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WDDIJ Reflection

Bet you thought I was gone for good?

Happy 2 year anniversary to Words Don’t Do it Justice. I came back for this special occasion just to share with you all some thoughts. It was a wild ride writing for WDDIJ, even if I wasn’t around the longest or anything – it gave me an outlet to express my ideas and opinions to an audience, something I had never really had before. It proved to me that I could actually go out there and put my thoughts into writing and that people would actually give a damn as to what I had to say.

Sure, everyone else around here had way more interesting content to bring to the table but I thought I did the best I could. Ruthless always manages to attract interesting talent to himself, even in the days before WDDIJ it was like that. I enjoyed my entire time there, and I hope you enjoyed me as well. It was fun trying to find something to talk about, something to hopefully shed light on for those unaware. I talked a lot about the Middle East during my time there but that is because it was something that was always kind of personal to me. A lot of people have the entirely wrong idea about Islam, and as a historian it makes me cringe when people act like the Middle East was this savage land that we should just carpet bomb. Islam is so much more than what the Media wants you to believe, and while I am not a Muslim myself, I hold their religion in deep regard and some of the nicest and most selfless individuals I have met have been Muslims.

They have their bad apples, but you should not let the radical extremists color your judgment of them. My father would tell me of his time in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the average Muslims would tell them about how Bin Laden and the terrorists had gotten everything wrong, and that what they did was not Islam and was not in line with Islam.

“It’s all wrong,” my Dad quoted one of his workers as saying. The time my father spent over there is part of the reason that I decided to dig into it, I wanted to know more about the time he spent over there. So, I hope I didn’t bore you all too much with my ramblings. As for me? Well, I might come back to WDDIJ in the future if my life ever winds down. Right now I’m grinding full-speed ahead in an accelerated college program. Eight week term after eight week term with only short breaks in between. Besides that, I am also a self-published author and am currently working on my own Historical Fantasy novel, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without WDDIJ. WDDIJ gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and put my thoughts into writing, to make them open to the public instead of just keeping them to myself. I have a mouth now, thanks to  THE Ruthless Wonder and Words Don’t Do It Justice.

Know Thyself…

“Who are you…?” A question that we often ask, but never really answer. Sure we give a generic response that requires very little thought, but are we really doing each other a service by exchanging such banalities? Upon asking myself the “Who are you…?” question, I sat in my car after work and amid the silence and deep thought, this was what came to me…

I am the beginning, and the end…

With a single look, word, or act, I can carry you to the heights of Heaven, or expel you into the depths of Hell. I’m your friend, your rival, and sometimes your enemy. My thoughts are as complex and as deep as trying to solve Rubik’s Cube at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. My words are fluid like water in that they can flow gently; filling your cup with knowledge and wisdom that takes form within you, or they can crash with an intense ferocity that can shake your foundation, or even permeate your rigid exterior to erode you from within. Depending on the person, the fire of my intensity can ignite within them flames of passion and desire, tempering and strengthening them to withstand the harshness of life, or it can reduce them to ashes of despair left to be carried away by the winds of change. I am a god with the embodiment of man. Nothing of this world is new to me, as I’ve been here many times before. In one form or another I’ve lived long enough to watch the future become history.

In the beginning, there was me. In the end, there shall I be…

“Know thyself, or forever be told by others who and what you are…” – Ronin