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The Prey Ch7: Don’t look up

“That’s where I started to crack. An office party to celebrate reaching our quota for the year much sooner than projected. The boss being lively and getting to feel like ‘one of us’ everyone actually talking, instead of ‘working’ to one another. Me, Evan, just having 8 drinks too many. And Her. Making out with him on the dance floor. I knew I should have come. I tossed my drink back behind me, not caring for who it might have hit, and took the elevator down to be bitter else where.

Of course… That’s too much to ask.
“Hey… Why are you sitting out here for? The party is inside.” She asked me as she came out to see me in the parking lot. It was getting late, and with winter upon us, it was a little chilly out. I refused to face her properly when she stood to my left. Why would she even ask me? She should know good and well why…

“I needed some air.” I lied, undoing the tie around my neck. I want to get rid of this whole suit to be honest. I wanted to go home now, but It seems as though my body was doing other things.

“Really? Some air…” She repeated after me standing with her arm against mine. Why did she have to do that…

I carefully moved away from her and I could hear her feet shuffle to keep from falling over when I did this. “Mad at me?” She asked with a sigh. I should just go… Just leave… Don’t say anything, don’t reply, don’t try to make her understand…Just go.

“Why would I be? A better question is why are you out her with me when number one is inside?” Dammit, I didn’t mean to snap… I need to leave, Before I do something else wrong.

“Maybe because I like you more?” She said in such a soft voice… I hate it when she does that.

“Yeah. But you love him.” I won’t hold back anymore… Just say it. “I’m done doing this. Playing this game; like this is enough. Its not. And I’m fucking done with having the ‘scraps’ when he’s done with you.” I took a deep breath, and felt so light after saying that. I could finally feel my body doing as I had commanded it over and over, like clicking on a link and getting it to load a minute later.

She was silent. I refused to look at her this whole time… We both knew I’d heel like a good boy if I saw her. As I turned my back to her properly and began to walk I could hear her, almost heartbroken. “Is that what you think of me?”

It doesn’t matter what I think! It doesn’t matter what I feel! This is about you, getting your way! “Go back inside, Vanessa”  My feet finally started moving me forward, and my heart just sank lower with each step.


“Hey… Hey…” Evan began to stir in his bed to the sound of someone calling his name. He looked with crust in, and around his eyes a terrible nights sleep to the butcher knife murderer that he was currently joining forces with to keep from being killed. He had somehow forgotten about this.

“You talk in your sleep. And who is Vanessa?” Val asked, probing the guy who’s home she had been staying in for a couple of days now. She did a lot of asking questions whenever he was home, and seemed to have made her self comfortable here. Evan decided the smart thing to do was given in with no fight. She asked, he answered. She ordered, he did. For the most part, she wasn’t a pain, though he seemed to realize that she had gotten into his bed at some point after he went to sleep last night.

“I’d rather not talk about it.” He said before yawning just as he finished his sentence. Val was laying beside him over the bed covers while Evan slept under them and was wearing one of his shirts, even though he had gotten her clothes since she ‘moved in.’

“Fine. But you need to wake up. There’s a cop car outside, and I think they might be here for you.” She told him with little to no urgency in the matter. This seemed to wake him up well enough, Evan falling out of his bed and rushing to the window to look.

He grumbled loud enough to hear, and even more when she started to chuckle, since there was no cop car to be seen. “Oh, you think that is funny?!” He said, said, taking a few deep breaths. The panic in his face was priceless, and the way he seemed to wake up and dart to the window was noted by Val over this.

“Hilarious.” She smirked to him and got up from his bed, walking over to pat his shoulder. “I need to know that you can wake up the second there is danger, and move just like you did. When we have to deal with these people, we are going to need to be quick and alert.” She reminded him.

In two days, Val would lead him to another killer’s den to kill before they were attacked, a plan that Evan did not question at all. While the two looked down at the street carefully, they were unaware of a security camera on the corner that had never been there before scanning over the street looking left and right slowly. there seemed to be more on other corners in the area, all of them on the look out for something. The logo on them was a light house with the words ‘LookOut’ at the base of it.'LookOut'


The Once and Future King Episode 4: Let the Battle begin

Desmond laughed for a moment to himself. The two were very close and exchanges such as this were an often occurrence within the household. ” Do you think I’ve got Cancer mom….” Desmond was genuinely concerned for his own well being not for his own mental peace but more for his mother’s. His mother pulled the car over quickly, before answering his question. ” No…I don’t believe you have cancer. I have never heard of a glowing red part of the body when cancer is present…have you?” His mother’s words were strangely comforting as he began to slightly rationalize and eliminate possible conditions. His mother noticed his face grow slightly calm, and in turn went back to the task of driving them home.

The rest of the drive was pleasant, the two simply remained silent as the sweets of smooth jazz resonated from the speaks around them. As he listened, Desmond would think to himself about what he would do, should he be told it was something more major then he hoped. As the fear had begun to well up within him, the boy managed to calm himself remembering that only the lord could know what was to come and that the lord would protect him. If only the boy knew what was really going on or could even remotely fathom it, he might not have to calm himself.

A left, and then a right, and then another left. Their house happened to be situated within a beautiful neighborhood on the east side of town. Just before making the final left onto their street; loud crashing and the sound of metal slamming into metal could be heard from down the street. ” What the hell is that?” his question would soon be answered as the two drove upon a site most interesting. Upon arriving on the street, Desmond’s mother would bring the car to screeching halt just a few feet away from what was causing the commotion. ” Are those two Knights????” Before the boy and his mother were two massive beings clad completely in armor. The two were exchange rather large blows with their swords . It would seem the two hadn’t been notice but it was not long until all the members of the neighborhood came out on the street to see what was going on.

” Get the hell out of there!!!!” The sound of Desmond’s father’s voice rang out above the sounds of the two warriors clashing. His mother, acting strictly on reflex, grabbed the boy’s arm and made a run for their home which was slightly to the right of them, about four car lengths away. As the two sprinted towards their home, one of the metal warriors punched the other in what would appear to be the head, causing it to stumble back. ” Strange metallic sounding voice, blurted forth from the massive metal warrior which punched the other. It turning to face the two. ” Found you at last….and it looks like you don’t know how to summon the armor…perfect…” Ignoring the warrior’s words, Desmond’s mother continued to run for a moment before noticing that Desmond was brought down to his right knee. He clutched his arm, screaming in agony as the scar had begun to glow am even brighter red then before.

” Shit…ahhhh…why now of all times….I have to move….”  He could barely speak let alone move. The massive armor clad warrior had begun to approach the boy. After a few moments, the warrior would be upon Desmond, simply raising sword above the boy in preparation to end his life. Desmond had begun to panic, but the pain was so intense the boy couldn’t bring himself to move.

” I’m gonna die…I’m gonna die….” The boy’s frantic words could be heard by everyone around him who had begun to scream for help, yet they themselves were frozen in fear. All hope the boy had was beginning to fade quickly as he knew his life would shortly be over. All hope would appear lost to the boy, until he heard a strange voice from a strange place deep within himself.

” Why have you not yet claimed your birth right…young warrior?” The voice was deep yet inviting and Desmond had found it to be calming in what he believed to be his final moments. ” My birth right?,,,What do you mean?” Desmond was slightly puzzled by the male voice’s words yet he could feel the urge to close his eyes, and in turn did so. As the blade from the warrior would come down towards the boy, a strange light would erupt from the boy, completely eclipsing the entire area with in it’s radiance. ” The power you were born to possess young man….Be filled with pride and rejoice for you may now claim your birth right…for you are!!!!!” Desmond would yell out the final portion of the voice’s words aloud uncontrollably. ” The Once and Future King…..King Arthur!!!!!”