Religion to me, is quite a curious concept, but before i get into such a serious subject I believe a warning is in order. So, here goes. WARNING: The following is one man’s opinion on the concept of religion, including but not limited to church, Jesus, Souls, Spirits, Priests, Pastors, Nuns, and the bible. I DO NOT speak for the other members of this blog, nor do they necessary agree with my opinion, but allow me to share it on this site. I am not here to offend, degrade, insult, belittle, nor any other means of negativity for any belief or institution. Again this is simply my thoughts and opinions on a sensitive subject, not something meant to cause trouble.
Glad that’s out of the way. Ok Religion. As far back as I can remember church has always been a part of my life. If I wasn’t at Sunday school at the wee hours of the morning I was at choir sometime at night. Plays, camps, all kinds of sermons, and countless other things associated with church, I attended them all, but in the end my questions just kept coming. Why did God allow such things? Why would he test us in this way? The biggest one of all, the one that still keeps me from liking alot of organized religion, is why would god put us all here, break us up, and then punish all those who do not worship him. If God would punish a man who has never heard his ‘Holy’ word for an eternity, then a question has to be asked, do you want to worship such a cruel being?
Luckily enough my journey did not end there, with that question left simply at No i don’t. My mother disagreed with the bible, at least with some parts, and so did my father for the most part. I know i wasn’t the first person with those questions, and i hopefully won’t be the last, but religion isn’t something a child normally chooses for themselves. Instead it is inherited from the parents, swallowed down not because it is ‘right’ but because the authority figure believes it to be. So usually when the parent says something along the lines of ‘That’s just how it is’ the conversation ends there, and the question is rarely asked again. But i’m not built that way. I can’t simply let it fall, to ignore such an obvious flaw and allow it to go without scrutiny.
Tricky thing about it is no one can know for sure. That’s why you have to go on Faith, to believe with little evidence, and proceed as if it is certain. I choose instead to look at the source. I asked, did God write the bible? My father and others told me no, that it was God’s word written by human hands. Spoken to those chosen to spread his word. But even then it wasn’t in English.  The first  language was Hebrew, then translated to different languages again and again and again. I don’t know about you guys, but in school they told us about the Chinese telephone, an exercise to show how a simple sentence could be taken out of context, things added and taken away because it was misheard or misunderstood.
So if a school room full of people could take “I want two pizzas, one with mushrooms and the other with pepperoni” and get “Casey likes to eat domino’s with boogers and paste for dinner” Then isn’t it possible that the translation could be botched? Aren’t men capable of error, isn’t it possible that some things could be added, or taken away depending on who is translating it? So then, what if all these things the bible says for us to do or not do, is actually false, mistranslation‘s accepted by those ignorant of the original language?
Too many variables exist for me to accept it at face value, but it was my father who said something that sticks with me to this day. “The bible might not be 100% true, but there isn’t anything in there that will make you a bad person.” It’s a guide so to speak. A set of stories used to teach us lessons that, for the most part, can still be applied to the problems of today. Taking it literally is not something i do.
Recently i had a discussion with a Catholic woman, who has gone through a divorce because her husband was cheating on her. Apparently, through some weird way the religion is set up, because she didn’t get an annulment, her action was frowned upon. Now i’m not 100% sure that I got the whole story, and it is possible i’m not recalling it right either, but if she is to be cursed to hell because of something so trivial and onesided, then i have a problem. God, i believe, knows what’s in my heart, and my intent, even if i don’t always realize it myself. I believe the divine gave us a concious, a scale of right and wrong that we have a duty to follow. So while you might wrong someone, if you didn’t intend for it to be this way, i believe God will forgive.
I don’t think God warrents wars, nor do i believe that killing in the name of God is even remotely possible, yet for some reason our political leaders say God wants them to do this, to attack our enemies. They would tell you America is a place truly blessed by God, and it just might be, but wouldn’t God bless everywhere, not just this place? Wouldn’t God bless Africa, Europe, Russia, the whole world?
What i’m trying to say is that God exists outside the church or organized religion, just like he exists withen. Pray, find your own connection to God, and seek his guidance for yourself, because i firmly believe that if a religion puts a hate inside you that then i doubt it be godly. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

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  1. Lovely post my friend. Whats especially interesting is I have struggled with these very interesting and difficult questions myself. All to often people define faith as the belief in something without evidence, therefore when advancements lead to understanding, faith subsides. In that sense, God takes the role of a gapfiller, one who holds the place for science and education. Rather, faith is believing in something when there IS evidence. Let me posit a question: How would one describe a Ford Model T? Is it either the principles of mechanical engineering, combustion, and physics; or is it Henry Ford? I would argue that both are true in different ways. One speaks to the natural laws, the “how”, whereas the latter speaks to the “why”. God is no different, when man discovers the once unknown, this does not point to the non-existence of that which gave it meaning. One could very persuasively argue that it is the very complexity, elaborate, interconnected, and diverse existence defying satistical odds which can be determined using science, is evidence of a God. He who answers the question, “why”.

    How can science explain morality, guilt, or love. Without the free will to choose to do good or bad, there would be no significance or meaning to ones actions or emotions to another. It is the very presence of choice to do good or evil that establishes the sanctity of life that is an objective truth.

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