Politics & You: Election Day 4 Nov 2014

Nightmare Before Election Day 2014

‘Twas the week before election day and all through the land
There were protests, debates, and politicians shaking hands.
All throughout the season, distractions ran a muck.
One thing after another proving that our local elected officials suck.
There was Furguson, and Isis, and now we’ve discovered Ebola too
But Reign’s here to remind you that none of this is something new….


.   .   .  

NYS Voter Reg Form

So here’s the thing… while all the other teenagers were all angst about turning 16 so they could get their driver’s licenses or 21 so they could drink, I could barely wait to turn 18 so I could mail in my Voter Registration Form. I used to hear people complaining about politicians and policies that don’t serve the people. I attended City Council and Board of Education Meetings and remember hearing foolishly proud people proclaim “… this is why I don’t vote!” Even as a child I thought;

“… but maybe if you had voted, you wouldn’t be dealing with the idiot who got elected?”

So that folks is what this post is all about…

Obama  Romney

Politicians pander to the largest group of their voter base. President Obama, a Democrat, panders to women and young people; wage equality, education debt forgiveness, the Dream Act. Mitt Romney, a Republican, pandered to rich people, and multi-billion dollar corporations; the makers and the takers, and the age-old “Trickle Down Theory” from the days of Ronald Reagan. When we vote, we tell them who to pander to. When politicians “pander,” they fight for the legislation, policies, and values that will make their base more likely to keep them in office, and get their friends into office. Voting encourages them to pander according to your preferences. You should vote.
What do I vote for?Short Memories
I vote for my right to not be judged by my race, gender, creed, or someone’s skewed statistics of my potential. I vote according to my right to make my own decisions about my body, my future, my goals, my dreams, and most importantly, your right to make your choices according to your values too. I vote for education, gainful employment, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I vote for civic duty, personal responsibility, and the village it takes to make everything work. I vote for community. I vote for justice. I vote for diplomacy over irrational warmongering. I vote for innovation. I vote because so many who came before me couldn’t. I vote because so many after me might lose that right.

Trickle Down Theory

Get to know your local politicians. Vote for the ones who will fight according to your preferences. If you don’t want to see more police getting away with murder: vote. If you don’t want your employer to be allowed to pay you the least while keeping the greater share of their profits to themselves; vote. If you realize the trickle-down economics isn’t the right way to go; vote. If you don’t want corporations getting tax breaks while your family struggles to make ends meet; vote.

Vote for the things that will make an immediate difference in your life.

Do More. Require Better.

2 thoughts on “Politics & You: Election Day 4 Nov 2014

  1. Getting the youth to vote is hard especially living in DC with corrupt politicians. In my opinion sometimes you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t but knowing that I DID vote makes it feel worth it. Sometimes the candidate I vote for doesn’t win but I don’t get discouraged because there are other ways to be heard about change in my area.

    1. There are corrupt politicians everywhere, and there probably always will be. As voters, it is our job to require them to do and be better. The more people vote, the more incentive politicians have to head in a particular direction. Not voting puts the power in rich corporate sponsorship’s hands… and none of us need more of that.

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