The Prey: Ch4 Head in the game

Evan's home
Evan’s home

[It was as dark as midnight outside by the time Evan’s panicked sprint got him to the apartment building he lived in, cars still moving around as if it were only a midday. It was needless to say it was rather loud, since their was also a train running above the main street he lived on. He wouldn’t find any peace and quiet here, if that’s what he sought]

[As Evan stumbled carefully from the stairs and to his apartment, he fumbled through his pockets for the keys to his door. His hands were shaky, his sight was blurry, and proper thoughts evaded him. His mind was like a fuzzy t.v. with white noise playing loudly along with it, but what he focused on was a small box that appeared in the middle of it all. a small box where text would appear to him like in his games.]

(You are still shaken up from your first battle. Once you unlock the door, you can head inside. Try to keep calm and locked the door carefully behind you.)

“What will you do?”
>A.) follow the instructions
B.) ////////////
C.) ////////////
D.) ////////////

[There weren’t many options to choose from, so he did the only thing that made sense. A few clicks from his keys, and he was inside his sanctuary, locking it down and stumbling over to the love seat in the middle of his two bedroom apartment. He broke down, breathing heavily as his mind finally played through everything that happened. Seeing a man murdered, and then killing someone himself. Watching crime movies and knowing that finger prints or his wallet would lead officers to his door, he was some how careful enough not to do such things, which only made him feel more guilty. Was he a killer on the inside somewhere. Rocking back and forth, he questioned and tried to rationalize everything, while also guilting himself over his actions.

(You are now at a crossroads…. On one hand, you have successfully left the scene of the crime with no trace of your involvement. With some time, you may be able to move forward with life like nothing has happened if nothing leads to you….. On the other, You could turn your self in and be honest over what happened. You heard the killer. You’d be next if-)

[Evan jumped up with widened eyes, wiping drool from his mouth as he tried to calm himself and think straight as he recalled hearing something she said.]

“She… She shouted that there was someone else….Like someone had just told her this information.” Evan realized as he paced to his window, the V train came by with no regard to the sleeping neighborhood. “She knew I was there! Someone else was watching and knows my face! Knew I was there! Probably saw the whole thing!” He said, gritting his teeth tightly, his gums bleeding from the force he applied.
[Fear began to rack his body, as he held his head tightly. questions began to run all through his head, leaving him no room to think and answer anything. ‘Was he set up? Was it recorded? How would he get out of this? What if they made him look like the criminal? Was this why the gates were locked? Why him? What had he done to deserve it? Who would target him?’ His mind slowly fell back into that panicked state, though this time, he acted out more violently. Evan swung hard at old items that sat on counters and stands near him, punching his wall repeatedly as he cursed the imaginary conspirators of his demise. He then cursed his ignorance, as he couldn’t think of anyway out of this situation. In the darkness of his home, he felt helpless, weak, and alone.]

(You still have the options given to you, try to pretend it never happened, or confess your sins to the authorities. The chose is yours, Evan.)

“What will you do?”
A.) Call the police and confess.
B.) Pretend it never happened.

As he fell to his knees, his body weak with fear and anxiousness, Evan couldn’t decided. “No…. I can’t… I can’t choose either of those… Someone out there knows…”

“What will you do.”
A.) Turn your self in.
B.) Accept that you are a murderer.

“I’m not a killer… I didn’t do it because I wanted! I DIDN’T! I HAD TO LIVE!”

A.) Life in prison.
B.) Criminal.

“I…I….Someone…Vanessa….” He whispered a name to himself, laying on the floor carefully and sobbing to himself as his own guilt had him to afraid to do anything. The more he thought, the more he convinced himself that there was nothing he could do and that he was just as much a criminal as the two who died.

[Evan laid there in the middle of his living room the rest of the night until almost six in the morning, his face covered with dried tears, mucus, and drool from the sudden outburst he went through over the night. The text continued to pop up, and he couldn’t bring himself to answer it. They were both the same answer by the time sunlight peaked into his apartment.]

A.) Suffering
B.) Suffering

[Evan slowly began to set up and pressed his back to the wall where his window was and took a few deep breaths. It didn’t matter what happened next, last night won’t go away. Whoever else was involved had helped kill the thief, and wanted him dead as well. He had already come to this conclusion, but he never thought about it carefully. Whoever did this would have finished him off by now. they could have followed him home, they could have ended it while he went for his wallet. They could have done anything, but they didn’t.]

A.) No way out
>C.) Go back.

[Evan rose to his feet slowly and tested his legs, stomping them to make sure they were working right and wouldn’t give out right away. He didn’t want to think anymore. He didn’t want to worry anymore. It ended with him breaking down each time his mind went there. It was over. If he got caught he’d tell the truth. That was all he could do, and he wouldn’t argue with himself anymore. He found himself leaving his apartment heading outside, his brown skin now pale and clammy. Those early birds walking outside to their cars saw him and gave him a wide birth, not fearing him, but trying not to get puked on, as it seemed he’d do that at any given moment.]

(After a long walk back where he came from, Evan stood at the entrance of the alley. He panted heavily, recalling the man who stole from him before he went in through this very same entrance. As he walked in, he recalled it all vividly, his thoughts from when he was here so foolish to him now and regret slowly creeping back up. He fought it back and navigated further into the maze. His heartbeat increased as he could hear the sound of a garbage truck around the next corner. the corner where it all went down. His chest was rising and falling like a little asthmatic kid having an attack.)

“What will you do?”
A.) Leave.
>B.) Listen.
C.) Peek around the corner.

[He listened, and listened hard, but all he could hear was foot steps, and the noisy thud of garbage being tossed into more garbage, and then the sound of the truck as it move forward pass him and into the next section of the alley. The sanitation workers didn’t seem to notice him as they moved on to the next set of trash to collect. Carefully he stalked around the corner, his eyes wide and face plastered with sweat and crusted snot. He looked upon the alley, not a body to be found, no blood to speak of, and no murder weapon to behold. This somehow made him feel even more afraid that before, his gut giving in before he began to vomit near the empty cans closer to the very one he used last night.]


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