About The R Revolution

About the R Revolution


The Ruthless Wonder


So you wanna know who THE Ruthless Wonder is? Well let’s get to it. I’m that legal genius you love, that Lex Luthor of the internet you like, and that respectfully vicious blogger you’re getting to know. Why THE Ruthless Wonder? Because when you have a choice of how to live life you can either let it get you or you can get it. I would rather show you the reality of my Ruthless nature than to hide it away and live as someone I am not. Therefore I am Ruthless and you are left to Wonder if that’s what you want. Was that obtuse and existential enough for you? Want the real Bio now?

I’m a 32 year old single black man who is waiting for clearance from the Missouri Bar exam after graduating from Law School down in Orlando, FL. I’ve been writing in some consistent form since age 11. And it seems like I’ve been giving my often stark, intellectual opinion on just about everything for at least as long. Words Don’t Do It Justice is the place I bring some of all my style to topics. Whether that be a rant on a subject currently under my skin. Or a more methodical, intellectual, objective, breakdown of a very emotional subject. Either way I’m just as likely to make you love reading my take about something, as I am to make you hate it. And that’s where the Ruthless bit stems from. For good or ill, better or worse that is how I present, and if you respond to me I’ll be just as detached and Ruthless in the response. As a friend once said. “He has emotions, but you’ll be hard pressed to see any of them besides indifference.” Obviously I like to toss in a bit of over the top to the point of near parody hyperbole. And the persona I use is much more intense than I use in my professional and personal life. So remember your mileage may vary. And “I’m not so bad. Once you get to know me.”


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Ruminated Thoughts

R Revolution Member Ruminated Thoughts

Who is Ruminated Thoughts? My first effort at writing that I clearly recall was a short comic strip of an ant in his misadventures. This was followed by a yearlong series of entries in my Judy Blume diary. Yes, I had a diary. Today that diary is my beloved Franklin Planner. In the years between, I’ve made permanent my thoughts by placing them on various forms of media including note paper, computers, the inter-webs, typewriters, and the beloved Brother Word Processor. I may never get that material back as it’s on dilapidated floppy discs.

Nevertheless, I still create and now most of my writing is made in an effort to remain employed as a public servant. So when I have free time, and my muse becomes louder than usual, I grab my i-Device of choice and create. But not before I’ve had a chance to wrestle with my thoughts. Mull them over and consider the impact they may or may not have.

I believe it’s important to put a certain amount of weight on the power of the written word. It has been said that sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Such a greater lie has never been stated…. Except for perhaps, we are winning the war on terror. But I digress. If you want to know someone, look at what they create. Not what they say: what they create. Who I am – what I am – how I think – where my mind goes on occasion.

All are easily a known commodity if you just read what I create. Value it. Discount it. Savor it. Reject it. It’s your choice. But it is me. It’s taken many years for me to get to where I am, and is will not apologize for whom I am today. Or change it to suit the whims of others. That said, it is my hope that my muse never leaves me and I forever create while I yet ruminate.

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the R Revolution's ReignBorn in Brooklyn, and raised a child of the world, Reign learned at an early age that words and how she used them have power. Under the tutelage of the school of life, she learned what he meant when Bulwer-Lytton said “… The pen is mightier than the sword.” With her words, she impressed her school teachers and surpassed her peers. She excelled socially, and was compelled to reach higher and higher heights… Then came the internet, cell phone text message character limitations, reality TV, and a general disregard for diction, spelling, proper grammar, and punctuation became acceptable–expected even—and Reign���s reign was reduced to little more than being the one her friends asked to spell or define words that were once common. Now, living outside her time, she shares her words and thoughts with you here; one of the few places left where they might, however ironically, do some justice.

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Ronin 3Innis-Dixon“My name is one that is shared by many.  Bound by a code that is shared by others, yet unique unto each of us.  Though my skills are ever in demand, the price of my loyalty requires a particular type of currency; not of precious metal, mineral, nor paper.  The deadliest weapons I possess are never seen, yet always felt��and the only master I serve is the one that lies within��� ”


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The Radical Referee

The R Revolutions Radical Ref

I am in my late 20s, married, and a licensed attorney that specializes in litigation. I am both an avid sports fan and a nerd. I love to discuss comic books, movies, and almost any sport with equal enthusiasm. I also like to stimulate discussion on any number of topics (sometimes by posing radical hypotheses). I am new to the writing scene, but am wise beyond years with experiences. From this day forward I am The Radical Ref; waiting to dish out sports and pop culture discipline on an unprecedented scale!

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The Revanchist

The R Revolution's RevanchistWho is the Revanchist? Just a normal guy. You’ll never see an actual picture of me on this website because I prefer to express myself through the anonymity which has been so graciously imparted upon myself by the internet. All you need to know is that I am a twenty-something year old college student struggling to make his way through life. I was born in Italy when my father was serving in the Military.

I have lived all across the United States, I have lived in poverty stricken neighborhoods, been legally homeless, and even enjoyed a quiet life in the middle-class suburbs. You can guess which order those things happened in, and it might surprise you. Well, I’ll spoil it. It was suburb, poverty, suburb, homeless, suburb, homeless, poverty, suburb.

There were days when I went to sleep to the anthem of police helicopters, gunshots, and sirens and times when I lay awake in my nice neighborhood sitting on the porch contemplating the meaning of life. I have seen the lows, and I have seen the highs; I have seen first hand how the system truly neglects those that need it the most, and how those that do not exploit it. In the same respect, I have always had friends who were not as lucky as I, who were unable to pull themselves back from the darkness and fell in with gangs only to be killed, arrested, or fall off the face of the Earth.

I am currently majoring in History, though my ultimate desire is to be a teacher. I have been told by professors that my research papers are surprisingly thorough, with one even proclaiming that it had the best analysis he had seen all year. Regardless, I am, at heart, an optimist. I’m also a critic, and probably the last person you will want to take to see a movie. That’s it, really. I love to write, and this is my outlet for my thoughts.

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