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Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Entertainment and You

Entertainment and You

Is entertainment a form of control used to keep us dumb? First let me say ‘get that tone out of your voice’. This is not a conspiracy theory that I’m stating here, though really i could see how it would all tie into the evil plot used by those shadow organizations to keep the masses in line. No what i’m suggesting is something simpler, but the meaning carries the same weight, if not heavier. Take a list of your favorite TV shows, the ones that you watch faithfully. The ones that you record, watch on NETFLIX, HULU and random streams all across the net. Now add up the ‘time’. You’d be surprised how much of your ‘time’ (if your like some people i know) is being wasted on programs that hold absolutely no real significant meaning in your life.

Everyday i boot up a game and play it for a couple of hours. None of these games have taught me much of anything. The argument for hand eye coordination might be valid, but there have to be more physically demanding ways to improve such a thing without slouching on a couch yelling at  people over a tiny microphone. But still i do it. Still i sit and play my games, marveling at the story, the graphics and maybe even the gameplay when i find something interesting enough. But that does not change my opinion of this subject, out entertainment comes at a heavier price than money.

Perhaps i am being too harsh on such things, maybe just a little too tightly wound for my own good so I’ll elaborate my opinion.

Bioshock. Now there was a game worth its salt. The story was solid, the gameplay had a small but potent twist on first person shooters and the world was vibrant enough to such you in with wonderfully dark character themes. I would dare say that out of all the games i can remember playing; Bioshock was by far one of the best when it came to story….well at least with FPS types. But what did i get out of the disc? Have i gained any knowledge that would benefit me? I didn’t burn enough calories to warrant sitting on my but for a good six hours. I didn’t earn any sort of real achievements  (XBOX Achievements don’t count). The sense of accomplishment was minimal, it wasn’t like i did something that made me better than before, nor was it a task rumored to be impossible. Infact, the whole point of playing the game, of making the game, is so that you can hear/experience the story. Failure in that regard will never be the end result unless you simply give up. Could you imagine the game with no checkpoints, no do overs, and no redemption feature? The chances of success would be so small that only a few would reach the goal, and that my friend would not do for the companies.

So here are the pros of playing and beating Bioshock, at least the pros that carry over into the real world. You witnessed a stimulating story that sparked a small part of your creativity, and now have been introduced into a concept you might not have ever thought possible before. Pro, you’re problem solving skills are still sharp. Nothing else matters. Not the difficulty (unless it effects the ending in a drastic way), not the completion rate(again unless it effects the story), and definitely not the in game achievements. So with three pros we naturally move onto the cons.

Now i can’t say that these cons are the same for everyone, that truly depends on you (just like the pros i suppose) but this is based off of me, so I’ll just use my own list. Con, i just gained excess fat from not burning the calories necessary for the food and drink I’ve consumed. Con, my eyes are just that much more stressed from staring into a screen for a prolonged period of time. Con, i gained no relevant knowledge that will serve me well in my day to day situations. Con, i believe that I’ve simply wasted what is perceived as time.

There could be more cons, and arguably more pros, but i don’t believe the pros will ever outweigh the cons. Sometimes, i understand, entertainment is needed in order to deal with the stress of life. Perhaps the true enemy here is over indulgence, a trait it seems most Americans share. If we limited the time we took to play around in our hobbies or stress reducers we could more than likely live with a better sense of balance. Like all things it seems, balance is the key to true happiness. Take some time and think about it, yea?

Motivation versus Inspiration


The above video has nothing to do with today’s post, I just felt like posting it. Hopefully after that verse he dropped Jay Rock is ready to drop another LP finally.

Also before I get going I want to take a moment and let you know the first post from the new 3rd R, Rufus, is coming THIS THURSDAY! So be on the look out for it. I dare say we have the Superhero to balance out my Supervillainry. A Silver Surfer for my Thanos. An Ollie Queen for my Lex Luthor. Holy hyperbole Batman! Exactly. Come read more by this guy. He’s great. He’s an awesome addition, and with the circle complete be on the lookout for a 3R segment coming soon. Now onto my post.

Motivation versus Inspiration

I think a lot can be said for motivation over inspiration.  Despite a lot of people’s thoughts to the contrary I feel the two are vastly different. Personally I’ve long since stopped trying to write via inspiration. I would even go so far as to say that none of my poems are inspirational after a certain point in my writing career. I don’t dig on or off of inspiration anymore. As I was once told, “For poets, inspiration is for suckers.” At the time that seemed like a harsh critique of our art. It seemed cold. Almost robotic. And I never dreamed of this thing I do with lines and stanzas becoming like that. But that was an emotional response. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I saw the underlying bit that makes that line genius. Inspiration is a passive state of mind that occurs during a point of stagnation. I don’t say inertia for a very specific, science reason. You are usually not doing something and then “inspired” to do so. But writers need to keep writing because otherwise our “muscles” atrophy and we lose skill, or become boring, or just fall off entirely.

This is far different from motivation. Motivation spurs us on to doing something like inspiration yes, but usually we are not at rest. We are dealing with inertia. Constantly going one direction with no external force to cause us to change direction. Motivation is the change in direction. For my writing this was something amazing. I found a creativity I didn’t have before. I stopped waiting on the inspiration to write and just wrote. There is a very marked difference from the works I made before that day and the ones after. Maturity as a person is part of it. Life experience is part of it. But I owe a lot to the idea of motivation being my guide instead of inspiration. The same goes for my non-poetry related writing. Characters are easier to create when you aren’t trying to pull from somewhere out in the ether the moment you need to create them.

And that brings us to everyday life. How often are you subjecting yourself to the whims of inspiration instead of having motivation? Waiting for that one special someone to walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, club, church, job, supermarket, produce stand, beach,  doctor’s office, best buy, whatever instead of getting motivated to do the things you know make you more noticeable in a good way? I know I have fallen victim to that. How often is there something you are waiting on to happen to be your “sign” to quit that job you hate and start doing the thing you love? I’m not telling you to quit what pays  the bills, but I am saying get motivated to start researching, and investigating the things you need to do what you want, and start doing the ancillary things that should lead up to you leaving that job for a new career doing what you want.

That in the end is the difference between Motivation and Inspiration. Inspiration is so fleeting, so fragile, so impossibly flighty and flaky, not to mention beyond our control, that we do ourselves a disservice by waiting on it. Inspiration can come, and when it does it can help make decisions clear and ideas crystallize. But to wait on it is to lose out on the dreams you have for yourself. To wait is to be stagnate. Stagnation not sleep is the true cousin of death. where you are nothing because you do nothing. Ah but motivation, motivation leads to momentum. Momentum leads to accomplishment. And as you continue to accomplish, you continue to build that personal empire I talked about a while back. Imperial Dreams become motivation when you wake up and start moving. The fuel to press you ever forward towards your goals.

But what do you think? How do you feel about motivation and inspiration? Leave a comment. Like. Share. email me at anything you don’t want here, or questions you might have including topics you want to hear any of us at WDDIJ handle. Be sure to check out the column by our newest on Thursday. We should see a new piece from The Ronin tomorrow. And for now I’m going to get back to other matters I can’t discuss because Words Don’t Do It Justice!

– The Ruthless Wonder

Sometimes you just gotta shake things up

Never let it be said that I will bury the lead. I teased a big announcement last week.

Well it is big.

What is it?

What is the latest shake up around these parts?

Why am I stalling?

First up Our good buddy Roddi was slated to join us with a post over here soon, however a great set of opportunities have come up for him with his music career. We’re a plucky little blog site on the other hand, so he’s going to be joining the ranks of our 4th R guest bloggers with pieces from time to time.

That seems to leave a massive hole where a 3rd R should be doesn’t it?

The kind of hole I’ll need to fill if we’re going to keep honest around here.

Well we already took care of that.

And that’s the second of our announcements.

Please Welcome the New R of the 3 R’s

A man you already know, and have read.

Our first guest blogger, the author of “Can There Ever be Love” and “From the heart with R4Anothermaker himself

Rufus!3rd R

Thank you brother Ruthless for the introduction and the invite, I won’t let you down. The name is Rufus, a twenty-three year old amateur writer with a lot on his mind and more in his heart. My posts are usually a journey inwards, exploring the effects of the world on the way I perceive and react to such events. So if you’re looking for countless questions with only partial answers, my posts will slate that thirst.

His first post will be up soon. So look out for it. It wasn’t even a second thought when we needed to bring in a 3rd R. You all loved his post. I’ve be watching his writing both blog and otherwise. So say hello, check out his first post here again, share, like, comment, email, fan, pin, link, all that jazz.

Not a bad shake up on a holiday huh?

Also. Today is Memorial Day and at WDDIJ we remember those who gave their service no matter the political reasons for the wars they fought in so this nation can continue to be great. America may not be perfect. But those brave men and women gave their last full measure of devotion in perfect sacrifice towards the ideals that we cherish and they swore to protect. Today, though they may no longer be here to see and hear us, we too say, thank you.


– The Ruthless Wonder

The 4th R: Words Are Bad, Mmkay?

So first I want to say you can add one more name to the list. Feel free to call me Dr. Ruthless Wonder. That’s right I’m now a law school graduate. That’s right I’m rocking the JD now. Only the bar remains people. Anyway enough about THE Ruthless Wonder. Today is not about any of the 3 R’s. Today is about the 4th R. This 4 R goes by the name Rebecca Dimond. So yeah the 4th R is another actual R. Don’t get used to that. Her current project is “The Women of Broderick”. It’s about a guy who is going through the act of self-discovery by listing every woman he’s ever slept with or wronged. Today’s piece by her is pretty awesome honestly. Ronin and I will be back later on this week. For now, enjoy, comment, and like and share.

– RW

Words Are bad Mmkay?

I have always taken issue with the long-established, socially accepted concept that there are certain words that must be considered “bad”. As a human being, I find the notion laughable. As a writer, I find that it borders on offensive.

Most will agree that writing is an art form, a craft, even if the finished work does not appear on a canvas or if its pages are filled with letters rather than musical notes. But we do not tell the painter that he must only use certain hues so as not to exclude the color-blind, nor would we ask a composer to omit crescendos out of respect for those who do not care for loud music. To do so would alter, obscure, perhaps even destroy the message and purpose of their work and would fail in its goal of evoking a specific emotion from the audience.

Contrastively, a writer can be criticized for his use of “vulgar” language or graphic imagery and if their work is adapted for the screen, most often it has been changed in to something nearly unrecognizable in an effort to make it more marketable.

We do not shield our youth from Renaissance art, which often depicts the nude form. Yet we are banning classic literature from schools because there are parents who would rather their children not be exposed to some of the greatest stories in existence – simply because the occasional “dirty” word appears here and there. But are these not the same parents allowing them to watch TV and movies with gratuitous sexual conduct and to play video games which allow them to partake in committing acts of unspeakable violence? It’s okay to role play fucking a hooker, killing her, and then taking your money off of her fresh corpse…it’s just not okay to read about.

But I’ll move away from the imbalance between artistic mediums as far as standards of decency to which they are subjected. When it comes to art, all of it is vulnerable to judgment based on the critic’s own subjective interpretation, which in turn is influenced by the character and life experience of the critic himself. We don’t analyze art using a checklist or a formula even though we may recognize a specific method the artist has used to trigger a certain response or project a certain appearance. In the end it is about how it makes us feel. We are all different, and human beings can not be broken down in to a checklist.

Perhaps this is why words are such an easy target. If we are not painters, we do not paint; if we can not read music, we do not play the piano. The paintbrush and the musical instrument are tools we may choose to master or avoid. This is not true with words, because while we may not all be writers we all use words. We are exposed to them on a daily basis. It is easy to ignore a song you dislike playing in the background at the doctor’s office or to disregard a hideous painting hanging in a hotel lobby. Words, on the other hand, are inescapable and one does not need to be a master of language to use them. Could it be that the sheer abundance of words and the frequency of situations in which they play a role have established the probability that some will be deemed offensive?

Yes and no. Certainly probability would have an impact, but what it ultimately comes down to is etymology and the inherent vulnerability of definition, the ease with which we can transform a word’s accepted usage from proper to slang to derogatory. Words have the beautiful characteristic of being malleable and yet it is this very characteristic that so often banishes them to the realm of the risque.

Take the word ‘cunt’, which is widely acknowledged as being the most offensive thing one can utter, particularly when it is directed at a woman. In its earliest form, which dates back to ancient Egypt, it was a harmless word that translated to ‘woman.’ But even in its present form, the word ‘cunt’ did not always bear the burden of repugnance; Anglo-Saxons used it as a common word for female genitalia and it appeared frequently in the works of history’s most celebrated writers, including Chaucer. Although it is impossible to pinpoint a specific moment in time that ‘cunt’ was doomed to be taboo, most linguists agree that, because the word ‘cunt’ sounds so powerful, a patriarchal society driven by fear of female strength and sexual desire is responsible for its transition from “good” to “bad”.

Then there is the issue of context, which produces vast amounts of hypocrisy in censorship. In Katy Perry’s song “Last Friday Night”, the focus is essentially getting so trashed that she can’t remember what she did that night. There is also a line in which she sings ‘then had a menage a tois’. I have heard this song countless times but not once have I ever heard the phrase ‘menage a tois’ censored.

In contrast, I can think of numerous songs in which the artist sings about smoking weed or getting high – the words ‘weed’ and ‘high’ are nearly always edited out. This seems to imply that we are more comfortable allowing our youth to hear about sexual promiscuity and excessive drinking than smoking a bowl. Granted, possession and sale of marijuana is illegal – but so is underage drinking, and it’s probably safe to assume that most of Perry’s fans are under the legal drinking age.

Perception. It boils down to perception, doesn’t it? What is appalling to some is not necessarily appalling to others; there are people who do not make swear words part of their every day speech, but not all of them will claim that they are offended when they hear them. Many of us have changed the channel when we come across a movie like “The Godfather” that has been edited for TV – it’s just not the same, it’s not believable, for a violent mobster not to swear. And who hasn’t rolled their eyes when they hear insipid replacement phrases like ‘what the fudge’ or ‘gosh darn it’? With so many contradictions and exceptions to the rules, the stigma of bad words should not be prevalent as it is.

As a parent, I reject the unspoken requirement that I teach my children words like ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ are bad. And – prepare to grab your torches, folks – I don’t refrain from swearing around them either (I don’t swear at them of course). Instead I have explained to them that some of the words I use, they are not allowed to say, and this is mostly because I don’t care to deal with the backlash from school administrators and other parents. But I do not tell them it’s because they are bad words. I tell them that they are grown up words, they are words that only adults may use should they choose to do so. I have never, not once, had to discipline them for uttering a bad word.

Of course, there are some words that I teach them are bad and that they should not say. And they are: fat, stupid, ugly, hate, and can’t.

As far as I’m concerned, if my children find themselves in a situation where they must be verbally scathing to someone they dislike, I’d much rather they tell them to go fuck themselves than to tell them they’re fat.

Know Thyself…

“Who are you…?” A question that we often ask, but never really answer. Sure we give a generic response that requires very little thought, but are we really doing each other a service by exchanging such banalities? Upon asking myself the “Who are you…?” question, I sat in my car after work and amid the silence and deep thought, this was what came to me…

I am the beginning, and the end…

With a single look, word, or act, I can carry you to the heights of Heaven, or expel you into the depths of Hell. I’m your friend, your rival, and sometimes your enemy. My thoughts are as complex and as deep as trying to solve Rubik’s Cube at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. My words are fluid like water in that they can flow gently; filling your cup with knowledge and wisdom that takes form within you, or they can crash with an intense ferocity that can shake your foundation, or even permeate your rigid exterior to erode you from within. Depending on the person, the fire of my intensity can ignite within them flames of passion and desire, tempering and strengthening them to withstand the harshness of life, or it can reduce them to ashes of despair left to be carried away by the winds of change. I am a god with the embodiment of man. Nothing of this world is new to me, as I’ve been here many times before. In one form or another I’ve lived long enough to watch the future become history.

In the beginning, there was me. In the end, there shall I be…

“Know thyself, or forever be told by others who and what you are…” – Ronin

Words Don’t Do It Justice

Funny how every blog site looks for a way to title certain posts, especially introductions, so that they are clever. We don’t really have that issue over here at Words Don’t Do It Justice. The title is pretty clever in the first place. So without a random quote, crazy picture, or seeming non-sequitur(go ahead and look that up, I can wait to finish), I get to go right to the point. Which I’m sure you’ve already noticed I didn’t do. As you will find at times that is just how posts from me will go.

So what is Words Don’t Do It Justice, and why should you pay us any attention? In a single word uberness. But in a properly explained summary we’re a 3 author blog on exactly what the tagline says. Music, Media, Business, Philosophy(that doesn’t mean we’re talking Plato all day folks), Law and Social Commentary. Each of us come at these subjects from different perspectives. And each of us have our own specialties. Coming together like this we hope to bring a different perspective you all enjoy reading. And if by happenstance or chance a massive discussion happens in the comments? Well I doubt any of us will be all that angry about it.

One thing I will say is you may not like every post by every one of us. I know sometimes people dislike my way of saying things(Okay quite often they do but whatever), but please don’t use that as an excuse to be one of those people we have to ban and report. Critique is fine but scrawling your hatred in blood and feces and posting the youtube video of it while you try to report us to whatever authorities WordPress uses is quite extreme. Don’t do that. Rise above it.

Anyway, each of us has our own format for our posts, a separate method to our unique madness if you will. And they’ll be explaining all that in detail in their posts. Since I’ve been called upon to start us off with this introduction I’ll explain a special post set up. Sometimes there are stories, situations, subject matter, that are too much for any one author of Words Don’t Do It Justice to tackle. And when that happens we come together for a segment called, The Three Rs(Roddi, Ronin, and Ruthless). We’ll have one up very soon, so be on the look out for it, Besides that we all have our own things so I guess its time for me to explain my format.

As you may have noticed I am THE Ruthless Wonder. More on that nickname in the about section. But you can consider me the resident legal genius, your favorite super villain, Lex Luthor of the interwebs, Master Xanatos and of course the hyper intellectual arrogant poet Maxus if so inclined. Anyway. I can be quite long-winded at times(ya don’t say), but that won’t always be the case. Some people are coming here expecting some of my more verbose, and slightly acrimonious rants. I promise those will be making another appearance here. But to separate those from normal, rage free, discussion starting blog posts, I’ll be labelling them “Notes from your favorite Super Villain.” We thought about calling them the Ruthless Review, but seriously how many R based things do we need around here?

So I think this is about the limit of things you need to know about Words Don’t Do It Justice right now. Not bad for the first post right? Yeah you wanna read more now. I can feel it. Welcome to the revolution folks. I’d say how glad I am to have you here, but Words Don’t Do It Justice.

THE Ruthless Wonder