Order is ever fleeting.

In Thermodynamics there are three laws:

First Law: The internal energy of an isolated system is Constant (which is a pretty fancy way of saying if nothing messes with that thing, then it will not change.)

Second Law: The entropy of an isolated system increases in the course of any spontaneous change. (If something touches that thing over there, it is thrown into a state of disorder. ((Which pretty much means when it is not touched it is in order))

Thrid Law:  All entropies of all perfect crystals are the same at the absolute zero of temperature. (If you can get the right conditions, that thing will not move, and if it does not move, then the order does not break.)

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, what the hell does that have anything to do with anything on this blog. Well first, you’re welcome, I probably just told you about something you had no idea existed, and two, the first two laws are some of the most profound laws I’ve ever come across in my readings. I believe myself an amateur philosopher alongside my amateur writing skills, and the one thing My goal as a philosopher is to find a way to fix this mess we seem to call society, a very hefty and tedious task, and from the marks of progress I seem to be making, impossible. I’ve accepted the fact that society will more than likely never be perfect, but, and at risk of sounding like a quote from the matrix trilogy, I could not understand why there could be no balance for the system.

On paper it makes sense, properly distribute wealth amongst the people by paying then a decent wage, which should drive down cost of living since everyone is well paid so there is no reason to hike up the prices to compensate for lack of funds, and if that happens then poverty should disappear so long as someone is willing to work leaving enough room for the disabled and elderly to rest on the backs of the young and strong.

Yet to my surprise I found that in action it does not work, why? Because people are greedy, but now I’m seeing that it is more than that. The second law, even though it is related to thermodynamics and hold no real weight (at least I don’t think people use it) in the political world, in my opinion accurately sum up just why there will never be peace, love, and abundance for the entire world. If no man is an island, then no man is in isolation, and if it is not in isolation then it is in a state of disorder, chaos. Example time: If no one touches your keys, how can they get lost? If no one goes in your room, how could things get dirty? But the sad part is people will touch your keys, and you live in your room, so it is inevitable that those two things will come to pass. Order’s natural progression, is chaos or disorder.

So no system will ever stand for eternity so long as people are allowed to modify it. Because each change, each tweak no matter how small with eventually lead to its destruction, be it in a roundabout way that could take decades or longer, or a direct way that could potentially have it down in an hour. Now don’t get me wrong, just like your messy room and lost keys, if we put the work in we can fix those problems, but because of that second law it will eventually have to be fixed again, maybe in a different way. But you see even that answer isn’t enough to really bring about peace, because for us to all work together on a problem, we first have to all acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place. We have to agree on where it is, what it is, and the solution for it. If we don’t then at best all we’ll do is hold the dam for a little while longer.

So for all you people out there who wonder why you’re relationships never seem to last, or why there is an large amount of drama in your life, take comfort in the knowledge that it is simply the way things go. Just understand that if you put the work in, you can preserve them, but it is a never ending struggle that will sometimes push you to the end of your rope, and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the energy to fight or let it all fall apart, but so long as it involves another person, you might not even be able to do that.

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