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Letter to my unborn son.

This isn’t going to be like my regular posts. Work increased this week and i haven’t been able to properly focus to write like I should, but fear not, this to shall pass. Still i did have a notion i wanted to pass on, probably not that insightful, but given how things seem to be going at my job i think someone needs to read some helpful advice. I bring you a letter to my unborn son, i hope this helps.


Son,Defeat has two meanings. There is the verb which follows: Win a victory over (someone) in a battle or other contest; overcome or beat.T

hen there’s the noun: An instance of defeating or being defeated.
Let me tell you my definition. Defeat is quitting. You may lose, you may fail, you may not have reached your goal, but my son you are never defeated. So long as you raise again, you are not defeated. So long as you trudge forward, you are not defeated. You may lose you allies, your money may turn to ash, all that you have amassed maybe scattered, but until you lose your will, until you raise your hand in submission, until your bones are nothing more than ash you are not defeated.

I’ve lost more times than i can count, I’ve failed more times that I’ve succeeded, I’ve broken so much that i thought the pieces would be ground out to dust, but because I’ve risen, because I’ve persisted, because I’ve never said i’ll never be good enough, i’ll never be strong enough, i’ll never be smart enough, because i know that while today brings the bitter taste of failure so long as i can raise again i know i will taste victory. Tomorrow is always on the horizon, waiting to come into today, and yesterday has faded, it means nothing more than a path traveled waiting to be swept away into nothing.

Son if i teach you nothing please heed these words: You can do whatever you like, make whatever you dream, go where ever you imagine, be the man you’d never thought you could be and the ticket to those things, the power to make it so lies in two traits, courage and tenacity, without one the other is useless. How can you be tenacious without the courage to act when others balk? How can you be courageous if you give up when there is trouble? The future can be yours, reach up and claim it.