolute wrong women. Because I know they won’t be boring for however brief our time is. And you can only hear so many good girls tell you you’re just as bad as the others before you’d rather be with the bad girl who calls you her good dude. Why keep with the people who make fun of your habits when you can be with people who like them? I’m getting off track here. So before I start into why I want to meet Yaya Han and Ivy Doomkitty lets finish this teaser trailer up with a question to you. If you want a relationship based Ruthless Wonder post, what kind should it be? Rant or regular? And bonus followup. What would you like to hear me touch on? I can’t promise that your topic will come up right away but I’ll get to it, and I always answer emails. So put responses in the comments, or email me at Remember to put WDDIJ in the subject line. I’m out for now. Things to do and less time to do them in.

–          THE Ruthless Wonder

Words Don’t Do It Justice

Funny how every blog site looks for a way to title certain posts, especially introductions, so that they are clever. We don’t really have that issue over here at Words Don’t Do It Justice. The title is pretty clever in the first place. So without a random quote, crazy picture, or seeming non-sequitur(go ahead and look that up, I can wait to finish), I get to go right to the point. Which I’m sure you’ve already noticed I didn’t do. As you will find at times that is just how posts from me will go.

So what is Words Don’t Do It Justice, and why should you pay us any attention? In a single word uberness. But in a properly explained summary we’re a 3 author blog on exactly what the tagline says. Music, Media, Business, Philosophy(that doesn’t mean we’re talking Plato all day folks), Law and Social Commentary. Each of us come at these subjects from different perspectives. And each of us have our own specialties. Coming together like this we hope to bring a different perspective you all enjoy reading. And if by happenstance or chance a massive discussion happens in the comments? Well I doubt any of us will be all that angry about it.

One thing I will say is you may not like every post by every one of us. I know sometimes people dislike my way of saying things(Okay quite often they do but whatever), but please don’t use that as an excuse to be one of those people we have to ban and report. Critique is fine but scrawling your hatred in blood and feces and posting the youtube video of it while you try to report us to whatever authorities WordPress uses is quite extreme. Don’t do that. Rise above it.

Anyway, each of us has our own format for our posts, a separate method to our unique madness if you will. And they’ll be explaining all that in detail in their posts. Since I’ve been called upon to start us off with this introduction I’ll explain a special post set up. Sometimes there are stories, situations, subject matter, that are too much for any one author of Words Don’t Do It Justice to tackle. And when that happens we come together for a segment called, The Three Rs(Roddi, Ronin, and Ruthless). We’ll have one up very soon, so be on the look out for it, Besides that we all have our own things so I guess its time for me to explain my format.

As you may have noticed I am THE Ruthless Wonder. More on that nickname in the about section. But you can consider me the resident legal genius, your favorite super villain, Lex Luthor of the interwebs, Master Xanatos and of course the hyper intellectual arrogant poet Maxus if so inclined. Anyway. I can be quite long-winded at times(ya don’t say), but that won’t always be the case. Some people are coming here expecting some of my more verbose, and slightly acrimonious rants. I promise those will be making another appearance here. But to separate those from normal, rage free, discussion starting blog posts, I’ll be labelling them “Notes from your favorite Super Villain.” We thought about calling them the Ruthless Review, but seriously how many R based things do we need around here?

So I think this is about the limit of things you need to know about Words Don’t Do It Justice right now. Not bad for the first post right? Yeah you wanna read more now. I can feel it. Welcome to the revolution folks. I’d say how glad I am to have you here, but Words Don’t Do It Justice.

THE Ruthless Wonder