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Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: You are not a unique snowflake…and neither is your kid.



I normally don’t break from my planned post. Today’s post was going to be a lead in to next week’s WDDIJ podcast and some reaction to the feedback from my first Wrath of Ruthless podcast. Instead I’m going to address something that I predict now will end with Your Favorite Super Villain receiving hate emails from parents starting with “You don’t know anything because you don’t have kids.” To those people who are sending them, you suck at parenting, because I real parent would understand everything I’m about to say. So let’s get into it.

Your kid is a bully because you suck at parenting.

This all started because in my office we were talking about bullying, cyber bullying and general bully culture. And that’s when I went on a bit of a tirade about the creation of a bully. The reality is kids do not become bullies apropos of nothing. And the modern bully first culture is a development of the same problems exacerbated by technological advancement. Children have no responsibility. And in modern civilization(We’ll talk society vs. Civilization another day), we have decided that permissiveness is better than the mere possibility of stifling potential. The pendulum has swung far in the opposite direction of previous generations. Kids used to rebel because their parents would not allow certain activities. Now they don’t rebel they demand. More tech, better clothes, specialized diets, and the like used to be just general complaints of any kid, now they are the teenaged(and much younger) rallying cry.

But permissiveness has become telling kids over and over how special they are. The belief that if you just tell your kid they are awesome enough times that their self esteem and personal drive will lead them to dizzying heights of achievements among their peer group and the world at large. But this is so wrong it is almost criminal. You are not teaching them to socialize, you are teaching them that they are above reproach, and because children have no concept of social cues or responsibility they bring this mentality along when with other children. But lets go a bit deeper, because this isn’t the only piece.

When you participate in the glorification and then destruction of everything from celebrities to political figures to athletes you teach your children who have no other frame of reference that this is not to be done to each other that it is okay. Let’s use Tiger Woods cause he’s easy to understand. When you take vocal shots at Tiger and his actions you often aren’t explaining that your problem is his infidelity, not his performance prior to it. SO to a kid who hasn’t had the years of understanding the nuanced relationship between personal and professional lives, it seems like it is okay to take on someone who has achieved some separation between themselves and the rest of society. Essentially, that you can be justified in tearing down anyone. And that the higher their profile the more okay it is.

Well what do you think a kid is going to do when they see someone else has an achievement? What about when their peer group clearly sees the other kid has gotten separation between themselves and your kid and the rest? Exactly. You’ve just built a bully. And it doesn’t matter whether the kid is a physical take your lunch money bully, or an internet troll, or one of those annoying 12 year olds who plays online and doesn’t understand how offensive screaming they are going to rape your mom, calling you a faggot, or calling you a nigger really is.

But the inverse is also true. Because a well adjusted kid can both avoid bullying, and avoid being a bully themselves. But that requires you to stop believing you are a special unique snowflake as well. That requires you to know more than just the basics about your child’s school and general socialization environment. That requires you stop being entitled, and annoying, and generally unaware that you are building the kind of monster even we of the Super Villain community dislike. You who do nothing when your 4 year old is being an annoying brat in line…well EVERYWHERE, when they are kicking the seat in front of them on the plane. When they won’t shut up because you brought them to a rated R movie at 9pm on a Friday(I choose to believe God has a special punishment for every single one of you people). And any excuse you have will be met with…then don’t bring your kid there, or do that at another time, or you made the choice so do your DAMN JOB. Yes I just blamed the last 2 decades of internet trolls and bullies on you parents. And do you know why? Because if an adult is being an asshole and gets into a fight over it, it is their fault. BUT, if they’ve always been offending folks for the sake of offense, and now use the internet’s anonymity for it? Well that’s a nurture problem. And that is your fault. Tyler Durden was right, you are not a unique snowflake. You’re an idiot and should never have been allowed to breed in the first place. Since you have, fix your problem, or stop burdening the rest of us.

– THE Ruthless Wonder aka “Lex Luthor”

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: No Free Passes

So Sunday I was relaxing and talking to my friends online, and on my cell, and of course in one of my main Facebook groups(Shout out to Geek Illuminati!) and someone had dropped this interesting blog post. Now for those who don’t feel like reading all of that I don’t blame you. Dude’s formatting is hell on toast. But that aside I read the whole thing. Why? Because I was certain there would be something redeeming if I just kept going. First things first, He can most certainly come on here and defend his story, I don’t contend that parts of it didn’t happen. But I do contend with the notion that it was this perfect. I’m not one to spare an idiot offline, and most certainly not online. But even I don’t go on what would be a rather extensive conversation in public situations like the one he describes.

What did he describe? Well to give you the quick breakdown, black guy with white wife comes into the barbershop, calls him the wrong name, and questions why he keeps dating black women while pointing out the very stereotypical issues with them. The two go on to a witty repartee which includes defenses of “because I was raised by a black woman aka My Mom’s black and by insulting black women you insult her. Put a pen in that one I’ll be getting to it. And after some interesting back and forth he finally defeats the blonde bomber to the applause and adoration of everyone else in the room. Followed by the quickest back pedal equivocating on race and relationships I’ve seen since a girl in college said she wasn’t racist because she would fuck black guys, but won’t date them(Don’t worry I looked at her like “The FUCK?” too).

You are reading this note because you know what’s coming. This guy is so wrongheaded he’s dangerous. People read his stuff. Heck I’ve been linked this blog post no less than 40 times since Sunday, and that includes after I announced I was going to take a shot at it today. SO to be fair lets give credit where its do and quickly deal with what I agree with. He’s right, if the race of a person is the main reason why you are dating them, or aren’t dating them, then you’re as bad as his barbershop acquaintance couple turned Straw man argument post. And as someone who’s heard friends names be massacred all the time, I sympathize. After all, if you’re unable to say my real name correctly you may have actual issues.

But credit aside, let’s deal with the number 1 issue. I hate to say I woke up one day and realized everyone saying “you should only be with black women” were full of shit. But I basically did. “If the world is full of so many people, why should I limit myself.” hit me one day, and down the rabbit hole I went. This guy though. Apparently our would be hero blogger believes in the sanctity of the black women(I can hear the hate emails now). I don’t, I should quickly point out why. No one is perfection or in fact perfect. My Mother taught me some time ago that I was going to have to work hard to get respect. And that people should work hard to earn my respect as well. Great lesson honestly. And I love her for it. It put the rest of the world in true perspective.

I don’t respect the woman who gave birth to me because she made shitty choices and was ashamed of me. I give ultimate respect to the woman who adopted me, who raised me, who taught me, and who helped make me who I am today. She is my real Mother as far as I’m concerned. Just as her husband, the man who adopted me, and made sure I knew how to be a man every day of his life until his life was gone is my real Father. But the two of them taught me that just because they love and they wanted the best for me everyone wasn’t the same. And the test of my humanity was figuring that out. What does this boil down to? That just because you share my melanin count, racial or ethnic classification, and anything else you think makes us similar doesn’t mean you deserve or have earned my loyalty or allegiance.

The belief that one’s past should not dictate one’s future seems to roll for everyone right up until this particular phrase gets uttered like it’s the original cardinal sin. My mother was a black teenage girl who left no information about my past including health information and wouldn’t even get involved in the adoption process like a true coward. Should I hate all black women including the one who adopted me? No. Should I give all black women a pass because my Mother, the one who adopted me, cared for me as if she gave birth to me, and has made sure I knew I was loved is a black woman? NO. The duality of my existence is proof such altruistic statements are complete folly. My fathers biological and adoptive are both black men. Should I not doggedly follow the positions of black men  on all subjects too? Dating or otherwise, this is manipulative cop-out BULL SHIT!

Now this article gets into stereotypes to be sure, but let’s break him down a bit. Why does the very suggestion of interracial relationships seem to be the basis of such vicious conversations when black and white people are involved? The oddity of this one being so much about protecting the sanctity of his mother, the perception of all black women who he just described as essentially fishing for male attention, suddenly are as blameless as Mary the mother of Jesus. Look back at it. He doesn’t call the women outside attention whores directly, but you thought it. Why? Because using your vocabulary to hide calling someone an attention starved contradiction is the way intellectuals and unfortunately pseudo-intellectuals operate. And he’s not a pseudo, but when I tell you the threads I’m in where this piece was discussed are overpopulated with them…anyway.

Someone started in with me on this one with a quote about how his Momma’s black and so he doesn’t want to look at them negatively. I responded with  “My Mother is a black woman, but I shouldn’t paint them all with the same positive brush. And because I’m smart enough to realize correlation is not causation, and similarity in one aspect does not translate to all aspects.” And that’s the real point here. You don’t get a free pass from THE Ruthless Wonder for being “Black like me.” I love black women. I love dating black women. But I also know for all the ones I like there are a lot I don’t like. Same with white women. Same with Asian women. Same with every ethnic classification really. I love women. I love dating women. But that doesn’t make me blind to reality. And our guy doesn’t fail to see it here. He stealthily slips in so many caveats at the end that you’re likely to miss as you applaud the confrontation, that really his piece doesn’t say anything. It’s an ego boost. “I defended black women to a white woman who I’ve embellished up to Disney Evil levels(Did you just make her look like the girl from Frozen? lol Sorry for that).” Basically, he made click bait and everyone fell for it.

And that’s why he is today’s subject. Though his piece about men cheating I just got linked from Ms. Auset Noir herself would be worth a Note anyway. So before I get off topic let me truly drop a final super villain thought. You determine who you respect. Isn’t it more proper to respect those who earn it by their actions, not by some preconceived notion of similarity based on skin tone? It’s all good to link up to defeat problems that face all black people. It’s not okay to gloss over flaws because someone looks like your complexion. Just because they look like you, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held to the same scrutiny as you would someone who doesn’t. Because if we give every black person a pass for being black, we will never get anywhere.

Scrutiny includes the analysis of the negative. If dialogue on the issues is sought by all, then shouldn’t the discussion start with how do we deal with the facts that paint folks in a particular community(black, American, geek, gamer, laywer, conservative, liberal, hero, human, villain, etc) in a negative light? You can’t correct what you deny. And really, the majority of black men date black women. It isn’t even a close ratio. So don’t come with that loyalty mess. Just because most black men don’t shout down a bruh for marrying a non black woman doesn’t mean every black guy is like, “wait til I find me a good white girl, I’m done with these black chicks.” *And then we all laugh and give dap around the barber shop.* That shit’s ridiculous. So before I start pointing out the hypocrites and tossing shade at you Scandal watchers I’m out. Because Obviously there is more I could say but…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

-THE Ruthless Wonder aka Lex Luthor aka Dio Brando aka YOUR Favorite Super Villain

Send you emails to but I won’t respond till tomorrow, Its time for my birthday celebration.

Watch Your TONE!

I’m back, and the first thing I’m talking about is tone? Has Ruthless gone soft? Not on your life. I’m being very deliberate here. Let’s get to it.

During the break I unleashed a bit of back and forth in the groups I frequent online by dropping some admittedly loaded discussion on them. How did I do this? Well I didn’t go personally provoking people so calm down. I linked up two videos, one per group, where the speaker presented a highly controversial opinion. Did I necessarily agree with the two speakers? Come on people that’s  a softball, I’m rather non-committal about most people’s opinions other than my own. So each speaker was chosen for one reason. They didn’t yell. Why no yelling? Because as we often hear, it isn’t about what you say, but how you say it. But here’s the beautiful notion of this experiment. Them yelling didn’t stop that criticism.

Without divulging the group names we’ll just say that each one was used with their full awareness I was using the discussion for a piece here and were warned that the point of the discussion, was both their reactions and the discussion about them. One of the goals was to challenge some long-standing opinions and beliefs that existed. And see how such a challenge, despite coming with a warning would be perceived. Even my own reactions were a calculated set of responses to keep from turning the discussion into my posting the material and how wrong or right I was. And outside two noted examples where I had to defend myself(1 oddly enough was to someone who’s known me for the last 6 years), the process was flawless. So let’s get back to that general tenor of the discussion bomb I dropped.

Yes despite both speakers(1 male, 1 female), speaking in very calm and rational voices, they were perceived as having turned off people due to their “tone.” A common response to the female speaker being “I’d respect her if she hadn’t said it like that.” But remember, neither speaker was yelling, very few curse words appear, and most of the time anything I would consider inflammatory was combined with study results as evidence. But here’s what I wanted to wait until now to tell you. Both videos lacked the person’s face. And that choice I made to test not only the initial perceptions, but to see if anyone would jump at the chance to take a personal shot at them for not showing their face. And of course they did. Because if this is the test of how welcoming of change American society is, you lot have so many failures among you that we are all in trouble.

So let’s talk about the subject matter. The first was a topic in a group that often talks about relationships. And here I dropped a video from a white woman, who explained why she makes it a point to say she doesn’t date non-white men in her dating profile, despite actually being okay with it. For about 11 minutes, she explains everything from the perception of women who date interracially, to the filtering effect of saying it, to some points which dealt with the kind of black men she and women like her want to avoid. At no point does she yell or otherwise get angry-voiced in the video, but like a good speaker she uses voice inflection at times to differentiate her points. So of course the first thing she got called was a racist slut. And then the group started in on how mean she was, and then when asked most said it wasn’t what she was saying but how she said it. And of course when some group members appeared later on and started defending her points, discussion slowed down as people clearly were either tired of the anger that had ben stirred up, or could not retort in the face of more logic. It should be noted that I don’t really agree with most of what she was doing or her reasoning for it. But I will admit that I see some of the logic. Filter out the people you don’t want to talk to, so you can more easily connect with the ones you do. She’s sneaky, and I of course got called more than a few names for posting it(Which I responded to in trademark fashion), but what I did and didn’t agree with wasn’t a tone issue.

That being said, the second video was a much more tense discussion. Why? Well it was another skirmish in the ongoing tensions between black men and women. Never let it be said I’m uncontroversial. So how was this video different? Well the discussion immediately started with a comment that the unseen speaker may not be black. Seeing that, I knew I was in for a ride I didn’t get the first time. What do I mean by that? Well during the first discussion, most of the people resorted to calling the woman all manner of sexually dismissive names. Even the women who commented aimed at me and her on a level that was F**ked to be sure, but not quite all out. The second video turned into a rage fest so fast I had to ask if people were actually watching the video before commenting. And guess what. They weren’t. Of the people with the most negative comments of both videos, most hadn’t gotten beyond 3 to 5 minutes of the videos. That’s about half of the first video, but only a third at best of the second, which was  15 minutes long.

So what conclusions did we find? Well 1, I’m going to be so much more emotionless and cold in discussion in both groups. But that’s more of an annoyance at my personal treatment when I warn people ahead of time. But more importantly I learned exactly how bullshit that watch your tone statement is. Think about this a bit deeper. To mask their disagreement with the speakers, and their unwillingness to accept the facts presented, they said the person’s tone was off-putting. But their tone wasn’t the real problem. We tell people more flies with honey than vinegar. But clearly that isn’t true. Each speaker took a calm, rational, reasonable, and logical approach. But what was the common complaint? They shouldn’t have said it like that. Now if you’re reading this blog, you know I’m not exactly a fan of subduing any part of my points, much less my tone. But in the face of this I was even more sure of myself. Why? Because contrary information should inform the opinion and update the perceptions. And just because I don’t like what the facts show doesn’t mean I get to ignore them.

And that’s where this post on tone wraps up. If a person is giving you facts, and you have only emotional responses, you lost already. Facts in fact DO trump your feelings. And both of these speakers gave nothing but facts. Do they apply to every single person? Of course not, the white woman didn’t really account for professional black men while deriding most other races(including the racist white guys), and the black man didn’t really get into other subsets of black women in his arguments. But both accounted for this more than once by saying this wasn’t about all of the groups they spoke on. Apparently that wasn’t enough. You will get no such warning from me though. You and I know by now I’m a self styled Super Villain. I embrace the viciousness of my Ruthlessness. And that’s why you read this blog. So to put it bluntly, take your tone comments and shove them right back up where you got them from. I’m back from the bar prep cave. I have a long hit list of people on my shit list, and first up next week are…ah ah ah no spoilers. Get your eyes back on the blog next week for Wrath of Ruthless Part 3. I’d tell you more but…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: Its the f**king NAZIS!…and a Grab bag

I know I know, I’m not supposed to cross the streams 80’s babies. Today though I have to. The threat is that large.

While usually I reserve quote Hellsing Ultimate Abridged for comedic references, today I do so in supreme, absolute, fury. While the grab bag has some semi related topics and I will go forward with it in a moment I need to stop, and let you in on the heinous crap going on in my town Saturday. So apparently emboldened by Fox News, Stand your ground, the government shutdown, the tea party, and the Country Music Awards, the Klan, yes you read that right the F**king KLAN, and the National Socialist Movement Party(Read as: THE F**KING NAZIS!) have decided to take to the Jackson County Courthouse steps and spew hatred all over Downtown on a Saturday afternoon. Getting it out-of-the-way yes I am attempting to be there, but as a legal observer(Don’t have that bar card yet). This of course means I have to step up and remind people that, yes the klan and neo-nazis are more than just subjects for Spike TV Gangland. Why this time? Well its a 75th anniversary of something they hold dear. Forgive me for not being up on my nazi holidays.

The F**king NAZIS

Anyway, I’m telling you because there are STILL NEO NAZIS AND KLAN MEMBERS IN KANSAS CITY. If you every wanted to know what 1953 felt like compared to 2013, well, here’s your shot. The fact that racism and discrimination exist today is not really what I’m harping on. I know that. We talk about that, and I rant about it often. My problem is more of the response. I was listening to the radio today as I was doing some running around for the office and a local sports radio guy(Danny Parkins of 610 Sports) was basically saying that staying home and not going to the peaceful rally or going to confront the Nazis and the Klan was sending a better message. I was suddenly reminded of Boondock Saints and that opening scene you see below.

For those who can’t see the video where they are. It is the Monsignor saying “Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.”

Indifference is staying at home and doing nothing. Indifference is saying how relevant are they in this day and age. Indifference is deciding that regardless of the evil that these two groups stand for, you will actively tell your listeners to stay home or at best to the peace rally miles away. Valor, bravery, strength, and commitment are terms we throw around in today’s culture. The reality is that the people who will take the voice and face of freedom, liberty, equality, and humanity to the very avatars of hatred and injustice at the Courthouse steps tomorrow are deserving of it because they are proving all that is right and exceptional about America and Americans. And if you’re a keyboard warrior too afraid to go toe to toe with the face of evil, well…either partner up with that association of people who have no name but are legion and wear Guy Fawkes masks, or stop telling us how political you are on Facebook and twitter. But this is not going to be an all Klan Nazi affair on my blog today.

Stand your ground…again

Now I have 2 takes coming here, one in Florida, one in Michigan. First up Florida. I’ve already talked about the way Stand your ground is used in FL, so all I’m saying this time is, If they aren’t going to apply the law equally, then go back to the castle doctrine and save us all some headaches, and marches, and rallies, and boycotts, and you get my point right?

So on to Michigan. It is all together sad for humanity that you can no longer ask for help at someone’s door when in an accident for fear that you will be shot by the homeowner. Wait, let me back track a moment. It is sad that we have gone back to a point where you can no longer ask for help at someone’s door when in an accident for fear of being shot by the homeowner or the local cops…if you’re black. This is the second time this year a black person has been shot while asking for help after a car accident. This time its a young black teenage girl named Renisha McBride, before that a former college athlete from Florida A&M University named Jonathan Ferrell was shot in North Carolina(Same place a mom dressed her son in Kiddie KKK gear), and next time who knows, it could be me. When it isn’t safe to ask for someone to call the police and an ambulance for you, then it is time to re-evaluate the situation we all find ourselves in. A 19-year-old girl is rarely a threat to someone, let alone when she is trying to get help because she was just in a car wreck.

If you are that afraid of black people call the cops, oh wait…that might end up like the guy who was shot by police after he asked a woman to call the authorities because he was injured and then they shot him to death. And to think people are upset that Alvin Brooks wanted a black community meeting about getting more black police officers in KC. What next?

12 Years A Slave

I’ve had few films that forced me to look at them. Even fewer that I stopped fighting the desire to turn away. And fewer still that were also captivating for the right reasons. This movie started me down the path to this particular grab bag. So consider this the genesis of the thoughts I’ve expressed. And make no mistake, despite the poignant nature of seeing this with my Mother on a Monday, I was watching it angry for more than just the story’s reasons.

The first thing of course that had me angry was Slavery, cause if slavery doesn’t make you angry, you’re a despicable person. No exceptions. The second though was the fear in helping a man who is illegally being held by the white people in the film. I had to sit and watch actors I generally respect play the role of people who were so cowardly they wouldn’t do the right thing in the smallest of ways possible. Benedict Cumberbatch on that list of people. Oh I hated properly hated Michael Fassbender during his scenes, and I thank God that he’s just acting, but lucky for him and most people I take issue with, none were around after the movie.

The third thing was the big thing for me. Well as big as something can be next to slavery. Why is Steve McQueen making this movie with Chiwetel Ejiofor leading it? I don’t mean that in a bad way. I think McQueen is going to do great things, and I hope one day we can get him on an Imperial Dreams Productions film. Ejiofor is one of my favorite actors(full stop). But why were they the ones who believed so strongly that the movie got made with a lil assist from Tyler Durden(Brad Pitt)? Spike thought this was worthless? John Singleton wasn’t moved by the story? The book is one of the oldest by a black person in what is now America. How is this not made before now, and by one of the so called prolific black filmakers? Robert townsend…Bro what have you been doing that you couldn’t make this? I know you think that is silly to be angry about, and to a degree I am upping the hyperbole. But the sentiment is real, Why did no American director until now take this book and make a film? You can take shots at the scene selections, or the way some folks seem clunky or blocky at points, but this film was impressive, and impactful. And you owe it to yourself to see it, but why did it take this long to be made?

If I don’t hear back from the folks who are organizing the legal observers, I will be at some rally, maybe split time between the peace and the confrontation. Regardless, you know the deal folks, now make your choice. Who’s side do you stand on? Peace? Hate? Or Indifference? As for this Super Villain, well…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

-THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: You say you want a revolution…

Before I get going, congrats to Washington(the state) and Colorado on getting the fed to back off on your passage of marijuana legalization for recreational use. I’m sure many lighters were pushed up in celebration today. My job rocks “ye olde drug policy”, and I’m a resident of the Great State Of Missouri so I can’t celebrate with you but here’s a youtube link to a song dedicated to you.


Now that I’ve been nice for a minute and justified the 8:03pm Mountain time posting, let’s get into it. Somebody tune up the villain theme, and get the dictionary and wikipedia page ready so the idiots can look up the things I talk about that they didn’t catch. My Rage has been held back too long.

Send all hate mail to


You say you want a revolution…but you really don’t give a fuck.

No apologies for the profanity this time. You brought this on yourself. let’s go right to the first set of people currently on my shit list. Everyone the last few days who have suddenly become afro-centric in wake of the anniversary of the March On Washington and thus King’s I have a Dream speech. These are the same instahoes, and twitter thugs, who will be back to doing how to videos on twerking and being a generally stupid black degenerate on World star and if they are lucky youtube in a couple days. But shout out to you fakes for some momentary lapses in stupid long enough to pretend to care. See these folks are first up for good reason, and the majority of the Words Don’t Do It Justice readership will of course have no problem with me singling them out. But I do so not because they are the crux of the problem today, but because I get easy targets out of the way when I have big game to hunt. My problem is that everybody wants to be the next Dr. King or Malcolm X when it has a perceived social advantage. When you can say HEY I DID THIS! and people can like your status, or comment how awesome it was that you did something.

Why in fuck are we rewarding this? Well YOU reward it because you really don’t give a fuck about most of the causes people claim to care about or otherwise socially show-off being a part of. Don’t believe the 300lbs. Black Guy? Where are all the anti-child soldier groups and causes, and youtube videos, and donation drives, and celebrity PSAs, and benefit concerts now that the Kony2012 guy has been found to be just another con artist with some mental issues? He was a fraud but the problem still exists. What are you doing to fix it? Exactly my point. You don’t actually give a fuck. And that goes for a lot of causes. Which brings us back to the weekend revolutionary. The person who will buy pink anything from a website to wear but won’t donate to proven research groups who work on cancer cures. The ones who take pictures of themselves with their I voted sticker but spend most of their time trying to stay blissfully stupid about how the system works. Or worse, thinks the sticker makes them a political scientist and expert on domestic and foreign affairs. You know who they are. Some of you are them.

But like I said easy target. That took 10 minutes to write. I didn’t even need to research to tear into them. They set themselves up. No, the real target is much harder. See this column is called you say you want a revolution. And once again I’m forced to use previous posts by me to lay out the road map to what I’m doing. So let’s get in to it. Let’s talk about my current problem children. Black Leadership(Que the stereotypical, “Oh no he didn’t” responses) Now we have two groups here. So I’ll start with the harder to hit targets. If you were alive and could have been in attendance at the original March On Washington, the current state of Black America is entirely your fault. Not the white man, not racism, not classism, and not the criminal justice system. At the youngest age you’re 50. Which means you were shaping the opinion of black men and women in the eyes of non-black people for 19 years longer than I’ve been alive. Which means this currently culture was your burden to rectify. Al Sharpton, is not alone on my list of idiots trying to be leaders. All of you at 50 and up are. You helped walk Black America into this apologist, shiftless, anti-intellectual culture that has become so dependant on the system that the black civil war will be between black men and black women. ALL of you, my parents, relatives, church members, boy scout leaders, teachers, coaches, and the like which are too annoyingly numerous to name have walked this path to ruin with your faces staring at your feet.

Why am I so angry with you? Because you all never learned the lesson. I don’t have the benefit of saying I grew up with Martin, and Malcolm, and Jackie, and Medgar, and…I would go on, but I shouldn’t need to. So I can’t say I ever saw a great black leader spoon-feeding me the information and tools to keep their victories from being temporary. But you did succeed in one thing. You made temporary commonplace. Temporary fathers and mothers, Temporary wives and husbands, temporary class attendance, temporary intelligent thought. That is your legacy. And it could easily have been different. The speeches that most often resonant with me are ones that are calls to complex action. Not because the nature of complexity is most appealing to me. It is because the complex idea really causes people to show true colors. Tell everyone to put a pure black picture up for Trayvon Martin and millions will follow you. But ask them to make smarter decisions on who they elect in office, and to support young black professionals who could mentor youth and you’ll be glad to crack 10 people. But that didn’t have to be this way. And that is the blame to be laid at your feet. Because you dropped the ball. And no one wants to hear you anymore because now you are seen as pandering. As charlatans. Naives. Foot Shuffling, minstreling fools. Race baiting hasbeens with no goal but self-importance. And I no longer wish to pretend the people saying that aren’t right.

So let’s get to my contemporaries and in some cases my colleagues. You say you want revolution. You say you want change. You say Obama wasn’t enough. Then where were you when Harold Ford Jr was getting victimized by racist over toned mud slinging? Why aren’t you seize the places of power to do better? I watched a story about how Corey Booker likes to mess with homophobes and racists by not commenting on whether he is straight or not. I’d call that progress. But what about the rest of you? Read a book not called Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades, or some pseudo-africanist’s rant about how we should all get back in touch with the motherland?(don’t worry I’m getting to that group) Yeah I didn’t think you had. Why is Al Sharpton on TV more than Deval Patrick? Where are the young intelligent black leaders of both genders who have actual ideas and not vague rhetoric? Oh wait, you’re too scared to take on the old guard. Let me make this plain. The Old Guard has fucked us over. We are now a deviation from them. We are derived from them but are not them. Like bourbon is derived from whiskey but is not the same. So fuck the old guard and let Bourbon replace whiskey(No my nerdy friends this is not the time to comment how you know where that quote is from). If our leadership is the model for who we should be as leaders and what we should do with the future of our culture and they failed us. What does that say about doing what they did?

See I don’t say that the old guard is shit and we should replace them to do the same thing. I say replace them so we can do something else entirely. Yesterday was 50 years from when Dr. King’s speech reached out to America hoping it could make us change. But as big as the speech, the march, and indeed the movement were, as horridly as the generations leading up to know have squandered all the potential that came from it. Another speech reaches into my brain and does not let go.


Now why do I find this incendiary speech from Malcolm X so important. Why does it fill my brain the day after celebrating one of the most famous speeches in the history of ever? Because I have a dream is made to gather people. The Ballot or The Bullet is made to motivate people. And right now I know the fake revolutionaries won’t get the difference. Which of course gets me away from the old and new guard of black leadership as people, and onto them as far as actions. Barack Hussein Obama. Just the name sounds strong. Heck I like the cut of his gib on sight. But I’m not a fan. Best said I’ve never been a big fan of political figures and even more so after I peeked behind the curtain. Now you may take issue with that as I have a signed letter and photo commemorating my law school graduation from the guy, and I posted them on instaflex and Failbook. But in the same way I’m not a fan. I also don’t hate or generally dislike the guy. He’s important sure. But hate or live don’t enter my brain about him. And for good reason. I like to be able to honestly evaluate political figures in an objective fashion. So is it any wonder that I’m now about to attack and defend him at the same time? If you know how I feel about Tyler Perry, that shouldn’t surprise. Obama is everything right and wrong with today’s blakc leaders. And how black people treat him is everything right and wrong about black people right now. Here’s what I mean.

Barry O is able to say that he cares about the black community and do things to move it forward, but he is never so beholden to them that he makes exclusively black moves which harm societal progress. Oh dear God how I wish all black leaders had that trait. We as a people have been caught up in too much of the usual stupid black people traps. Every few days someone mentions how we deserve reparations. Usually its just a straight up I want the dough. Sometimes they give the more intelligent white people got free land when the gov went west. But black people by law were stopped from doing the same. Fair argument. Still pointlessly annoying to bring up. Why? Why do I who would love some dough in my pocket enough to build the life I want think this is a stupidly pointless errand from a by gone age of actual afro-centrism that could never be reached even if you could raise a non-zombie Marcus Garvey from the grave? Because you’d break the system. While no one mentions reparations without mentioning the Japanese in ethnicity, Americans who were placed in concentration camps, the situations are different. See not only were they paid promptly and properly, but they were paid in a somewhat organized, and non economy breaking form.

Why does that matter? Because not only is this a handout that the majority of black people could never properly handle, it would literally break the global economy. What do I mean? When America has any economic issue, it effects global business. The trillions based on interest compounding annually that it would take to pay back the equivalent of the median national value of land and a beast of burden(donkey, mule, oxen), is so astronomical that it would cause the kind of inflation that makes post world war 1 pre world war 2 Germany look like a nice place to move to. Not to mention such an undertaking would bankrupt America by either sinking the dollar, or straight up putting us in hock to literally all of the world. Is it really worth that future to you? Or do you want that new iPhone? If you thought about it, I’m already right.

Oh but POTUS is also everything wrong with black leadership. By refusing to address the inequality among black people. Contrary to popular belief you do have to choose between Booker T Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. But only if you want to get things done. Why? Because either we all go into the working class embrace the failed dreams of communism, and build that incredibly stupid idea that I pointed out was stupid of a new black country(Seriously the people emailing me saying they love it and want to do it are stupid. The point of the column is that it is a dumb idea and you could do all of it so much better without the stupidity of faux africanism.). Or we acknowledge and agree that some of us are far smarter than most of us, and to get better you need to support us as your leaders and do the fucking work while we come up with the ideas. I’ll refrain from a further hint on which way I lean on the matter.

Obama doesn’t address the problem ever. We are all special. We are all unique snowflakes. Well he’s wrong. Most of you are not unique snowflakes. Most of you can’t be President. Most of you can’t lead anyone outside your home, and slightly fewer but still most of you can’t lead anyone outside your job. my issue with Mr. President is also that he feeds into the same solutions we’ve had and seen fail. But hey, let’s cut the president some slack. He is most certainly not the only one. What is the point of programs to mentor youth if we don’t address the expectations for them? What are our standards? Do we have any? Let’s think about this a minute. Kid goes to high school. Sees if he wants to play an instrument he has band. If he wants to play sports they are there. If he wants to learn about science, BAM done. Math, Debate, Acting all there. But what about if he wants to learn more about current politics? What about if he wants to come up with solutions to more common problems he sees around him? Where is that support?

But hey schools everywhere black and white have problems. Let’s move on. When a young teen boy wants to go to college who does he turn to? When a young boy wants to open a music label he’s got friends and backup even if no one has money. When he wants to do criminal and nefarious acts he’s got back up. What about if he wants to go read poetry? What about if he wants to get into anything that isn’t the average or everyday? Where is the support? See that is the problem. We don’t support things without a flashiness to them. And we don’t get involved when it might be difficult on us to do so. I’ve got a great support system that has continuously either helped out, or gotten out of the way as I’ve tried, had setbacks, and achieved. But this blog post isn’t about me. It is about you. Because you say you want a revolution.

And on that note I want to address someone I promised I would yesterday. She’s a friend of the site. And as it goes she’s pretty positive and has her head on straight but yesterday…well yesterday as I was already stewing from the panderfest anniversary gala and photo-op, she called the original fake. Which I thought was odd. What does one mean by fake? What is fake about something the entire world has seen and their are non leadership people who were alive and attended? So I asked. The reply was it was staged. Well of course it was staged, it was an organized march that lead to a broadcasted speech. You don’t just do stuff like that, you plan it out. So next was read these links, they paid folks, and censored folks. I read the links. I have a mental complex about such rash statements. If I can find the reality of what is being said I look for it. Well in this case she was right. Some people got lost in the shuffle. Some other folks who thought they were important enough to talk didn’t get to. Other people’s reason for participating was glossed over. One of the stories was that Lena Horne was walking Rosa Parks around to various overseas outlets to get them her story so they could know she was important.

This all sounds like…well frankly it sounds like every political event I have ever gone to and sadly likely will ever go to. Here’s why calling a political event staged is a cop out. Its political. Usually the most important person. The person you want to make sure everyone hears because they have the credibility or the unique message to get out is going to talk. Other than them you’ve got a bunch of awesome side stories. The fact is I read both my friend’s links and came away thinking, well damn, I wonder what ______would have said. That’s the best I have. I wonder what this particular person or that particular person would have said here. Wasn’t upset. Wasn’t angry. Why? Well frankly it was because the event was always about one man making a call to the nation. It isn’t a “luck accident” that Dr. King is making the I have a dream speech that day. The whole march, and the rally, and the speaking event portion itself were created around that. That was the purpose. It isn’t an accident that Malcolm X is the man we remember as giving another perspective from a different event. The grass roots campaign event he spoke at was also planned around him. Calling an event like that a fake staged event is like calling out the girl scooping ice cream for having cold hands. YA DON’T SAY?! Politics and self promotion occurred all around and about to date one of the most well known speeches ever given? Here’s your Nobel Peace prize for figuring that out. Also you may want to see if Genghis Khan had a hankering for savagery and imperial conquest by wholesale slaughter. I love my friend, but this was not one of the debates where she’s made me guild myself in intellect in order to parry her arguments.

But her way of giving a fuck brings me out of the very Black specific section and into the more general hatred of you fake revolutionaries. Cause there are leaders and there are followers, and I’d rather be a dick than a swallower. You do realize if you’ve tweeted, FB’d, signatured, pinterested, reddited, meme’d, myspaced, instagramed, vined, youtubed, world starred, or daily motioned that at all you’re a follower. Just saying. But that leads me to the point. You don’t give a fuck. If you care so much about *insert clause here* then you shouldn’t even be in a position to read this. You should get rid of everything you own, use a bit of the money to buy a farm and the needed implements, and live that true amish life. Because everything you use and do right now required someone’s suffering. Using a library computer to read WDDIJ? Tax money was collected by kicking someone out of their home and selling the house at auction to satisfy the debt. The fabrics you use to make your clothes so you don’t “give in to a corrupt system” come from the development over centuries of trade routes and relationships between merchants who employed mercenaries to enforce their claims, stole from their competitors which put them out of business, and the looting and pillaging of everything from the land belonging to indigenous cultures in America to the Silk road. Africa included. The highly respected kemetan(sp?) culture. Conquered the lands around it which it deemed part of the empire. And of course they had a godking called a Pharoah, just to tie back in my earlier leadership and direction section.

And that is nothing compared to the modern stuff you use. Every great advance in the existence of humanity, economic, technological, theological, intellectual, comes at the expense of some until then undetermined group of people. Louie C.K. said(and I’m paraphrasing) We just throw human pain and suffering at stuff and it gets done. Either you want the cool new thing we can do that will one day far from now take us into the kind of future that would make even me say “okay, I hadn’t thought of that.” Or we all agree to go back to living in small tribes and no caring about anything beyond where the next meal comes from. Either way, stop pretending you care, when really you don’t give a fuck.

See caring about something means you don’t stand for it. Are you willing to walk off of your highly paid job because the client that makes the job so good is a racist, sexist, homophobe, vegan, hyper conservative christian, liar, theif, mob boss, adulterer, bank robber, KU fan? Guess that green buys your silence on the one in there that affects you then huh? Or maybe you could just dial down the hyperbole. Maybe you could say there are things you want to change, but don’t know how yet. Or you dislike these people. Or you want to see how to do this. Or you have such and such idea. Maybe you should stop talking like you are about to lead an armed rebellion in the US because Obama is President. Or because white people do fucked up things to non white people. Or because people are risking life and limb to get into America because their life in parts of other countries suck so bad living on the streets and working for 35 cents an hours is better. Or because in order to feed all you idiots taking up air, space, and food supply we have to develop hybrid foods through advanced botany. Or because all the oil is in the middle of middle eastern deserts at the moment and you don’t want to sound like a hippie for being for wind farms and other alternative energy.

Or because American Men who love American Men, and American Women who love American Women want to get married. Or because some guy who looks a bit like me dates more than just women who share my ethnic classification. Or because there are women who like to make video games and play video games and have an opinion. Whatever the fucking high horse is that has you ready to take your .45 up against an M1 Abrams tank(lol good luck with that) take a look at it for a moment and ask do you really give a shit enough to get rid of all that exists around you? If you do, I hear Detroit could use money, cops, and economic development right now. If not…well get back to work and start supporting the smaller causes that can help improve things. Because right now you disgust me as much as the racists, and classists, and sexists, and homophobes. Why? Because you don’t really give a fuck about what you are talking about. You’re only faking so you can show off. And that is a disgusting level of self absorption. Why do I get to say that? Because I don’t believe in being extreme like you. Because you say you want a revolution, but you really don’t give a fuck. I’d go into more detail about my lifestyle and beliefs, but I’ve talked too much tonight. Besides…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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Ruthless As The 4th Of July: America’s uniquely perfect imperfection

I admit that is a weighty title. But I promise you this. This blog post will either make you love me(as a blogger) even more than you already do. Or it will most assuredly make you hate me more than you did before you started. You’ve been warned, IKUZO(let’s go)!

America’s uniquely perfect imperfection

I was wrestling with the idea of doing a post for the 4th of July. It seems as I near the bar exam my ability to break away for the hour of human life time is harder and harder to do. More on that later. So the idea I originally had, was the situation America finds itself in this 4th versus its founding. I was literally going to history lesson this and then I thought better of it after some time with Mom this morning. What changed while we were driving was the idea of American exceptionalism. Now those two words separately will be about as non-problematic as well ice cream. but together, ti calls up all sorts of imagery that begins a very dark road. Allow me to hop in the driver’s side and hasten the trip. American exceptionalism is as true today as it was when the country was founded. it is exactly what America is. All of it. And that is a great thing. How great? Rome, Greece, The Golden Horde, The Khans, and Ancient Khemet(Look it up people) itself have nothing on America. Combined they don’t equal our collective greatness. #Shots fired

Now that we’ve already lost the people so enraged by that statement they stopped reading let me get on to the backup for this. One of the things people often have problems with is that America is a racist sexist classist society that worships its own history like a religion and gives nobility to Movies stars, athletes, and the rich while over looking the common person. I agree. We are in fact all of that. And I’m glad we are. Because the greatest nations in existence, the empires we study, the civilizations that have stood the test of time have had similar faults. There is a notion that the world could live at absolute peace. That borders, and nationalities, ethnicities, and the like could all pass away and we would enter a golden age. I believe that is possible as well. But not in spite of America. Instead, I believe that day will come because of America. Because of the greatest experiment in the history of humanity on earth. Americans like myself now live in the place that will one day cause the world to take the next giant leap forward in our evolution. Turn the next corner towards a civilization a lot more like Star Trek the next generation than Game Of Thrones(That hurts to admit).

Why do I take such a view in the face of things like the NSA spying done by Obama? The striking down of important provisions in the VRA by the SCOTUS? When there has been a sudden uptick of inter and intra racial violence everywhere while people make more money-making the poor poorer? Because that too is part of the process. People like to say it is darkest before the dawn when someone is gong through something. What they never seem to see is that goes for us as well. But that’s ancillary here. I can afford to take this position because these things are faults of human nature, not of the American experiment. And I call us an experiment for a reason. In the history of the world prior to America and to a lesser extent Australia and New Zealand, countries, nations, and empires began as either a group of the same ethnicity or cultural group banding together for whatever reason, or the grouping of a geographic area together. Say what you will of Lawrence of Arabia’s meddling, or the creation of most of the current nations in Africa, but the same category holds in both places. But America is different. But Ruthless, Ruthless, the original colonies were all English colonies. That is the same thing. Here’s where you’re wrong. By the time that the colonies rebel most of them are filled with citizens born there with no connection other than governmental to the English. in addition you have to account for those considered citizens who were not English but joined in founding America.

And it goes even deeper. This was not about geography. Clearly America bought, stole, and conquered its way across the particular area of North America we occupy. But this was done as an increasing of the same experiment. Looking at it objectively America should have failed in a glorious fashion. It should have collapsed long before the Louisiana purchase. There should have been revolts from all of the different former Germans, Dutch, French, enslaved Africans, and otherwise that would be too much to handle. But while small versions of those did the reason America doesn’t crumble like Carthage(that hurt too), was because it was not an Empire of a particular family, or religion, or ethnic group, or geographic location. This country is the experiment of politics.  As an idea America doesn’t make sense. But because of that it was able to survive an expand. By hook and by crook and of course at the end of rattling sabers, rifles, and small pox infected blankets to be sure. But that is the remnants of the old ways as they evolved into the new. I don’t make excuse for it, I don’t apologize for it, but all also don’t consider it a deal breaker.

See the idea is what has and must continue. Fight a civil war that should have broken the country in half but doesn’t? Did that. Freed slaves and they didn’t found their own country and find ways to constantly stick it to you? Did that? Give women equal citizenship both politically and legally speaking? Did that. You should see the difference here between the old ways and the new. The idea that a government can exist that holds no traditional base of power. That has no nobility. That has never increased its size via bloodlines. That has the same response to its faults no matter what it is. “Oh we’re screwing up? How do we fix that?” There are set backs and America tends to have a long road to acceptance and fixing, but that is only relative to time as we view it in the modern-day. How many centuries did the Songhai empire hold a grudge for what Mansa Munsa did with Mali trying to expand? Ask someone in that area today how they feel about the Moroccan invasion. Heck, ask anyone around now how they feel about the country that used to rule over them. Someone in Tibet might have some feels to tell you about. The bottom line is for there to be progress there must be some who are subjugated. Because we have that expectancy. Because we can’t think of a better way yet.

That’s the rub though as well. How many empires honestly exist today? You can call Japan one if you want, but now you’re playing semantics. No modern-day Ramses, or Genghis is rampaging about the world consuming countries and trying to conquer existence. Because there are better ways to do things one, but also because we have no need for them because the world sees there can be another way. And who is that example? America. At had a friend who is Jamaican by heritage talk to me once about how different we were. And I often look at my friends with there deep seeded connections to Mother Africa and remember when I was on a similar path. But then I talk to old friends with family from Mexico, or Canada, or Columbia, or England, or France, or American Samoa, or Japan, or Singapore. And you know what is odd about that? 300 years ago it would be impossible for all of us to be friends. All of them would likely be in those countries. And I somewhere conquering most of Africa(let’s face it, if it were acceptable to be a conquering super villain Emperor and I had the chance, that is probably what I would be doing) because exploiting weaknesses and giving people hope is kinda my thing. Why is my massive and fairly international set of friends possible? America. Heck why do the same multinational corporations that people despise and protest exist and make things like that iPhone iPad, Galaxy S4, Galaxy tab, Surface, Acer, Lenovo, Kyocera you’re currently reading this on? America.

But I don’t think that the great things about America should allow us to gloss over the bad. They may be remnants of the old ways of humanity, but they still exist. Now don’t take that to mean I’m about to advocate giving the various native tribes their land back. There is more chaos that would come from that than giving black people reparations, and freeing Puerto Rico and the rest of America’s territories. We live in a country where straight men will watch lesbian porn but don’t want lesbians to get married. Where for some reason interracial marriage while legal is seen as something odd, weird, unacceptable, and perverse in the eyes of many racial groups(I do find it odd that it is still mostly black women and white men that have the problem). There is a massive gap between rich and poor. The middle class is disappearing into those two. Women still don’t get paid the exact same as men, and double standards based on long-held beliefs about traditional gender roles for both genders(Don’t tell me you’re liberated and independent then get angry when I turn off the chivalry.  You gotta pick one). There is as fervent a secularist culture as there is a religious culture. People call themselves Christian yet commit acts of hatred that should cause revulsion in true believers. There is a very anti societal progress culture. Police violence is everywhere.

But the experiment holds. America Prevails. Not because of unity. Not because of faith. Not because of patriotism. In spite of all those things. America is unique. America is not an exception, it is THE exception. America is unique. Perfect in its imperfection. A repository of the worst things we can be. Humanity at its darkest, most selfish, and most vile. And a shining example of the best we can be. Coup-less integration, civilized authority, governmental oversight legitimized by the people, made of the people, for the people. And army built not as the culmination of noble houses or allied kinds. Men and women of all faiths and ethnicities giving their last full measure of devotion to the American experiment. That duality. That amazingly terrifying yet immensely beautiful duality that is America is something to wax poetically about. It is something to call exceptional. It is worthy of the large bright shining city on the hill allusion. At the base of the brightest light is the pitchest darkness is it not? On this July fourth I find myself on the edge of my own coronation of sorts. When I pass this bar exam and get sworn in a grand dream will be made real. But that too, my success, my path, my experience and the mentality I have because of it come because of this unique American experience.

Most of you reading are Americans as well(I’m not sorry to the international folks today, it is a day for America after all), so while you think about the bad. While you mull over the points I’ve made. While you let yourself talk about how right or wrong I am think about how different you would be if America never happened. think about how different you would be if the American experiment had failed. Really put some time into what history tells us about the various world powers at the time of America’s founding, and the state of the area of the planet your ethnicity and heritage would have you occupying. Now think about how different your experience would be. I don’t praise or apologize the actions of America over our history. I understand them. I analyze them. I look deeper than my emotional attachment to them. And today I’ve accomplished that. So feel free to honor America like you chose. It is a free country after all. Heck I’d love to see some photos emailed to of you tossing Earl Grey tea into the nearest river. Don’t do that, it is littering and bad for the environment. Go celebrate, be cautious and careful, and enjoy the celebration of our experiment. And then tomorrow go back to helping make this experiment a success. We can’t get starships and replicators without you.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Quick Note: Because the bar exam is bearing down on me for the end of this month I will be going to a once a week format until after it. I promise a triumphant return the week after, but until then Rufus, Ronin, and some guests will be posting when they can while I focus. I’ll see you once a week.