Story Time: Life Lessons & Gratitude

Today, I appreciate the smell of clean linen.
I was pretty sick not too long ago, and then I spent the last week or so recuperating, still congested with occasional chills and night seats, unable to really smell or taste anything. Then I woke up on Saturday completely disgusted by the smell of sweat and sickness. I know, you must feel so close to me right now. I mean, I’ve just shared something uncharacteristically intimate and personal with you: literally airing my dirty laundry.

Don't you feel so much closer to me now?
Don’t you feel so much closer to me now?

You see, that’s one of those things that people do when they get comfortable with you. They share things; intimate and personal things that suggest trust. The sharing of personal information and intimate truths are the things that strengthen the intricate and complicated bonds of friendship. When we talk about “airing dirty laundry,” we’re usually talking about things that one might be ashamed of or aren’t meant for polite conversation. In this case, I’m talking about something that happened as a natural progression of  things that can happen. I have no shame. I have no reason to whisper or check to see who’s listening in to my conversation. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was assaulted by the flu virus, and naturally, my body’s instinctive defense mechanisms kicked in to high gear causing me to sweat, cough, sneeze and eventually push the invaders out through my pores.
Thank you science.

It’s funny how life provides us with so many examples of how things are supposed to work. Something, or someone, invades your space, self-preservation kicks in, and you kick the unwanted interloping agent out. Its such a simple process that when in comes to the toxic people in our lives, it’s astounding how long it takes us to realize they’re there, then for our defense mechanisms to actually kick in and evict them from our lives. Mother nature provides us with a simple template to follow, and we, being the simple, vain creatures that we are, think we can do better… Silly humans.

My message to you this week is simple: get rid of the toxins in your life, and appreciate the fruits of your labor. Whether its people, habits, sickness of mind or body, let it go. Don’t allow it/them to occupy the valuable real estate that is the space in your life. Either start charging rent, or evict the suckers… because that is what they’re doing: they are sucking the life energy right out of you. That’s why we get so tired when we’re sick or stressed; because our energy is being consumed by elements that need to be evicted.

So yeah, I’m enjoying the smell of my clean linen. Smells a lot like victory. #Winning

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