Out of the zone but still on my game: 2 podcasts and an apology

So this will be rather extremely brief.

Apologies to Kyler the subject of the piece that was going to come out from me this week. We’ll get it up though when I’m back on my feet.

Needless to say I’ve been ill since about mid day yesterday, and we’re hoping it will improve.

In the meantime. I want to get you guys  up to date on some things.


There is a new SoundCloud Exclusive edition of The Wrath of Ruthless’ Ruthless Digression.


We’ve finally paid off on that ruthless on relationships social experiment with online dating.

But also, We have this brand new podcast talk about last Thursday’s First Republican debate.

Download link for When Ruthless Wonders: The first Republican Debates <-Right click this and select save link as to download

Joining me for the first but hopefully not last time is K.A. Walker.

Soundcloud version


Check out all of it, and when I’m back up and running I’ll get you something good. Like Let’s screw with gofundme good.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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