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Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Words Dont Do It Justice: The Revolution Continues


January 1, 2013, an idea started germinating. in less than 2 months it had come to term. And one year ago today that thought in the minds of some men of will made its entry into the world.

Pretentious introduction aside today is amazing. One year ago today Roddi P, Ronin, And The Ruthless Wonder decided we were tired of the other voices on the internet, and opened Words Don’t Do It Justice to stake our claim on this culture of blogging. Along the way there were some bumps in the road, and we lost two of those men of vision to other endeavors. But the dream continued, and in the summer of 2013 we all welcomed Rufus to the team. The Summer of Rufus was followed by the R Revolution. Brand new faces joined us in the fall of 2013, but all were amazing.

And while the end of the year brought on a 2 month hiatus from The Ruthless Wonder, it also brought the arrival of Reign, and who doesn’t love reading her on Wednesdays? But none of this progress would be possible without 2 major groups here. The first is you. All of you. Blogs don’t last long normally. And many turn into periodic updates when someone feels like venting. But every day and sometimes multiple times a day, you, our readers, come and read our plucky little blog and show our authors, your friends, and the internet as a whole that you like it here. We wouldn’t be here still without you. And without 1 ad, without 1 SEO optimization, without 1 famous endorsement or guest blog, without more than a few personal Twitters, A facebook group, and some email accounts we amassed, 124 posts, 103 comments, and 3 THOUSAND, 5 hundred views in this 1 year. That’s right 3,500 times you all have said I want to know more, and came here to read what we have to say.

I’m not one for major emotional moments, but to break from the norm for a moment. I just want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the support. Everytime someone bugged you about checking us out. Everytime you clicked through from facebook, twitter, google +, Instagram, and every other way someone brought you here to WDDIJ, you made us thrive. Thank you.

The second group is The Justice League/The Fourth R/The greatest guests on the planet. When I or another of the authors here have been unable to come in and provide new material, you all have shown exactly how amazing you can be. Nothing can be said to be enough thanks to you for being there whenever we need.

And this Anniversary isn’t without a bit of an announcement. Thursday’s just got twice as interesting. Because Mr. Itty Bitty Ideas Chris McWhite will be permanently joining Words Don’t Do It Justice as the off week counterpart to Realistic Royalty. Every Thursday you now know there is new content to check out. So say hello when his first piece comes up later this week.

I’ve said before there are some other things coming soon. And they still are. Later this month will be the first ever WDDIJ Podcast. And over the next weeks you’ll see a new theme as we try out different ideas. And there is so much more. But one more time, thank you all. We love you all. And you know the deal, I could tell you more, but…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!


Let me talk to you for a moment…

The following is just from me to you. No one asked me to write this. The post isn’t sponsored by anyone or any company.

One of the early issues I had as a child was pretty common. As an only child I wasn’t really good with meeting new people because I didn’t know how to socialize. So I was incredibly shy. And as you can imagine, after knowing someone for a fairly long amount of time that would change and I would open up. But it made for some hilarious, and some annoying for most people situations. It also led to a point in life where I was perceived as I talked about in the Viva La Bad Girls post, as cold and detached. Well that of course has its downsides. Odd as it is, to this day that is why some people think I’m nice. I’m not, and my friends know that, but if you haven’t gotten past a couple of trust checkpoints and/or I’m not your business or political opposition(formerly included mock trial opponents) I tend to be generally non-offensive, which in our world today is considered nice.

Anyway, this went on for years even into adolescence with a lot of effects. The effect I didn’t notice was that I perceived people as not wanting to be close to me. That feeling got worse after my father’s death, and never really recovered for quite a long time. What some people can already recognize is what I will tell the rest of you. I was headed for depression and had no idea. As I got older it really just got worse and worse. I didn’t deal with a lot. I let a lot overwhelm me. And when it got too much, well you can already imagine what I did instead of asking someone for help. When I didn’t end up a very nicely written obituary I set to getting my life and self back together. Rebuilding what I was by fixing who I was. And 10 years later things have worked out mostly(damn bar exam). Now I know this is going to sound like an its gets better ad, or something meant to humanize me, or a just don’t do it type of blog post. Frankly though I don’t mind you taking that position on it. I was a very depressed person who just happened to luck out and not end up dead each time. I kind of expect you to think I’m talking about it now for some particular effect.

Really though this is being written because I remember that I have to keep myself strong of mind when the worst things happen. And since this stretch from Halloween to Valentine’s Day comprises about 3 months with 5 holidays I know statistically, for someone who reads WDDIJ this is mentally taxing and they are as depressed or worse than I was. And the hard part is, even me typing this isn’t going to pull you out of it. Because all those voices of reason and supposed love that were around me didn’t affect me enough to pull out of it. Because you can’t do it alone. Everyone’s answer is different. Everyone’s path is different. So what brought you to this point is different from what it did for me, and I understand that. I’m not judging that. Instead, I’m saying for once ask for a hand with what you’re going through. I’m not telling you to ask for that from friends, or family necessarily either.

One of the worst things about going through what was a 6 year major battle with depression was that I had to deal with family and friends. I don’t mean that to be generally perplexing. When you tell a friend or a family member “I’m depressed, and I’ve tried, and continue to think about killing myself.” they usually react by overwhelming you with attention and time or having every psychologist and psychiatrist they know or can get a number for call or visit you. Given how important church was in my family, my particular story includes meetings with the Pastor, the then Co-Pastor,  various prayer sessions, and a lot of other stuff that you already know added to my annoyance. Some of you may have guessed why that annoyed me. Because I knew it wasn’t genuine or long term. And also because that wasn’t why I told them. Since my recovery began I’ve had 4 friends of mine either be suicidally depressed, or attempt suicide. And a couple who have talked to me about it before hand. Each time I remembered where I was, and tried to give them the same respect I wanted, but didn’t receive.

Because recovery is a lifelong thing in most cases, I can’t say I don’t get the annoying flash thought of, “You really don’t have to put up with this,” or “why am I still here?” or the worst one for me, “And this is why I’m right. No one you think cares about you really does.” That voice is ever present in the bad moments, when the chips are down, I’m off my game, and what I want to accomplish looks like its impossible. And its in those moments I, like you should think about doing, talk to someone. Not about the situation, sometimes not even about me, but I reach out to someone I haven’t talked to in a while, or at least someone who isn’t aware of the thing I’m trying to do, and just talk like a human being for a bit. And then its a bit easier. I’m an odd case, and you probably feel like you are. Or that no one is going to get it. Fine they won’t, so don’t ask them to. Just let yourself be human for a bit. Let yourself come back from what is wearing on you to just exist for a few moments in time. Above all remember you have things you still want to do. “Don’t settle for a nicely written bit in a paper.” That ultimately is what has had the most staying power for me in my recovery. That I can look out and see I have things I want to do in life. Not really things I wanted to have, not necessarily places I wanted to go, but things I want to do and haven’t done. Because I think you’ll agree life is at least worth living to do the things you want to do in it. And because in the end, for all my antics and attitude, I want you to give yourself a chance to accomplish what you want.

See you next time friend. Cue my theme music. And remember the catch phrase, because Words Don’t Do YOU Justice.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: Wrath Of Ruthless (Part 2)

Today was supposed to have a different post appearing, but said guest blogger went MIA so I’m burning up the backlog with a blog post that didn’t get out before end of the hour. This is part 2 of a 3 parter that will hopefully pick up when I get back. Remember I love hate emails and love love emails, so send both to I do read them, and they are great for after bar prep relaxation.


both versions cause I know someone will get salty about this later anyway.

Meet me at the Altar in your white dress.

We ain’t gettin no younger we might as well do it right? NOT A CHANCE! I liked a couple Jagged Edge tracks like everyone else did in the early aughts and late 90’s. But let’s have a frank, non emotional marriage discussion please. Well…most not emotional. Looking at this particular song(JE’s Let’s Get Married aka Meet me at the altar for the non-R&B folks other there), and something that was asked in a secret meeting earlier in the week, I wanted to take a shot at the noble institution of marriage. Cause who better to catch this Ruthless fade after ducks and dolts? See I’m saying this right now. Marriage for most of you is pointless. You don’t really want it. You don’t need it. An if you are one of my fellow Black Unicorns, bruh this can go bad for you way more often than it might go good. But because a true black unicorn knows this already, let’s start with logic and reason to back up such an insanely cogent exclamation.

Marriage as we currently use it, is absolutely unnecessary.

Now we just shed like 45% of the angry women readers who survived my insults in the first part so everyone can move in closer. Marriage as modern civilization has used it since the fall of the roman empire equates to inheritance insurance. Based on the presumption that a couple will only have children from the two of them and that they need the most legitimate claim to the wealth of their parents, marriage assured families that their relative history, custom, practices, property, and status would remain intact through the passing of one or both parents(because some societies were and are matriarchal not patriarchal). The concept of romantic love and exclusive companionship during these times is mostly the product of revisionist romanticism of these periods. Contrary to what you get to learn in middle and high school, the dark ages through to basically America’s founding, were filled with even more sex and debauchery than you think. And certainly a lot more than got into your history books(thank God and the Muslims for library systems or I wouldn’t know otherwise). Among nobility, having a bastard was a political ploy as well as a military one.

They could become knights, spies, emissaries, and the like without the constraints of bearing the same name, which meant while they had a truly f’d relationship with dear old dad they had the mobility of nobility but the ability of the common man. Now? How many people do you know who honest to goodness have never cheated in a relationship? Never broken up? Exactly. Now how many of their kids have a private army ready to wage war to properly control their inherited lands? None? Yeah exactly. If you had a kid with someone before you meet the person you stay with it is kind of a so what now. Why? Because even the barbarians of Europe evolved into higher thinking creatures enough that no modern western society restricts inheritance or the right to marry to only single males. While you may love your 50k wedding, there isn’t a succession war coming among your children if you die. Trust me.

It isn’t practical either.

Now all the women reading probably feel some type of way, and their S.I.M.P. supporters as well. But put down your torches and quit burning my blogging jersey for a second. This section is dedicated to the guys, I’ll catch you ladies down the way a bit. Fellas this is not practical for one reason. You have a presumption based on your gender than the woman can use like a billy club of sexism to take everything you have. What am I talking about? Well I’m glad you asked. If she cheats, and gets pregnant, it is assumed you are the father, if she claims any kind of abuse, you are assumed to have done it, if she claims you have deviant sexual desires which she was offended by, it is assumed you are an do. You get married, you better be damn sure you both are actually in love, know each other’s pasts, are faithful to each other, and aren’t secretly about to slip into psychopathy, otherwise…THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Prenuptial agreements can cover a lot, but you still run the risk of it getting invalidated because “She must not turn crazy and start suspecting I’m smanging her boss’ secretary” is not really grounds for divorce. But also because if you love her, if you really are committed to her, why all the parading it around? Because it is part of convincing you and her this is a good idea. But there are governmental and financial benefits to marriage so let’s get to our last section.

You don’t need marriage to get married benefits.

Now obviously I’m not talking about the specifically worded documents that we call laws, statutes, and the like which enumerate certain benefits for married people. Or am I? Look folks the fact is that you can name whoever the heck you want to benefit from your life insurance policy, you can set up your partner, companion, Houzabadilitywhompous, and whatever other stupid pet name(And yes they are all stupid, especially the ones I’ve ever heard from everyone, including my exes, and out of my own mouth) you give them as your heir, make medical directives that they handle your care, and a billion other entirely legal, non-wedding required things.

But do it anyway you crazy kids cause I don’t care

This really should be obvious based on the fact that I’ve already told you how little I care about what other people do. But made even more obvious by the businesses I own, hobbies I’ve told you about, and industry I want to practice in. You will get married and it won’t work out, and call me when you want to get rid of your oaf of a husband/harpy of a wife. And I’ll make money…well if I took family law cases I would(lol not if I can help it). The long and short is you are only screwing yourself over if you get hitched and don’t actually have someone you want to make it work even in the hypothetically bad nightmare scenarios that can, will, and have happened to couples. Most of you will marry the wrong person the first time, a few less the second, some will have the ending love affairs that Hollywood makes millions off of in movies. Either way you prove me right. Yes that is the point. I just trashed ye olde institution of marriage to say everyone should get to do it, most of modern society shouldn’t do, and I’m right. How is this any different from most of my articles? Well I’d explain that but…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– Your Favorite Super Villain, THE Ruthless Wonder

Ruthless On Relationships: Viva La Bad Girls

Really? Another Ruthless On Relationships?

I know, I know, by the end of this I will have done 2 straight relationship posts and I said I wouldn’t go so heavy into them. 2 times is not a habit or routine practice people, calm it down. Besides I’m going to give a few people hope today…while shyte-ing on a segment of the population at the same time, but did you really expect otherwise from me? So let’s get right in to it. “I hate good girls.”

And I love bad girls like a fat kid loves cake…okay not really

Now there is a reason for this and I’m going to detail it, but for those of you who didn’t write me off based on that statement I want this to sink in. I am a professional, 31 year old, black, man living near the Kansas and Missouri Border in the very heart of the midwest in a major city and I hate good girls. Now don’t try to parse that statement, if you want to use good women it still applies. I’m not using girl as a denigration of the modern female, or as misogynist terminology to make the notion that women are less than me. It isn’t some reference to young girls in a pedophilic sense(As some know I have more than a thing for older women). I hate good girls/women.

Now that we’ve turned off the low intellect readers let’s get to the explanation. Because as you already knew, there is one. My dating history and my relationship history is a horror show at points. Pre-2006 revolution there is a stoic sarcastic deeply intellectual guy who let every woman who he was in a relationship with bash at his public persona in private. He looks insanely submissive by comparison. Pre-2000 high school it is so much worse I call it the darkest time. While I was and still am, very dominate in public, privately I was so unsure of myself that I clearly looked like prey for psychologically dangerous women, and they nearly ate young not-yet Ruthless Wonder alive.

But this is not really about the past versions of me. I’ve dated more good girls than bad girls until about 2007 and the far more the opposite since then. Why? Well for the same reason I hate good girls, perception and treatment. Since 06 I really have embraced the Ruthlessness I long tried to hold down. It wasn’t that I haven’t always been this way, it was that I was denying I was this way for everyone else’s benefit. And while often that made me seem cold and detached, it was better than to be thought that than a ruthless arrogant prick with a superiority complex…or so I thought. The last 2 good girls I have dated were great women. I would, if I were not this me writing this right now, attempt to date them again. The most recent more than the one before, but I think even she knows that. I find myself saying the same about them both though. The thing that is the core of my issues with good girls. You cannot accept me.

Here’s what I mean. Both of these women were for the time we dated cool with the majority of me. Public persona at 11 private at 5 or 6, hey let’s actually watch this cool movie on my set up(this deal only applies to movie one ladies, if there is a second…all bets are off). They were okay with some of my quirky nerdy habits. Neither one watched any anime with me, but they weren’t ridiculing me for watching it and I thank them. They could deal with knowing I’m a writer beyond my political and law interests so I may be in the middle of a poem or story and get all odd. But each one had some thing they just couldn’t roll with. Hell, one straight said that we couldn’t get more serious if I couldn’t turn down, well…THIS. Being RW(though this was before I had the name) was her issue. I wasn’t a horrible person according to her because she could see how I was when it was just me and her, but outside that was a problem.

My response(In my head cause I’m not stupid)? Meh. When things ended with each, and not too long after this point was the end basically both times. I left those situations each time thinking I had become a bad guy. That I was in serious need of change because I was a horrible person. Doubt was everywhere. But each time I found myself in what anyone would call a bad idea rebound type of relationship or 4. Since I’ve come home to KC and truly enjoyed single life for the last year and a half I’ve had time to really look back at things though, and noticed something. While the bad for me girls usually ended up in really short things, or never getting super serious, or cataclysmically bad ends(I’ll save those stories for another time), until that happened they worked. For them I was the good guy. They valued everything differently. And it isn’t like I went from fellow law students, professors, and doctors to strippers, waitresses, and instagram models. Just if you knew both women you’d call one the good girl, and one clearly the bad girl.

And so I have grown a hate for the “good girl” not the women themselves, but the attitude and style of the good girl. Because while I am Ruthless as I wanna be, I’m a Gent. I’m a black overweight James Bond…wait that’s too far. I’m just…an acquired taste, yeah I like that better. And so the bad idea relationships seem to be perfect for the time they happen. the bad girl calling me her good guy is probably the best relief from the stress of the day. But it is because they aren’t looking for everything wrong with me(which I admit there is a lot), and instead looking for what’s right. I’m not saying that every guy needs to head out and find some bad idea starting point in a bar, club, facebook group, or vacation and start his search for a girlfriend there. I’m saying for me, well as much as I want to date, get serious with, and maybe one day allow myself to be complete(Sorry Tyler Durden) with a good girl who doesn’t have the issues that basically each bad girl did, the good girls are just not an option. I’m too bad for them, but not too good for their counterparts. So I’ll just keep pulling out chairs, opening doors, and respectfully treating bad girls right. Of course maybe one will go good and I can stop looking, but maybe the opposite will happen as well. For now Wale said it best, “The bad girls ain’t no good, and the good girls ain’t no fun.”

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Weekend With Ruthless On Relationships: A sub culture divided

The title is long but this won’t be. Frankly once I get passed my point on this there really isn’t much in the way of venom to spew or analysis to bring up. I want to talk to you about a subject I know will somehow become a target of hate emails, and unfollows, and unlikes, and unsubscribes, and I’m sure more than one or two long conversations about how it should not apply to the person on Facebook, that I will ultimately remind the person I don’t care.

I want to talk to you about why it seems like I’m going to have to date fewer black women.

Troll bait aside this is loaded as hell to talk about so let’s get to the explanation of that sentence above. As i discussed last week I’m an Ex-nerd. I don’t have as nerdy habits as I once did, and the label itself is misapplied. I have far transcended what I once was. But I have a very large attraction to Smart women. So much so that beyond just looking for intellect I look for women who like Doctor Who, and/or anime, and/or video games, and museums, and classical music, and Opera, and independent films, and films that aren’t easy to understand, who have or want to read intellectually stimulating books, as well as fantasy, and a lot of other stuff. While the last parts are relatively easy to get, the first 3 are very difficult. This has been made all the more difficult by my recent understanding of a trend in my online dating I strain to call alarming…alarming is too strong, let’s call it curious, weird, odd,  wait I know the best word…quixotic(go look it up).

While talking to the ladies who helped with Ex Nerd, I didn’t really notice a full on trend, but there was an interesting line of thinking from the non law school ladies I contacted. When we got done talking Nerd stories, we briefly talked relationships. Most were currently single or casually dating. All of the ones who were single were ones who also tended to not have a lot of boyfriends who share my amount of melanin(look it up, dunderhead). But I didn’t really pay attention to that until I was on my two favorite online dating sites. I say favorite because they provide me with validation of my dating rules, a quick way to see if I want to slow down the grind for a nice night of cool adventures in KC, and from time to time, fuel for this blog and a great laugh.

Kind of a combination effect happened this time though. I got a laugh and some ragey fuel for this blog. While on one of the sites I ran across a profile in my matches. I wasn’t interested in the woman romantically, but the info she had up said to me that I would be giving a friendly message for some of our mutual interests. But near the bottom I saw the infamous phrase that I don’t know exactly why I react so strongly too(I do, but we’ll get to that later). “I only date white guys.” Now I will admit that the part of my brain that has 90 minute arguments about scandal, and picks fights with anyone who hates interracial relationships was incensed. But I told it to calm down with the tried and true, “you didn’t like this chick anyway.” And I kept it moving. 5 or 6 profiles later, I hit a woman I wanted to contact for amorous purposes. Slightly nerdy, very intelligent, detailed profile, bunch of Doctor Who references, Tech N9ne fan(^S^!). Buuuuttt, what was in the end of her dating profile? “And before you start messaging me, I don’t date black guys.” Needless to say I was from an objective standpoint pissed quote “the fuck” unquote off. But subjectively I was about to say next and keep it moving but the conversations with the ladies before popped up in my brain.

SO I did some mostly unscientific research. Taking POF, Chemistry, and Match, and for my control Geek2Geek(Yeah I took it there in the name of psuedo-science) I went on a look to see how often this applied to the demographic I was wanting to view. Since some of you haven’t caught on, the ex-nerds and these two profiles were black women(Address all hate mail to THE Ruthless Wonder @ So after approximately 57 unique profiles because some were on all 4,  45 had similar language to the effect of I don’t date black men or I only date white men. I call that odd. My boss calls it curious, because he believes odd is slanderous in this case. But we agree that it is an interesting thing. Logically that doesn’t make a ton of sense. If one is part of a sub culture why ostrasize part of that sub culture arbitrarily and capriciously for the one element of their lives that they have absolutely no control over? Isn’t that just having the same bigoted attitude that would look down on them for dating inter-racially?

We had a long car ride to talk about it and a bunch of off shoot conversations. But that brought me back to this odd topic for a blog. If you’re a black intellectual who considers themself a nerd or geek, and all of these women did, and you won’t date people who look like you, or only date one race of people, you’re just as bad as the black women who have, do, and will hate and email me for my enjoyment of dating more than just black women(You kiss one 5’10 blonde near one group of black women and everyone loses their minds…okay more like 3, and some red heads, and a couple Japanese girls, and Brazilian, and an awkward moment with a Filipino friend of a friend.). I might even feel comfortable enough in my position to say these women are worse than said black women haters of all things interracial. That is self hate, that is close minded, and for someone who is part of a sub culture, it isn’t logical, rational, or progressive to think that way. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea(but am I your shot of Whiskey), so I don’t mind them not being into me. But to assume every black guy who will contact you will be the same as the metaphorical, stereotypical version you made up in your head is just as racist as the non black women who’s profiles say No black guys, and start with something like “I’m not racist but…” Just the reality of the situation. And why I can see fewer black ex and current nerds/geeks on my list of women to enjoy amorous endeavors with. And should this continue, I can see my give a shit meter falling about it.

SO if you feel like I’m talking about you. And yeah I probably am, feel free to present your side, feel free to send your hate emails, and feel free to make another facebook status where you try to stealthily not name me but talk about everything I said in some stupid attempt to keep your friends from reading. Newsflash, they may be telling you okay I won’t read, but they are the ones who have become our super fans. I’d say more but clearly…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

-THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: You say you want a revolution…

Before I get going, congrats to Washington(the state) and Colorado on getting the fed to back off on your passage of marijuana legalization for recreational use. I’m sure many lighters were pushed up in celebration today. My job rocks “ye olde drug policy”, and I’m a resident of the Great State Of Missouri so I can’t celebrate with you but here’s a youtube link to a song dedicated to you.


Now that I’ve been nice for a minute and justified the 8:03pm Mountain time posting, let’s get into it. Somebody tune up the villain theme, and get the dictionary and wikipedia page ready so the idiots can look up the things I talk about that they didn’t catch. My Rage has been held back too long.

Send all hate mail to


You say you want a revolution…but you really don’t give a fuck.

No apologies for the profanity this time. You brought this on yourself. let’s go right to the first set of people currently on my shit list. Everyone the last few days who have suddenly become afro-centric in wake of the anniversary of the March On Washington and thus King’s I have a Dream speech. These are the same instahoes, and twitter thugs, who will be back to doing how to videos on twerking and being a generally stupid black degenerate on World star and if they are lucky youtube in a couple days. But shout out to you fakes for some momentary lapses in stupid long enough to pretend to care. See these folks are first up for good reason, and the majority of the Words Don’t Do It Justice readership will of course have no problem with me singling them out. But I do so not because they are the crux of the problem today, but because I get easy targets out of the way when I have big game to hunt. My problem is that everybody wants to be the next Dr. King or Malcolm X when it has a perceived social advantage. When you can say HEY I DID THIS! and people can like your status, or comment how awesome it was that you did something.

Why in fuck are we rewarding this? Well YOU reward it because you really don’t give a fuck about most of the causes people claim to care about or otherwise socially show-off being a part of. Don’t believe the 300lbs. Black Guy? Where are all the anti-child soldier groups and causes, and youtube videos, and donation drives, and celebrity PSAs, and benefit concerts now that the Kony2012 guy has been found to be just another con artist with some mental issues? He was a fraud but the problem still exists. What are you doing to fix it? Exactly my point. You don’t actually give a fuck. And that goes for a lot of causes. Which brings us back to the weekend revolutionary. The person who will buy pink anything from a website to wear but won’t donate to proven research groups who work on cancer cures. The ones who take pictures of themselves with their I voted sticker but spend most of their time trying to stay blissfully stupid about how the system works. Or worse, thinks the sticker makes them a political scientist and expert on domestic and foreign affairs. You know who they are. Some of you are them.

But like I said easy target. That took 10 minutes to write. I didn’t even need to research to tear into them. They set themselves up. No, the real target is much harder. See this column is called you say you want a revolution. And once again I’m forced to use previous posts by me to lay out the road map to what I’m doing. So let’s get in to it. Let’s talk about my current problem children. Black Leadership(Que the stereotypical, “Oh no he didn’t” responses) Now we have two groups here. So I’ll start with the harder to hit targets. If you were alive and could have been in attendance at the original March On Washington, the current state of Black America is entirely your fault. Not the white man, not racism, not classism, and not the criminal justice system. At the youngest age you’re 50. Which means you were shaping the opinion of black men and women in the eyes of non-black people for 19 years longer than I’ve been alive. Which means this currently culture was your burden to rectify. Al Sharpton, is not alone on my list of idiots trying to be leaders. All of you at 50 and up are. You helped walk Black America into this apologist, shiftless, anti-intellectual culture that has become so dependant on the system that the black civil war will be between black men and black women. ALL of you, my parents, relatives, church members, boy scout leaders, teachers, coaches, and the like which are too annoyingly numerous to name have walked this path to ruin with your faces staring at your feet.

Why am I so angry with you? Because you all never learned the lesson. I don’t have the benefit of saying I grew up with Martin, and Malcolm, and Jackie, and Medgar, and…I would go on, but I shouldn’t need to. So I can’t say I ever saw a great black leader spoon-feeding me the information and tools to keep their victories from being temporary. But you did succeed in one thing. You made temporary commonplace. Temporary fathers and mothers, Temporary wives and husbands, temporary class attendance, temporary intelligent thought. That is your legacy. And it could easily have been different. The speeches that most often resonant with me are ones that are calls to complex action. Not because the nature of complexity is most appealing to me. It is because the complex idea really causes people to show true colors. Tell everyone to put a pure black picture up for Trayvon Martin and millions will follow you. But ask them to make smarter decisions on who they elect in office, and to support young black professionals who could mentor youth and you’ll be glad to crack 10 people. But that didn’t have to be this way. And that is the blame to be laid at your feet. Because you dropped the ball. And no one wants to hear you anymore because now you are seen as pandering. As charlatans. Naives. Foot Shuffling, minstreling fools. Race baiting hasbeens with no goal but self-importance. And I no longer wish to pretend the people saying that aren’t right.

So let’s get to my contemporaries and in some cases my colleagues. You say you want revolution. You say you want change. You say Obama wasn’t enough. Then where were you when Harold Ford Jr was getting victimized by racist over toned mud slinging? Why aren’t you seize the places of power to do better? I watched a story about how Corey Booker likes to mess with homophobes and racists by not commenting on whether he is straight or not. I’d call that progress. But what about the rest of you? Read a book not called Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades, or some pseudo-africanist’s rant about how we should all get back in touch with the motherland?(don’t worry I’m getting to that group) Yeah I didn’t think you had. Why is Al Sharpton on TV more than Deval Patrick? Where are the young intelligent black leaders of both genders who have actual ideas and not vague rhetoric? Oh wait, you’re too scared to take on the old guard. Let me make this plain. The Old Guard has fucked us over. We are now a deviation from them. We are derived from them but are not them. Like bourbon is derived from whiskey but is not the same. So fuck the old guard and let Bourbon replace whiskey(No my nerdy friends this is not the time to comment how you know where that quote is from). If our leadership is the model for who we should be as leaders and what we should do with the future of our culture and they failed us. What does that say about doing what they did?

See I don’t say that the old guard is shit and we should replace them to do the same thing. I say replace them so we can do something else entirely. Yesterday was 50 years from when Dr. King’s speech reached out to America hoping it could make us change. But as big as the speech, the march, and indeed the movement were, as horridly as the generations leading up to know have squandered all the potential that came from it. Another speech reaches into my brain and does not let go.


Now why do I find this incendiary speech from Malcolm X so important. Why does it fill my brain the day after celebrating one of the most famous speeches in the history of ever? Because I have a dream is made to gather people. The Ballot or The Bullet is made to motivate people. And right now I know the fake revolutionaries won’t get the difference. Which of course gets me away from the old and new guard of black leadership as people, and onto them as far as actions. Barack Hussein Obama. Just the name sounds strong. Heck I like the cut of his gib on sight. But I’m not a fan. Best said I’ve never been a big fan of political figures and even more so after I peeked behind the curtain. Now you may take issue with that as I have a signed letter and photo commemorating my law school graduation from the guy, and I posted them on instaflex and Failbook. But in the same way I’m not a fan. I also don’t hate or generally dislike the guy. He’s important sure. But hate or live don’t enter my brain about him. And for good reason. I like to be able to honestly evaluate political figures in an objective fashion. So is it any wonder that I’m now about to attack and defend him at the same time? If you know how I feel about Tyler Perry, that shouldn’t surprise. Obama is everything right and wrong with today’s blakc leaders. And how black people treat him is everything right and wrong about black people right now. Here’s what I mean.

Barry O is able to say that he cares about the black community and do things to move it forward, but he is never so beholden to them that he makes exclusively black moves which harm societal progress. Oh dear God how I wish all black leaders had that trait. We as a people have been caught up in too much of the usual stupid black people traps. Every few days someone mentions how we deserve reparations. Usually its just a straight up I want the dough. Sometimes they give the more intelligent white people got free land when the gov went west. But black people by law were stopped from doing the same. Fair argument. Still pointlessly annoying to bring up. Why? Why do I who would love some dough in my pocket enough to build the life I want think this is a stupidly pointless errand from a by gone age of actual afro-centrism that could never be reached even if you could raise a non-zombie Marcus Garvey from the grave? Because you’d break the system. While no one mentions reparations without mentioning the Japanese in ethnicity, Americans who were placed in concentration camps, the situations are different. See not only were they paid promptly and properly, but they were paid in a somewhat organized, and non economy breaking form.

Why does that matter? Because not only is this a handout that the majority of black people could never properly handle, it would literally break the global economy. What do I mean? When America has any economic issue, it effects global business. The trillions based on interest compounding annually that it would take to pay back the equivalent of the median national value of land and a beast of burden(donkey, mule, oxen), is so astronomical that it would cause the kind of inflation that makes post world war 1 pre world war 2 Germany look like a nice place to move to. Not to mention such an undertaking would bankrupt America by either sinking the dollar, or straight up putting us in hock to literally all of the world. Is it really worth that future to you? Or do you want that new iPhone? If you thought about it, I’m already right.

Oh but POTUS is also everything wrong with black leadership. By refusing to address the inequality among black people. Contrary to popular belief you do have to choose between Booker T Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. But only if you want to get things done. Why? Because either we all go into the working class embrace the failed dreams of communism, and build that incredibly stupid idea that I pointed out was stupid of a new black country(Seriously the people emailing me saying they love it and want to do it are stupid. The point of the column is that it is a dumb idea and you could do all of it so much better without the stupidity of faux africanism.). Or we acknowledge and agree that some of us are far smarter than most of us, and to get better you need to support us as your leaders and do the fucking work while we come up with the ideas. I’ll refrain from a further hint on which way I lean on the matter.

Obama doesn’t address the problem ever. We are all special. We are all unique snowflakes. Well he’s wrong. Most of you are not unique snowflakes. Most of you can’t be President. Most of you can’t lead anyone outside your home, and slightly fewer but still most of you can’t lead anyone outside your job. my issue with Mr. President is also that he feeds into the same solutions we’ve had and seen fail. But hey, let’s cut the president some slack. He is most certainly not the only one. What is the point of programs to mentor youth if we don’t address the expectations for them? What are our standards? Do we have any? Let’s think about this a minute. Kid goes to high school. Sees if he wants to play an instrument he has band. If he wants to play sports they are there. If he wants to learn about science, BAM done. Math, Debate, Acting all there. But what about if he wants to learn more about current politics? What about if he wants to come up with solutions to more common problems he sees around him? Where is that support?

But hey schools everywhere black and white have problems. Let’s move on. When a young teen boy wants to go to college who does he turn to? When a young boy wants to open a music label he’s got friends and backup even if no one has money. When he wants to do criminal and nefarious acts he’s got back up. What about if he wants to go read poetry? What about if he wants to get into anything that isn’t the average or everyday? Where is the support? See that is the problem. We don’t support things without a flashiness to them. And we don’t get involved when it might be difficult on us to do so. I’ve got a great support system that has continuously either helped out, or gotten out of the way as I’ve tried, had setbacks, and achieved. But this blog post isn’t about me. It is about you. Because you say you want a revolution.

And on that note I want to address someone I promised I would yesterday. She’s a friend of the site. And as it goes she’s pretty positive and has her head on straight but yesterday…well yesterday as I was already stewing from the panderfest anniversary gala and photo-op, she called the original fake. Which I thought was odd. What does one mean by fake? What is fake about something the entire world has seen and their are non leadership people who were alive and attended? So I asked. The reply was it was staged. Well of course it was staged, it was an organized march that lead to a broadcasted speech. You don’t just do stuff like that, you plan it out. So next was read these links, they paid folks, and censored folks. I read the links. I have a mental complex about such rash statements. If I can find the reality of what is being said I look for it. Well in this case she was right. Some people got lost in the shuffle. Some other folks who thought they were important enough to talk didn’t get to. Other people’s reason for participating was glossed over. One of the stories was that Lena Horne was walking Rosa Parks around to various overseas outlets to get them her story so they could know she was important.

This all sounds like…well frankly it sounds like every political event I have ever gone to and sadly likely will ever go to. Here’s why calling a political event staged is a cop out. Its political. Usually the most important person. The person you want to make sure everyone hears because they have the credibility or the unique message to get out is going to talk. Other than them you’ve got a bunch of awesome side stories. The fact is I read both my friend’s links and came away thinking, well damn, I wonder what ______would have said. That’s the best I have. I wonder what this particular person or that particular person would have said here. Wasn’t upset. Wasn’t angry. Why? Well frankly it was because the event was always about one man making a call to the nation. It isn’t a “luck accident” that Dr. King is making the I have a dream speech that day. The whole march, and the rally, and the speaking event portion itself were created around that. That was the purpose. It isn’t an accident that Malcolm X is the man we remember as giving another perspective from a different event. The grass roots campaign event he spoke at was also planned around him. Calling an event like that a fake staged event is like calling out the girl scooping ice cream for having cold hands. YA DON’T SAY?! Politics and self promotion occurred all around and about to date one of the most well known speeches ever given? Here’s your Nobel Peace prize for figuring that out. Also you may want to see if Genghis Khan had a hankering for savagery and imperial conquest by wholesale slaughter. I love my friend, but this was not one of the debates where she’s made me guild myself in intellect in order to parry her arguments.

But her way of giving a fuck brings me out of the very Black specific section and into the more general hatred of you fake revolutionaries. Cause there are leaders and there are followers, and I’d rather be a dick than a swallower. You do realize if you’ve tweeted, FB’d, signatured, pinterested, reddited, meme’d, myspaced, instagramed, vined, youtubed, world starred, or daily motioned that at all you’re a follower. Just saying. But that leads me to the point. You don’t give a fuck. If you care so much about *insert clause here* then you shouldn’t even be in a position to read this. You should get rid of everything you own, use a bit of the money to buy a farm and the needed implements, and live that true amish life. Because everything you use and do right now required someone’s suffering. Using a library computer to read WDDIJ? Tax money was collected by kicking someone out of their home and selling the house at auction to satisfy the debt. The fabrics you use to make your clothes so you don’t “give in to a corrupt system” come from the development over centuries of trade routes and relationships between merchants who employed mercenaries to enforce their claims, stole from their competitors which put them out of business, and the looting and pillaging of everything from the land belonging to indigenous cultures in America to the Silk road. Africa included. The highly respected kemetan(sp?) culture. Conquered the lands around it which it deemed part of the empire. And of course they had a godking called a Pharoah, just to tie back in my earlier leadership and direction section.

And that is nothing compared to the modern stuff you use. Every great advance in the existence of humanity, economic, technological, theological, intellectual, comes at the expense of some until then undetermined group of people. Louie C.K. said(and I’m paraphrasing) We just throw human pain and suffering at stuff and it gets done. Either you want the cool new thing we can do that will one day far from now take us into the kind of future that would make even me say “okay, I hadn’t thought of that.” Or we all agree to go back to living in small tribes and no caring about anything beyond where the next meal comes from. Either way, stop pretending you care, when really you don’t give a fuck.

See caring about something means you don’t stand for it. Are you willing to walk off of your highly paid job because the client that makes the job so good is a racist, sexist, homophobe, vegan, hyper conservative christian, liar, theif, mob boss, adulterer, bank robber, KU fan? Guess that green buys your silence on the one in there that affects you then huh? Or maybe you could just dial down the hyperbole. Maybe you could say there are things you want to change, but don’t know how yet. Or you dislike these people. Or you want to see how to do this. Or you have such and such idea. Maybe you should stop talking like you are about to lead an armed rebellion in the US because Obama is President. Or because white people do fucked up things to non white people. Or because people are risking life and limb to get into America because their life in parts of other countries suck so bad living on the streets and working for 35 cents an hours is better. Or because in order to feed all you idiots taking up air, space, and food supply we have to develop hybrid foods through advanced botany. Or because all the oil is in the middle of middle eastern deserts at the moment and you don’t want to sound like a hippie for being for wind farms and other alternative energy.

Or because American Men who love American Men, and American Women who love American Women want to get married. Or because some guy who looks a bit like me dates more than just women who share my ethnic classification. Or because there are women who like to make video games and play video games and have an opinion. Whatever the fucking high horse is that has you ready to take your .45 up against an M1 Abrams tank(lol good luck with that) take a look at it for a moment and ask do you really give a shit enough to get rid of all that exists around you? If you do, I hear Detroit could use money, cops, and economic development right now. If not…well get back to work and start supporting the smaller causes that can help improve things. Because right now you disgust me as much as the racists, and classists, and sexists, and homophobes. Why? Because you don’t really give a fuck about what you are talking about. You’re only faking so you can show off. And that is a disgusting level of self absorption. Why do I get to say that? Because I don’t believe in being extreme like you. Because you say you want a revolution, but you really don’t give a fuck. I’d go into more detail about my lifestyle and beliefs, but I’ve talked too much tonight. Besides…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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