Rufus Rambling over Fake snow

Debunked Fake snow

There are a lot of videos out there about this snow we’ve been having being fake or not melting but burning when lit with a lighter or a match. Now I’m no chemist, no physics expert, or by any means a scientist of any kind, well maybe amateur exploits but that’s a stretch, so I have no idea what it means when snow does not melt. Luckily there are people out there apparently busting this, and I’ve provided a link for those in search for an answer. Still, I believe that this small conspiracy theory is a sign but of what I’m not so sure.

You see conspiracy theories are tricky things. Why? Well because proving the theory to be false is almost always impossible, once again you might ask why and to be honest it’s because most conspiracy theories are either opinions or assumptions based off of missing or altered facts. Let’s take a look at this ‘chemical snow’ fascination. You see people were taking this snow holding it to a lighter and seeing that it wasn’t melting but turning black, it was literally ‘burning’.

Now I’m a common man with common schooling for people in my area and so I must say I was shocked when people claimed that the snow, the fluffy white substance falling from the sky was actually a chemically altered concoction. Ok I’m all about being open minded, but that is a mighty hard pill to swallow and yet in this life I’ve been forced to do so, still some simple tests could help you determine if this was a hoax or a genuine fact.

One, does it melt in your hand? You have to remember the human body is very well heated, our temperature is in the upper nineties so really what chance does snow which melts in the upper thirties stand? Now I know someone might say that the ‘chemical snow’ could have the same melting point but then comes part two, the smell.

It’s been said that this fake snow produces a strange smell when burned, how odd but then again strange things happen every day. So now that you have this melted snow on your hand why not take a whiff of it and see what your nose detects? You know what you smell like (unless of course you never wash your hands, then there is a bigger problem), and we know that water doesn’t really have a smell, especially not a chemical smell, so if you take a whiff and smelled anything like cleaning products, bleach, gasoline, or anything of the like then you would have your answer yea?

Sure they might not be the best test methods out there, but really we live in an age where the whole world is literally at our finger tips why not use it to determine if this phenomenon which you can actually test, is real or not? Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure the snow has some chemicals in it, what with all the smog, pollution, pesticides and numerous other things released into the air daily, but that percentage is probably so small that it doesn’t make much of a difference. I mean really how would they even release this bio snow shoot if from a plane or something?

Now I’ve been known to wear this ‘Tin foiled hat’, just look at some of my previous works and you’ll see that, but for you to play into this fake snow without doing anything but the failed tests that have been provided is a sign of two things, one is insanity because you thought that a different result would happen when preforming the same test on the same subject, and two laziness because you didn’t bother to test it further with different factors. I pray you friends and readers don’t always believe what others say or show, think for yourself and but it to the test as best as possible. Use your mind, i swear most times you will not be disappointed

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