The Return of Reign O’Change

Reign Justice O ChangeThere’s something about losing pieces of one’s identity–even a virtual part– that can leave a lady feeling a mite out of sorts. True, technically I never left. Even after my first name change to Reign Justice failed to pass Facebook’s authenticity metrics, I’ve been posting almost regularly in spite of my personal exile. Now that the Facebook Identity Police are sufficiently sure that I am a real person, and have seen fit to bless me with my pages I can give you a much needed update on what’s really been going on these last several months.

First and foremost: I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! If it wasn’t the bestDislike and most effective way to reach people I’d never have occasion to reach otherwise, I’d have left it alone and stopped fighting for my page forever ago. These days if you aren’t on tweeting [@ReignOChange], don’t hashtag pictures into oblivion on Instagram [reignochange], or of course chronicle every moment and every thought on the almighty Facebook [Reign Justice O’Change], you might as well not even exist in this century. Well, it turns out I exist just enough to hate social media and use it anyway. *shrug*

On to the good stuff! Before I get back to Self Improvement 101, working through my bouts of Decorum Deficiency Disorder, writing letters, telling stories, and just being me, there are a few things you should know:

I left the land of perpetual summer (aka Florida) and am now residing pretty damn close to what I have been hearing is “the Black Mecca.” The skies seem bluer, the gas is not cheaper, but I have hope that was mostly lost, and am looking forward to being physically present more than I could where I was in Florida.

Politics… yeah, I’m back. We all knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long, and lets face it, the talking heads on Faux News and all of their friends have been leaving their guns and ammunition laying around just waiting for people to pick it up and throw it back at them… It’s about time I got back Sweaty Preshelping to clean up those messes. I have a few social issues to address, and I’m sure the police will do something stupid to preempt a post or two, but I’ll be lending my voice to the land politics and Presidential pundits in no time.

Finally, I’ve decided that “sweating in public” is something I’m going to do from time to time. Maybe not quite as much in my in=person life, but definitely here. Why? Because I can’t talk about racism, social injustice, politics, self improvement, video games, or any of the subjects I get really confrontational about without getting at least a little personal. I can’t call myself honest if I’m only the mechanical version of myself. These things we discuss here are intensely personal. Sometimes seeing the sweat on someone’s brow is the only way to know that they are truly working, and I am. I can’t keep asking you to take action and set higher expectations for yourselves and those around you if I’m not willing to do the work of it with you. We’re in this together. This is the workout of Change and we are going to sweat this out, feel all of the burn together.

So there it is: the Rebirth of Reign. This isn’t the first, and I can almost assure you it won’t be the last, as the only thing in life that is certain is Change. See you next week. Oh and…

Do More. Require Better.

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