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What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

A hundred years ago, I was a young boy watching mtv on this new thing called cable television. On this channel they showed me all kinds of worlds that existed outside of my four walls. I saw that there was a group of folk who liked to talk while music played behind them. They called it rap and I saw it ONLY on Yo, Mtv Raps. I saw that there was a bald guy named Pinfield who like loud and fast music with a story and his stuff was on 120 Minutes. Then there was the daily dose of bubble gum pop music. Madonna. Nina. The Bangles. Midnight Oil. U2. On and on.

I pretty much had charted my course on what style of music I was going to spend most of my summer watching. That is when I wasn’t at a geeky choir rehearsal. Or biking all over the city. Or avoiding the Scout troop because I lacked focus. When suddenly it happened.

I saw a music video of a kid who was being hassled in school. Worse that Pink Floyd I saw a teacher literally foaming at the mouth. Leering at the boy in the video. The male teacher was angry at something the boy had turned in or failed to. The teacher was quickly going from zero to 60 and the sweat on his brow was testament to his increasing frustration. Meanwhile the boy sat the completely unruffled, nonplussed, and passive. Finally the punch line came from the man who clearly had tired of his tirade and demanded of the slacker youth:

“What’re you gonna do with your life?!”

The kid sucked his teeth and said with conviction, “I wanna rock.”

And Twisted Sister jumped out and blasted chord upon chord of fever pitch music.

But I was left with the question too. What DO I wanna do with my life? Honestly up until that point I was unsure. I’d been witness to my grandfather and his profession of janitor. My grandmother and mother both being nurses. My mother would half teasingly ask me if I wanted to be a nurse. I wasn’t enlightened enough then to know that men COULD be nurses. Plus the hours were ungodly. So what in fact DID I want to do?

Frankly I believe that had I seriously considered that question then as I do now, I might have made different career choices. Not to say the path I took was a bad one. I regret nothing. Many folk change careers half way through life as I did. But the question I wish if been challenged with as a boy was two fold:

What of you want to do with your life?
When you are 50-60 years old, will you STILL want to be doing this?

I believe that every child should be asked this question at several points in his or her young life. The answer surely will change each time it is asked. One year he will want to be a spy. The next year she will want to be a geologist. The following year he wants to be a rocket scientist. The next year she wants to be a professional DJ. But the key to a fulfilling life is that we must as adults take a child under wing at some point and not assume they’ve got it all together. Not assume dad or mom have had that talk with them. Not assume that they chose well on career day at school. Not assume the Scoutmaster or minister or teacher or a close friend had asked them anything about their future.

Let’s face it. Most children do not nor should they have long vision for the future. Their own in particular. Besides. The future is not set. God has given us free will and choice. Our paths are our own and only we can walk them.

But if no one takes the time to shine a light on that path. If no one sees us as lost or at least ambivalent youths with more years ahead than behind. If no one takes an interest in our children’s development if only for selfish reasons to assure the economy isn’t entirely peopled by lazy bums in 40 years. If we choose not to do unto the least of these….

Then what “twisted” future have just assumed ourselves of?

Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: The Territory of New Kemet

The Territory of New Kemet

The Future?

The Future?

Normally I reserve this rant platform for something I hate. I’ve been holding back since Words Don’t Do It Justice started to be sure that I didn’t alienate everyone right at the beginning but after this particular post I’ll be getting a lot more specifically vicious. This post though is your favorite Super Villain offering an option to a certain segment of our readership. I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact I’ve been saving this up for you. Because if you recall I used to be a lot more like you. You know exactly what I mean. So I’m going to hypothesize something that should be right up your alley. But I know you won’t agree with it. Why? Because I know deep down this isn’t about progress for some of you. The ones that it is about progress will find this idea very intriguing. The ones that don’t well when did I ever stop calling you out and calling you knaves, charlatans, and fakes, giving but lip service to the ideas you speak of to get the attention of those around you or your hilariously flawed amorous pursuits?

The idea today is of a place you think is impossible that I’m going to present as entirely possible. The creation of a new actor on the domestic stage. A new state? No. A forcibly made US territory. It actually isn’t that hard to do. US Territories can be created at any time. And by properly suing or petitioning for such a status. So let’s not talk about how to do it. Let’s start with why and go from there.

The case for New Kemet being a US territory

This really comes down to logic and reason. While many folks scream about how much they wanna go back to Africa and reconnect, something I generally applaud, I don’t see a lot of them saving up. The idea of having a place they can connect with is something they want. The idea of reconnecting with their long-lost and stolen roots is what they want. But the reality of it is a lot more dangerous and expensive than they want to deal with. Not saying Africa is all Warlords and bushmen. In fact most nations in Africa have cities on par with most cities elsewhere. And the key reason that it should be made of current US land as a US territory is conveniences. There is a need to be in an area easy to be moved to so that we eliminate the “That’s too far away.” “I ain’t moving to hot ass Africa” line of comments.

The other reason that deep down you really want this to start as a US territory is this. Who in your position doesn’t want to stick it to the US government? They provide you the land, they have to cover you in case of some upstart conquering madman(Let’s face it, me most likely) decides to march his private army into New Kemet to take over things. You better have the worlds most expensive Military Super Power as your backup to keep them in check(Seriously, if I wasn’t involved in a place like this I would be using it to prove my Super Villain cred). If your doomsday forewarning of the fall of America is right(it isn’t), then better to have them backing you up and then getting a chance to break free post than be the stepping stone for whoever comes to raid America. Instead they might find your plight compelling and free you. Then you too get to loot American’s wealth.

Okay back to reality again. A territory of the US can have a separate government and so long as it does not restrict US citizens from relocating there, has very broad powers over the immigration policy of the territory. So the rule of law, and who gets to come in and hold office are fair autonomous. Right up your alley right? I know it is. It is after all why I suggested this. So let’s talk about what such a place should be built as next.


The idea of a place like this is good. Knowing it could be both part of and not part of the US is good. but how would such a territory on the path to being a country work? Well number 1 rule is don’t bit off more than you can chew. The initial land purchase should something in the range of double the size of San Marino. It is officially 24 miles square, so we are talking about 48 square miles. Dimensions wise you’d want to front a water source so a river or the ocean directly. To increase the space taken up by the territory, it needs to be longer than it is wide so say 40 by 10(the math may be a tad off) fronting on said water source. The genius of something this shape and size is that it is easy to accommodate more than one major city within the structure and basically everyone gets near water property.

So since the place is going to be packed with people if we don’t go at things sensibly, let’s talk about city developement. Two cities only people. Just two cities. Why? Well first off you really don’t have the space to do multiple cities beyond that. At some point the two cities would likely be right on top of each other. If you are as hardcore super black as you claim you don’t want it to be called Alexandria after all. So why not Buto and Nekhen if you are wanting to get real legit here? I would personally go with Waset and Alexandria, but we’ll save that for when I come to power okay?

So the next point in developement would be who gets to rule? If you really want to be hardcore about it there should be equal chance for Kings or Queens to come to power. But being a US territory to start you’ll need a democratically elected government. So call your Governor Pharoah if you like, but until you have someone willing to beat the Americans and their money away you’ll be bending the knee to the POTUS like the rest of us. And let’s face it, y’all ain’t prepared for armed rebellion. We don’t believe you. You need more people.

Now let’s finish out development by talking about something important. Business. Yup those corporations you hate coming in to the territory you want. There is a lot of good news here. being a territory means the government can’t force a corp on you. You would only let in businesses that you chose to. And even better you get to set things like taxation rates and the like. Of course the downside is without being business friendly to even those companies you produce in your territory they are going to leave or of course fail constantly. So much as you hate all things brought to you by the white man. You need businesses of decent scale.

The Arts

This is short for a reason. There is little to no reason to worry about the arts being supported so long as it is Ratchet Poetry and hip hop music…Sorry I was a bit harsh there. Let’s back up. It has never been an issue to get Artisans and creative types among black people out of the woodwork. The problem often is the audience. So in your new territory the problem will be the balance between the 50 million hip hop record labels and the Amazing Opera voices moving to your territory from Julliard, and the Shakespearean actor from Cambridge coming to set up his theater company. Which brings us to the next problem. In fact the big problem.

Random Ninjas doing random dumb ninja sh!t

In the end the damage to anything uplifting among our collective ethnic classification is the segment that is seemingly dedicated to being problematic. Because you can’t keep out American citizenry, you can’t keep out idiots who share that ethnic classification. So you’ll still have thieves, thugs, junkies, and the like to deal with. Unless you want to sacrifice by making massive territorial systems that deal with these issues. So you’re going to need money for that, which of course goes back to corporate overlords, taxes, and that army following The Ruthless Wonder himself, Lord Maxus The Prime who plans to subjugate you to his will for fun. You have  to account for the people being allowed to join this territory you don’t control.

And they will come. Because some of the people who first come and invest will need a workforce. And the workforce will need somewhere nearby to live. And eat. And hang out. And loiter. And be annoying. And cause auto accidents. And traffic weed. And traffic women. And steal because you don’t pay them enough to buy Jordans. And boycott the light-skinned guy who owns the apartment complex in the Ritzy part of town because it costs too much for them to live there. And the Dark-skinned woman who is head master at the private school. Get my point?

The Big Left Turn

You really brought all of this on yourself. You had to know I was building you for a crash right? The left turn here isn’t as insane as it could be. I mean I did just lightly show why this needs to be a US territory and grown into an independent country slowly. You didn’t think that would come without consequence? If you were thinking this would have a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention. So Theon here’s the inconvenient truth. You can do all of this that I described now with a decently permissive state and a county filled with your own political power. See that’s the thing I think you missed.

What you want is going to take uniquely American power, so why not get the benefit of the American system in the first place? You would have to come together and agree on a constitution, legal system, and governmental structure anyway. Think of how difficult that would be to begin with. Not to mention the influence of the major religions in our particular community. Without going that route, you could find the land somewhere in the states as they exist now. With a small time county that you could flood with development and political power by getting people moved there. With that base of power you could then change the state laws as they govern that county and build like you want. Because as I said, the reality is that you aren’t going to set up in a another area of the world because you couldn’t get people to move there. And there aren’t enough people with money to move there to build it all. So you’d need cheap dehumanizing labor to build it up. Which would make you like the white man you so malign.

So in conclusion, there is your blueprint. There is me reminding you why I can be a force all on my own. That was the totally opinion based version. I could easily sit down with a set of people and of course explain where, what investors, and do city planning. The fun thing about my position is. I’m a Super Villain. I don’t have to help you. I can point at the idea and let other people see how ironically flawed it is. But I’ve given you a plan. One if you chose to ask for my services could work. I can’t promise I won’t turn the place into the beginning of my own country. But you could rest easy knowing I share your ethnic classification. You could feel secure that i would conquer in our collective name. That I would be “YOUR” personal and favorite Super Villain. Being so Ruthless, all others would be left to Wonder. For you merely adopted my Ruthlessness. I was born in it. Shaped by it. I didn’t know mercy until I was already a man. I could go on about this, but Words Don’t Do it Justice.

-THE Ruthless Wonder

Before this turns into a rant…

Before this turns into a rant…

I’ve said that phrase a ton of times before. And so have a few of my favorite pundits, journalists, bloggers, and generally opinionated friends. I normally use it to get some salient cohesive objective point in before the rage takes over and I start consuming things. One of the facets of civilized society that normally draws such ire that I have to use this phrase is the arts. Movies, theater, television, literature, music, and the like(admittedly I’m not much on deep art conversations). Often I find myself saying “Before this turns into a rant I actually enjoyed the…” But what causes that? What makes me feel the need to preface and briefly expound before letting loose with all deliberate vitriolic expedience? Well the answer is more complicated than I realized.

You just don’t want to seem unreasonable.

The long of it is no one wants to seem unreasonable in their opinion of something even if the opinion is as simple as The Hunger Games so horridly rips off Battle Royale I wish I could be the one bringing the lawsuit. That shouldn’t need defending. You should be able to just say it and roll. But the reality is even that statement needs some back up in conversation, lest you sound like a bandwagon hater.(Sidenote: A person with an actual reason to dislike something is not a hater. Haters lack reason and logic. Get your mind right simpleton) You have to toss in something specific you can call upon,  the characterization, the background of someone, the allegory, the metaphor, something that gives reason for you to dislike it as revisionist schlock trying to whitewash both its own book source material and the piece the author quite clearly ripped off. To do this you often do something like point out that other casting choices were done well, or the responses to the usual racists comments by people are good to see. They usually aren’t enough on their own but its a good play.

This is only the tip top tip of the iceberg.

The other reason really is that the issue you have isn’t limited to the single source that starts this rant. When you’re really looking to disparage in most cases spans numerous examples and is about the idea behind something and its use as much as it is about that initial setting off point. This can be as simple as believing that in the end people who dislike interracial relationships are antiquated dolts who deserve to lose their breathing privileges. But the reality is that idea goes to something much deeper. The notion that skin color should be in any way a determining factor in who dates/marries/fucks who. The concept that complexion is limited to certain ethnic classifications(A friend with the nickname snowflake(not given by me mind you), who is very much not a nordic blonde comes to mind).  The difference between preferences to help narrow down potential mates being far different from the racist quip; Don’t “holla” at me if you’re (insert race here). Those are really the things the rant is going to be about. but you have to start somewhere right?

You believe people know there is more than just the face value of the statement.

Especially with me, but with a lot of my ranting friends and mentors the above is the unspoken agreement we feel we have with everyone else. People listening to(or in this case reading) your rants already know that your initial point, the objective analysis, and your subjective notions are more than just face value. They may be things you actually value like the idea of what something someone did or a company is doing is more about a respect for a concept or idea or its audience that isn’t usually there. Sure you say: “Sony put the shotgun to Microsoft’s head and told it “Give my regards to Sega.(sidenote: that sentence hurt so bad to type. I loved Sega.).” And its pithy, and quotable, and basically true. But your listeners, readers, and watchers all know that it means you think Sony actually listened to what consumers want, and decided if Microsoft wasn’t going to give it to them then they were, and in return get loads of cold hard cash. And sure you’ll get around to saying that in some way shape or form during your rant, but you wanted to get that sniper shot in asap. There is something to be said here. It is important. But before I get into it laugh at this and let me take you on a wonderful ride of snark, analysis and intellect you probably weren’t expecting about video games, movies, music, or literature. Just everyday territory for you.

But hey that’s me and my ilk. What about you and yours? Leave a comment. Tell a story. If you happen to be a person I referenced above somehow(ranted to you, sparked a rant, explicitly named) feel free to comment. Especially if Sony wants to give me a PS4, Sega wants to send me a classic collector’s edition for the dreamcast, saturn, genesis, game gear, nomad, segaCD, and master system console, and games. Or hey Microsoft, if you feel like I didn’t give you a fair shake, send me an Xbo…X Box One and I’ll give it an honest try. Anyway comment below, email me at, you can also add me on google+ using the same email. Stay tuned. Sorry for the lateness and the first 3R’s segment is coming soon.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: No perfect date, Just perfect dates(Single edition)

I tend to draw ideas and reference points from everywhere, so sometimes the source material has nothing to do with how I’m going to use it to make a point. This is the case today for sure.  A while back I was watching Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition on The Escapist. He was comparing problems of trying to make the perfect triple A game with Prego’s old problem of making the perfect pasta sauce to beat Ragu. The gist of it all was that you can’t always make a perfect sauce or game. Especially if the market already has what it considers perfection(I’m looking at you Bethesda and Skyrim) firmly entrenched. Instead, as the Young Turk* of the situation, you should make perfect sauces/games and that will bring the consumer to you more than to them.

It is a great idea in theory, so I started seeing what else it might work with. After looking at it for everything from my business cards to fedoras to cars, I of course landed on the idea of dating. Now married, happily attached, engaged, and anyone with a person who would get mad if they said they didn’t have someone, this blog post is not about your situation, Nor is it about you. Any advice you take up from what I’m about to lay down is all on you. It should be noted this is not about actual relationships. Because as I said I’m not doing that anytime soon. And with Rufus around I don’t have to.

Now that the disclaimer is done let’s get to it.

Ladies and Gents of the single masses can we all please stop lying to each other? You can take my route of saying you just don’t think you’re ready for the real thing yet. You can take the position a friend of mine does that one guy isn’t enough to handle her rather insane  lifestyle. You could just give in to your pimp based urges and open that brothel of women or men and try and get your own show on HBO. But one thing we need to all need to stop doing is trying to recreate the perfect situation. We need to collectively stop trying to recreate that one date with that one person we clearly aren’t with right now(for whatever reason, so don’t email me about this) with the new person. I’ll give you an example from the days before I came to the realization of my ruthlessness.

Be 3 minutes early by checking out the immediate area around the woman’s place. Dress slightly but not entirely over the level you’ve told her to so you show you have a high amount of class. Take her to a place that you know for sure has a unique vibe but you can still put the slick first date questions to her while you show off that they know you well(*cough*La Bodega*cough*). Have a second location to do something that let’s it be an experience, but always ready to call it if you’ve gotten the green light, or it is so terrible you want to hit the eject button, but not walk away(Yes that means I’ve walked out before). After getting her to the house, which is always to be her’s, test the responses, and excuse yourself just before it goes too far.

Sounds like a decent enough plan. But the reality is that perfect dating situation is only really good for certain women. It doesn’t work for every woman. And the locations are not for every person in my particular dating preferences. What took me until after I very clearly became THE Ruthless Wonder to realize that the very skeleton of the idea was still too stringent. Which brings us to the perfect sauces. We tend to think as men, “If I take her here and do this I’ve got a good shot.” There is no such thing. At the same time women you should be open to more than just standard date ideas to evaluate men. Even the idea that he should surprise you or do something outlandish. As single people, we should open ourselves up for the possibility that the person will pull  out something the likes of which should be on youtube, but also that it could be very very simple.

That isn’t the reflection of the person. Their attitude, responses, and demeanor during the location is. The idea that any one kind of first date is the perfect one is lunacy. There is no perfect first date, only perfect first dates. Maybe the interaction over the drinks was amazing, but the movie you went to see was horrible(sorry to everyone who saw After Earth). The food sucks but you spent hours walking the beach(I miss you Florida), or Loose Park, or chilled at Peaks Lounge(See you soon Mile High). I could go on forever. The skeleton of the date, its structure has no perfect form, only perfect forms based on the people. We need to break from the idea of trying to build the perfect date, or thinking that anything other than your usual ideas are bad date ideas. No date can be perfect, only parts can be perfect, with the person you are out with.

That said Sangria, some tapas, and some conversation never hurt anybody. Who’s free August 1st after I finish this bar exam?

– THE Ruthless Wonder

*Check the Glossary

Motivation versus Inspiration


The above video has nothing to do with today’s post, I just felt like posting it. Hopefully after that verse he dropped Jay Rock is ready to drop another LP finally.

Also before I get going I want to take a moment and let you know the first post from the new 3rd R, Rufus, is coming THIS THURSDAY! So be on the look out for it. I dare say we have the Superhero to balance out my Supervillainry. A Silver Surfer for my Thanos. An Ollie Queen for my Lex Luthor. Holy hyperbole Batman! Exactly. Come read more by this guy. He’s great. He’s an awesome addition, and with the circle complete be on the lookout for a 3R segment coming soon. Now onto my post.

Motivation versus Inspiration

I think a lot can be said for motivation over inspiration.  Despite a lot of people’s thoughts to the contrary I feel the two are vastly different. Personally I’ve long since stopped trying to write via inspiration. I would even go so far as to say that none of my poems are inspirational after a certain point in my writing career. I don’t dig on or off of inspiration anymore. As I was once told, “For poets, inspiration is for suckers.” At the time that seemed like a harsh critique of our art. It seemed cold. Almost robotic. And I never dreamed of this thing I do with lines and stanzas becoming like that. But that was an emotional response. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I saw the underlying bit that makes that line genius. Inspiration is a passive state of mind that occurs during a point of stagnation. I don’t say inertia for a very specific, science reason. You are usually not doing something and then “inspired” to do so. But writers need to keep writing because otherwise our “muscles” atrophy and we lose skill, or become boring, or just fall off entirely.

This is far different from motivation. Motivation spurs us on to doing something like inspiration yes, but usually we are not at rest. We are dealing with inertia. Constantly going one direction with no external force to cause us to change direction. Motivation is the change in direction. For my writing this was something amazing. I found a creativity I didn’t have before. I stopped waiting on the inspiration to write and just wrote. There is a very marked difference from the works I made before that day and the ones after. Maturity as a person is part of it. Life experience is part of it. But I owe a lot to the idea of motivation being my guide instead of inspiration. The same goes for my non-poetry related writing. Characters are easier to create when you aren’t trying to pull from somewhere out in the ether the moment you need to create them.

And that brings us to everyday life. How often are you subjecting yourself to the whims of inspiration instead of having motivation? Waiting for that one special someone to walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, club, church, job, supermarket, produce stand, beach,  doctor’s office, best buy, whatever instead of getting motivated to do the things you know make you more noticeable in a good way? I know I have fallen victim to that. How often is there something you are waiting on to happen to be your “sign” to quit that job you hate and start doing the thing you love? I’m not telling you to quit what pays  the bills, but I am saying get motivated to start researching, and investigating the things you need to do what you want, and start doing the ancillary things that should lead up to you leaving that job for a new career doing what you want.

That in the end is the difference between Motivation and Inspiration. Inspiration is so fleeting, so fragile, so impossibly flighty and flaky, not to mention beyond our control, that we do ourselves a disservice by waiting on it. Inspiration can come, and when it does it can help make decisions clear and ideas crystallize. But to wait on it is to lose out on the dreams you have for yourself. To wait is to be stagnate. Stagnation not sleep is the true cousin of death. where you are nothing because you do nothing. Ah but motivation, motivation leads to momentum. Momentum leads to accomplishment. And as you continue to accomplish, you continue to build that personal empire I talked about a while back. Imperial Dreams become motivation when you wake up and start moving. The fuel to press you ever forward towards your goals.

But what do you think? How do you feel about motivation and inspiration? Leave a comment. Like. Share. email me at anything you don’t want here, or questions you might have including topics you want to hear any of us at WDDIJ handle. Be sure to check out the column by our newest on Thursday. We should see a new piece from The Ronin tomorrow. And for now I’m going to get back to other matters I can’t discuss because Words Don’t Do It Justice!

– The Ruthless Wonder

Flatlines, Fun times, and The Rebirth of Cool

Really quick, I want to say our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the severe storms and tornadoes that have ravaged the midwest. Specifically Oklahoma recently, and especially those who have lost friends and loved ones. Words Don’t Do It Justice is just a blog, but our hearts go out to you.

So I was away for a bit there. A long bit. I’d tell you we had a ton of traffic while I was out, but that’s a lie. Basically, I’ve been moving and unloading and starting up the study time for the bar. But I’m not alone around here at WDDIJ and Ronin and our guest bloggers have really been picking it up while I’ve focused on the chaotic bits of leaving Orlando and Graduation. Thanks for all the well wishes, and requests that I do not leave Orangeland. I wanted to address those before I get into a topic today. I know I know you miss my actual topics. Well I’m back to them after I stop this stalling of an introduction. Yeah, yeah, get on with it.

So why is the rebirth of cool in the title here? That’s the point today. I was writing a post that I decided not to publish on Chris Brown’s Fine China and its impact on R&B culture as both a song and video and Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie came on in that beer commercial. Oddly enough that was followed by the folks at What The Flick doing the review of The Great Gatsby. And some other less important things followed. But what was staring me in the face was the idea that we just might be coming into the return of classic cool.

Here’s what I mean. For whatever you think about hipsters they, like folks like myself have an unnatural love of the fedora. It may be the one thing they don’t annoy me with. Mad Men is still somehow going strong in its 6th season. Add that to the above mentioned stuff, as well as flicks like trance and hell why not toss in THE Ruthless Wonder’s return to KC to add to the mix and you have the rumblings of the more adult cool kids like me grew up seeing.

Now I’m not saying everyone is about to start sounding like we are extras in Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon. Pump ya breaks youngin. I’m saying there seems to be a backlash against the more juvenile swag, in favor of cool. These two things are not the same. Swag does shots of Ciroc while Cool has Bourbon. But that is no reason to hate Swag for being what it is. No, instead I’m saying it seems acceptable to be publicly cool again.

You just couldn’t be reserved, calm, fashionable yet not exactly trendy a while back. Heck not even recently to a certain point. Think about your wardrobe. Think about where you dine out. Think about your own mentality. For a while if you were between 18 and 40 and wanted to go out at all you were Turnt up/wavy/faded/whatever you like. It was the minority of people doing upscale evenings in classy fashion. Professional or not, all races, both genders, and anyone who might possibly be young enough to get in a club. It was pounding music, pounding drinks, and what have you.

And I hate to say this but we owe the ability to separate when we get that wild versus when we want to just kick back chill and look awesome to the oft maligned Bobby Bottle Service.  BBS made it possibly for you to look distinctly cool by getting over priced bottles(seriously I paid 200 for a Ciroc bottle that we all know is under 25 at a liquor store, but F it. GRADUATION!) and having a place to sit and look important. And while many a douchebag gym rat/”promoter”/”rapper”/”local celebrity”/dude tricking off to impress some woman out of his league/guys trying to live the dream above their means/…recent Law graduates have clearly embraced it making any place to stand and chill or sit and chill for a moment at a club cost some kind of premium, they have made it cool to not pack the dance floor so hard whether you can dance or not, that dancing equates to bump, “sorry man,” grind chick, slightly move arms, bump, “sorry man,” hand in air, bump, “sorry man” on repeat.

You can in fact call ahead most places buy a couple of bottles(shouts to the friends who don’t make me pay full price), have a table reserved, and then walk in through the velvet rope look cool and chill the whole night. maybe dance a bit and sing a long. Invite that Blonde Bombshell or Caramel Cutie over to your table to join you and the fellas with her friends and let’s face it. That’s cool. It was cool when you could do that in the 80’s, it was cool in the 70’s it was cool really at all points but it was such a minority of the party going public that did/could do it. Now I’m going to save the molly popping and raving and the European vacation stuff for another post but public Cool is back. Because I dare you to try to do that in a t-shirt and shorts with some J’s on. In any city, in any state. Yeah, thought so. Bobby Bottle Service has helped force us all to bring back a much more cool sense of style. And musically…let me save that for another day.

I’m just happy about it folks. And my JD. And coming back to the Almighty 816, but still got love for the 913. This may be the last happy post for a bit from your favorite super villain. But no more WDDIJ flatlines. I promise. Stay tuned for big news from us as well. And yes I will keep blogging through bar prep. This is my break time from studying.

– THE Ruthless Wonder