Payoffs, Plans, and…Penisgate?

So those first two sound mild and normal. That last one though? Yeah I know check this out.

So about a year ago I was alerted to a rather awesome attempt to troll GoFundMe. As I’m a Connoisseur of the delicate taste of corporation annoyance I immediately went to check it out. And hoped to save it before they forcibly took it down. In this case it was quite literally a GoFundMe for penis enlargement. Why? To enhance his cosplays of course. I mean don’t you ladies want your male cosplays fit and packing a bazooka instead of a BB gun? Of course you do. lol

Anyway, Kyler’s campaign was done because of another one. A far less tongue in cheek one that was super serious. Well a few of them actually. There were at the time no less than 10 separate GoFundMe campaigns by female cosplayers wanting breast implants. Which one inspired him I do not know. But what I do know is that famously Karen Sakai wanted to get them and her campaign continued for some time. Check out the story on her’s here.

This man’s rather laudable response campaign was worth all the time spent trying to hunt him down. All the times I’ve written this piece and been unable to post. And all the times it was lost and like now,  I’m retyping it. Basically this is a have a laugh on me day. There is something to be said for the fact that within hours his campaign was down, and it took until hers was near funded for the same. But think on that on your own time.

For this short post from blogger paradise(Saipan is gorgeous, you need to get here) is a chance for you to check out everything from his campaign. And I’ll be back after that for some final thoughts.

If he does it again, I will support with my wallet. "Click to enlarge"
If he does it again, I will support with my wallet.
“Click to enlarge”

As you can see it was never meant to attack anyone, so before that comes in emails let’s all take some chill and calm the hell down. But the bigger point here in talking about this is the obvious one. We all pick and choose what we get up in arms about. Here a company that is just supposed to help facilitate crowdfunding decided to make a stand on this issue. Not on the campaigns for the white terrorists whether cop, cop wannabe, or hate group member trying to start a race war. Not on the women who come on and make the same kinds of vague campaigns for breast augmentation or other plastic surgery.

And we cannot gloss over the fact that all those white and Asian faces tend to be fine but black and latino people doing similar campaigns have been subject to more harassment, platform policy strikes against their campaigns, and just outright lack of support. Reign is the one who says Do More, Require Better around these parts. I say make a new platform that does the same thing catering to our audience. Because if it makes dollars then it makes sense. Feel me? Anyway I could go on and on and on about this. Like about how he used his epic Prince Cosplay look. Or the hilarious rewards for donations. But really…Words Don’t Do It Justice!

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