You ever been completely ignored by somebody and not know why? -Shrugs- shit crazy out here…


How you represent you matters

Every last single one of us has a value or worth attached to who we are, whether we see that value and understand it comes with life experience. Your worth may or may not reflect off those you keep around you, but stay aware. There will be strangers, associates, friends, and family that will respond to your worth differently than the next.

Some will treasure it and you’ll know who they are, but others may not only ignore the value in which you hold but convince you through their actions that it isn’t much. The value that they lack or fail to see in themselves creates envy, they become confused at times, scared or even intimidated by the value that you portray.

As time goes on there will only be a few possible outcomes, some will become acclimated to the self-worth you exude and it may open their eyes to their own value or uplift them. Some will just watch from afar and flirt with the idea of being apart of your life. Others will remain wary of your position in their life, question themselves because of where they currently stand and compare instead of attempting to grow with you. Then you will have those that are just toxic, they don’t and will not contribute anything positive into your life and attempt to bring you down or downplay your worth every chance they get.

Each one of these paths can only be decided by the person themselves, never chase… they will either appreciate what you will or can bring into their life or they miss out. Whether it’s family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, “situationship” or whatever, what people have to realize is that you REPRESENT somebody. How you carry yourself, what you say, how you look, etc. When you focus on painting someone in a bad light, or somehow dirtying their name to make you look better and you are or were in relations… It’s a reflection of who you are as well.

If you out here acting a fool, getting in trouble, being a hoe, or just being foul In general… That attaches to YOUR character AND those connected to you. “Yo ya little cousin in jail again?” “Yo I just seen ya moms in the grocery store acting a fool” “Yo ya girlfriend was wildin in the club last night”.

A lot of us want to be independent but independence doesn’t equate to being SELFISH, you represent your kids, ya parents, ya friends, your boyfriends/girlfriends. THEIR actions represent you as well, no matter how much you “don’t f*** with them”. So if you have an opportunity to put someone on the right path or just keep it real with them … Take it.
Good morning, and have a blessed day – Roddi P


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