Self Improvement 101: Word Usage Matters

This time I’m not talking about proper grammar or diction. Nope. This one is all about The words we use with, toward, and against each other… Its about making a relatively small change that will make a huge difference. Welcome to Reign’s Self Improvement 101.

Words have power. The things we name and label ourselves and each other matter. When you know the name; the essence of a thing or person, you can wield power over it. Sometimes, we don’t even have to know it. An accidental utterance can cut deeper and do more lasting damage than even the worst beat down… on the other hand, a kind word in passing can turn a person’s whole life around.

Words give hope, express love, and strengthen bonds. Why choose to use your words to hurt or demean when you can use them to teach and uplift? Why use words like daggers when you can use them like hugs?


I know… This coming from the chick whose filter is full of holes. I never claimed perfection. These lessons are as much about me as they are about you. I’m upgrading me too. I’m even re-reading one of my spiritual guidance books: The Four Agreements. Our first lesson is in direct alignment with the First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word. There once was a time when one’s word was akin to their honor, and to disparage one’s word was the kind of dishonor worth killing for. Of course I’m not suggesting that we return to the days where honor killings were a legitimate and acceptable thing, but I am suggesting that we go back to being honorable. Honor in words will give rise to honor in deeds. We’ll rest on that note… and as always…

Do More. Require Better.

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