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Geeks, Nerds, & Dorks… Oh my!

In honor of April Fool’s day, we’re going to learn about my favorite kinds of fools… Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks. In case you didn’t know, I am a very proud Geek. I advertise my allegiance with shirts that say DORK across my chest as though it was my version of Super Man’s S. I wear the nerdy title with pride, and hope to one day spread the nerd gospel… wait, I already do that. Anyway, let’s talk about what it really means to be one of us.



  1. an unfashionable or socially inept person.
  2. a carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts.
  3. verb: engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.


  1. a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
  2. a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.


  1. a dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person.
  2. (North American vulgar slang) the penis.


… Soooooo, let’s just ignore that last one, ‘kay. Anywho, as you can see, by definition, none of these terms should be something that I–or anyone for that matter–should really aspire to be, let alone claim like a badge of honor. Here’s what it really means… Well, to me anyway.

We are people who appreciate and are attracted to the unconventional. While everyone else is worrying about things like sports and popularity, we’re enriching our lives with culture, art, and literature. We create fantasy worlds and live multiple lives because sometimes reality just isn’t good enough. We bond over our shared experiences. We argue hypotheticals. We learn languages that some wouldn’t even bother legitimizing. We set trends and make the impossible possible. We are the builders of the future because we imagined the possibilities of things and move mountains to make it so. We are the keepers of the past that if forgotten we would certainly repeat the same mistakes. We maintain the present because the status quo wouldn’t survive without us.

It’s the Age of the Geek baby 😉

The internet wouldn’t exist if some Nerd hadn’t decided that we needed a faster way to share information. Cell phones, television, radio, microwaves, trains, planes, and automobiles… All by geeks. We might be “socially inept,” “single-minded,” and “boring” to the so-called “norms,” but nothing about a jock or prom queen’s social status would mean anything if not for some Dork’s sacrifice.

So many of us grow up as the black sheep of our families, teased and ostracized by our peers, ignored and underestimated by the masses. We get good grades, work hard, ask for little more than acceptance and the peace to do with our lives what we find enjoyable The Dork Sideunencumbered by mainstream ideologies of acceptable behavior.

I love being a Geeky Nerd with Dork tendencies. I love science, science fiction, fantasy, anime, video games, drama, technology, and all of the creative arts. I admire people who are smarter than I, and aspire to inspire the way Geeks before me have. From the theory of relativity to theoretically bending, if not controlling the space/time continuum…  I love all things Geek, and being a Geek is why I continue to…

Do More. Require Better

Weekend With Ruthless: Happy Birthday REIGN!

Bloody Justice

Now some may say “My that’s a specific topic for a weekend with ruthless post.” Don’t worry it was just to make sure everywhere you share this post is a Happy Birthday to our wonderful writer Reign. Y’all know what she’s meant to WDDIJ. I don’t even need to explain again. But… Reign Appreciation! 

Now back to your regularly scheduled Weekend Ramble

Why are geeks and Nerds so damned annoying these days?

You might remember that previously I’ve run pieces on the complex relationship between myself and the geek and nerd community. This comes to mind.  Also this comes to mind. Most certainly you remember this piece and of course this one. You could come to the conclusion if that was all your read of me, that I somehow hate the culture I once considered myself truly a part of. But few things are farther from the truth. The reality is I distance myself often to get perspective. To be objective. And above all to get free of the stupid echo chamber that develops no matter what side you take in the random intra sub culture conflicts that today pop up with names like GamerGate.

You might notice our newest writer The 9 to 5 Gamer himself Bami O is the one exclusively covering that matter. For good reason. I’m not a gamer geek. I’m not even an ex Nintendo Nerd (#TeamSega). So as usual I leave those matters to those who have the right mind for them. Also stay tuned for big news regarding Mr. 9to5 and the WDDIJ network. BIG NEWS. Anyway. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching commenting, and in some cases engaging in the conversations that pop up in some geek and nerd centric communities. Both on Facebook and in Forums. I haven’t popped into the realm of reddit because I hear enough horror stories.

One thing that I do notice is a lot more conflict on things that don’t ultimately make the community stronger. What do I mean? Well there is always going to be some pushing and shoving between people who bring up gender equality, racial equality and sexual orientation as it relates to games, and the people who don’t want to deal with it. But I have noticed a lot lately that people are bringing up these issues, not to head towards solutions, but to browbeat anyone who disagrees. What do I mean? When you call out developers for not having enough black women in games in a facebook group with only the most scant of possibilities for a game maker to be on them, you really are just trying to see who will disagree with you.

And this style of interaction is everywhere. It isn’t just in the geeks and nerds online. It is often in the classrooms, and bars, and social gatherings of completely non-geek affiliated people. So if geeks are smarter, why do they do this stupid thing? I don’t really have an answer for it. I genuinely can’t grasp why they’ve gotten so unaware of themselves. And the sad part is this is not the only annoyance. Nor is it the greatest one.

For me the greatest annoyance lately is the so called “real fans” issue. Known to the philosophy majors and english majors as the No real scotsman logical fallacy, this shit is everywhere. No real fan of transformers likes Micheal Bay’s movies. No real fan of comics liked Watchmen. Real fans hate Teen Titans Go. Real fans stand up for this or that, or the third thing we forgot. It is a plague on my mental faculties. The things I expect and deal with from the non-nerd masses were supposed to be far more rare among the intellectual elite. But the same crap comes. And whether it is White Knight based simp attitudes, Neanderthal

And whether it is White Knight based simp attitudes, Neanderthal Psuedo-Macho bullshit, Sociopath Fem dominant feminism, or Stupidly cautious Conservative feminine traditionalism, it doesn’t go away. Hell Patricia Arquette, Michelle Rodriguez, Neil Patrick Harris, Terrance Howard, and fucking Bill O’Reilly aren’t even getting covered by me on this Weekend Piece because the geek reactions to them and the stupid infighting is so annoying. Annoying enough that I don’t even openly refer to myself as an ex nerd or ex geek anymore. I’ve taken the Rae Sremmurd approach of just saying “I like what I like” and tossing in a Kanye shrug. Think about how terrifying that is.

The more intelligent you are, the more you should drive the conversation to better solutions in my book. My idea? For now support things like Wolf-PAC and MAYDAY-PAC. By getting the money influence out of politics and supporting the right candidates until then, a lot of the problems in geek and nerd culture can be solved, or directly addressed. Taking the hands on approach with things you want changed. If Cosplayers can get cons to voluntarily adopted anti-harassment rules written by a non-lawyer, if LoL players can convince the devs to ban abusive players, then you should be doing what is needed to make the change you want to see, happen.

Hate the movie roles? Make some movies. Hate the gender roles in games? Make some games or support some game makers. Hate the way Law and Order, and movies like Gamer portray you in public? How about you help me build a PAC to run the attack for you? More on that later. For now though. Support your own. Help build them up. Go tell young school age girls about STEM positions. Go talk to young boys about how they handle growing up without being patronizing. Go check out OtaKast Radio Network, 9to5 Gamer, 314 Publishing, Imperial Dreams Productions, and all of our partners and friends in the links to the side. But most of all Share Words Don’t Do It Justice with everyone you know. Why? Because I mean it when I say Hot Topics, Cold Analysis. We turn our keyboards and posts at everyone. No one gets a pass just because they like us. The most objective analysis of subjective material on the internet. Lead by YOUR favorite Super Villain. Almost 2 years in and still nothing’s changed. So think about what you’re doing. And to the geeks and nerds don’t get all in your feels because I called you out today. I could have gone much longer but Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Decorum Deficiency Disorder: Break Time

Best Friends & BodiesHave you ever been so tired and fed up with reality that you knew if you didn’t disconnect from reality, you’d be calling up your best friend to help you hide the bodies?

. . .

I eL-Oh-Vee-Ee LOVE the Legends of Zelda franchise. I recently went back to replay Majora’s Mask, spent 4 days stuck in the water temple/dungeon (friggin vortex of water with the gears and… anyway), but felt like a BOSS just because I finally acquired the Postman’s Hat… my fellow LoZ fans know my struggle…

F*ckin Skull Kid *will* catch my Hyrulian Fade.

F*ckin Skull Kid *will* catch my Hyrulian Fade.

So I’m in the middle of kicking ass and collecting rupees when I realized that I haven’t even finished Twilight Princess! And I haven’t even purchased the Wii U so I can get started on Hyrule Warriors… I mean… Holy smokes Bat Man! The game world is passing me by and I’m just happy to play my classic games. What’s up with that? Am I not a relatively young chick who enjoys video games, anime, the sciences, and all things nerdy? Have I not  collected consoles (that’s right PC elitists, hate me!) just in case I finally get the time to really immerse myself in my favorite childhood past-time? Am I allowing myself to get old? *Shudder* Never that.

And then I remember my days binge playing Prince of Persia and God of War, only to remember that I haven’t finished the last installments of those either! For SHAME! What’s a Lady Nerd to do?!? The only thing I could do…

So I started my own personal Supernatural marathon… because Sci-Fi and Awesome. I mean, I can’t just sit around playing old video games all day: I have a reputation to uphold. And damn it I’m grown! Who am I to make me feel some kind of way about playing old video games?!? Although, sitting here writing right now, that U.N. Squadron on the SNES is looking pretty under played. *Blows out cartridge*… Naw… I have work tomorrow, and that is a recipe for looking up in 6 hours because my alarm clock is going off and I still haven’t slept. FML reality is setting back in and I haven’t even turned the TV and NetFlix on.

By the way… Have any of you heard about the South Carolina cop lying out the filthiest part of his ass about how the unarmed Black man he shot last week stared him down and dove into his car for an imaginary gun before he even got out of his squad car. Karma forgive me, but if there’s a prison like OZ somewhere in SC, I hope they put him there.

Reality Bites & Break Time is Over.