The Prey Ch6: Choose Pt.1

>B) Wing it.
C) Stay silent

Evan’s heart skipped a beat as he looked into the eyes of his attacker, a woman who had no qualms with murder, treating it like a chore, from what he saw, and yet she was frozen in place, keeping her grip on the deadly weapon and looking to him intently, waiting restless like a predator watching for it’s opening.

“Yeah. I’m here.” Evan said carefully, the whole time watching the knife wielding woman before him. His voice was a bit shaky, the weight of his life and his coworker’s resting on his next words, but he seemed to get more and more composed with each sentence he spoke.

“Well, Can you get a move on? Hill is losing his shit at the office. I’ll drive you there.” Hendrix explained making it clear that he wasn’t here to check on him, but to bring him in.

As he listened to Hendrix, Evan seemed to calm down a bit, hearing a familiar voice some how lightened the mood for him. As soon as he looked back to his attacker, who didn’t seem to even blink anymore as she waited for the other one to leave, Evans thought carefully about what he would do next.

(Hendrix has nothing to do with this… You cannot bring yourself to involve an innocent man in all of this. You have to find away to get rid of him…. If you play your cards right, however, you can use him to your advantage…)
“I’ll get to work in an hour… I’m dealing with some… Personal issues….” Evan explained, his tone sounding a bit distraught.

Hendrix seemed to pick up on this, listening carefully and then sighing heavily. “Ah… Still dealing with Vanessa…. I’m sorry, I’ll… I’ll go ahead and tell Hill that you’ll be running late.” Hendrix spoke understandingly to the door, backing away from it slowly. “It’ll be alright, man. I know we don’t talk a lot, but if you need to someone to confide in, Well…. its an option, if you don’t want to pay for a shrink. I’ll see you at the office.” Hendrix began to turn and walk down the hall, smiling to himself with the idea of having someone look to him for emotional support. It wasn’t the first time he offered this, but being in Evan’s hallway somehow made him feel like he was closer to making that break through.

“Hey, Hen!” Evan called out, Hendrix turning and darting back to the door. The nickname. He knew it’d bring him back, and as Evan stood with a knife pointed to him, he saw his foe sweat, and close her eyes for a long low sigh. “Your right.. we don’t talk much… But I’m glad it was you that came to get me.” He told him, making sure to get Hendrix’s attention, and boy, did he have it now, the giddy and slender man’s chest rose and fell quickly with such excitement just outside his door “I need you to do me a big favor. If I am not there in an hour… Call an ambulance.” Evan’s words got a shocked gasp from both Hendrix and his attacker, who looked ready to throw out this momentary truce and try to gut him. Evan could feel pressure building behind the her hand her grip on the handle of his weapon getting tighter. “I’m trusting you not to do anything outside of what I’m asking!” Evan said with a stern voice, cutting Hendrix off before he could relay his distress over what he was being asked. “I need to solve this on my own… If it ends well, you’ll see me… If not…” Evan looked to her knowingly, while upsetting her, he was making it clear that this wouldn’t go as she wanted it to.

It's the kind of place where its nice as long as every light is perfectly lit. Even a single dim light, and you'll be spooked.

“I understand man… I really do… More than you know. Good luck.” Hendrix said with an audible sniffle, patting his hand to the door carefully before walking away from the scene. The apartment was silent as the two inside waited until the loud tapping of shoes against the tiled floor turned into steps down the stairs, and then to pure silence.

“YOU THINK THAT SHIT IS GOING TO STOP ME?!?” She snarled, trying to push the sharp edge of her weapon to Evan’s neck. It had been awhile since he heard her voice. She sounded so calm then, and now, she was beyond livid, her eyes red, blood trickling down the side of her head even more so than before.

Evan some how seemed to calm down a little bit more after she yelled at him. He took a deep breath and began to loosen his grip on her hand. The moment he did, the blade cam down from his neck and pressed into his chest, cutting it just slightly before her eyes widened and she withdrew from him. He groaned out loudly in pain, a small patch of blood already seeping into his shirt. She was breathing heavily as she looked to her target, showing signs of uncertainty over what she was to do next.

(You’ve managed to get her to withdraw… There is still no telling how she will react next. She is still armed, though in a much more vulnerable state. The damage she had from before is still there… Upon further inspection, you realize the head wrapping is from her own clothing; a torn sleeve from her shirt.)

“What will you do?”

>A) Reason with(Bluntly)

B) Reason with(Softly)
C) Reason with(Apologetically)

(You’ve already tried to be soft and understanding with her. The only reason you are in this stand-still is because you got rough and cunning. You figure it best to keep at it.)

“Can we talk now?!” Evan blasted suddenly from where he stood. His voice had caught her off guard, her fortress finally showing all the damage she had sustained. When he saw this, he carefully sat back against the door and slide down to the floor, breathing heavily before gently touching the cut on his chest “SHHHHH!!” He hissed and winced over the sting of it. He was far to tired to try and act as if he were fully in control of the situation, having been under a massive amount of stress.

Seeing him this way, she seemed to finally calm down as well, and much to Evan’s favor, she dropped her knife and fell to the floor across from him, panting a bit as she put her hands down behind her waist and flung her head back. “I would have been able to really enjoy this if not for the fact that you are all trying to cancel me…” She said in a regretful tone.

Evan was beyond confused now, her words easily making his mind fade off to the white noise state once more. With his mind flooding with questions, the text quickly appeared in his mind and set him at ease.

(It seems as if she is also on the lamb, and she appears to think you are a part of the faction that wants her dead. This would be a good time to-)

Evan busted out laughing suddenly, clutching his ribs in pain, but still finding it hard not to cackle over her assumptions. The lady killer didn’t seem to impressed by this display, her head falling forward to glare at him sharply “Something funny, big man?” She asked in tough, sassy tone of voice. Evan tried his best to calm down, laughing in between his words.

Maybe the stress had finally gotten to him, because Evan laughed as he watched her reach for her knife and then began to crawl over to him. “I saw you kill that other guy… then over heard something about another person. I’m assuming that it was me. I didn’t want to get split open, so I attacked first. I would have checked to see if you were still alive, but I freaked out and ran home. Thought you were dead.” He explained to her with a drowsy tone of voice. As she got closer to him, Evan’s mind began to fill with White noise, the text spamming for him to do something anything, but his body was far to worn out to act…

“What can you do?”


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