State of the Union: Still Waiting for Change

I was conversing with a friend not long ago, and he randomly asked me if I watch this show. I said “No, but I’ve heard of it…” to which he responded with a link. As I watched and listened, I was reminded of the first time I saw it. It was actually on someone else’s blogLand of the Free...—a man whose company I’d love to keep if for no other reason than because I think the conversation would be stirring and all kinds of mind-blowing—and although I can no longer recall the exact article he featured the video in, then, just like now, I was instantly invigorated. Not so much because of the first half of the rant, but because of the things he listed after he said “… We sure used to be.” I was inspired to act and to be among those who affect change… a change that we are all sorely in need of. Then I took a nap.

Here I sit with another opportunity to say something, do something that matters, and all I can do is hope that my message reaches one person… one person whose mind and heart are just as open as a 7eleven on a Friday night. We can do better, and we have to. The day some politician decided that corporate interests were more valuable than his constituents was the first day of this nation’s decent into the pits of mediocrity. It happened so long ago, I often fear that we’ve no hope for any real improvement. Fortunately, giving up really isn’t in my nature.

So again, here I sit, talking to you. Many of you voted for Change back in November 2008. I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting. I don’t blame him. I believe that he has done a lot with the crappy hand he was dealt, but not enough to affect the kind of change this nation needs to get back to the days where “… We aspired to intelligence, we didn’t belittle it; it didn’t make us feel inferior…” Back to a time where people were informed, and being informed and passionate didn’t mean that you had too much time on your hands. No, it meant that you took civic duty and personal responsibility for your place in this land. We shouldn’t just be content to trod along between work and home with our smart phones, social media, and flat screen TVs. We’ve allowed ourselves to get sloppy and stupid; prideless and petty. We have to do better.

He said “… I want a human moment from you.” That was mine. Your homework: share your human moment with the class. Open up about how you feel about the State of Our Union. Let’s not settle into just being democrats, republicans, capitalists, or libertarians. Let’s be human for a moment and talk about where this nation is per your point of view.

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  1. There was a time I was considered militant. I sat in a class my sophmore year of college, almost in tears during a class debate. My classmates (all enrolled at an HBCU with an over one hundred year history) held the opinion that racial profiling was an understandable and natural occurence that could NOT ever hope to be countered.
    It was then that I became a bit jaded about the state of our country, but I still keep trudging on. Petitions, rallies, research. Staying awake. I think it is foolish to think our country is in great shape, and I know there are worse places to be. But we’ve become a culture of ignorance. We aren’t socially aware anymore and we aren’t driven for the best anymore. Its like one of my favorite songs. Sleeping lessons by The Shins. People need to wake up.

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