WDDIJ Presents: The Justice League “Interview With A Revolutionary”

And our second Debut today is from Revolution in A Jar. Here is his piece about the Opt Out Protest and one of its leaders.


Interview With A Revolutionary

When I envision a revolutionary I picture in my mind’s eyes one who will stand before an endless wall of storm troopers shielded by massive body shields. In one hand the revolutionary holds a gun. In the other they wield a flaming Molotov Cocktail, arm cocked and ready to throw. Behind the revolutionary is perhaps a wounded mother and child . Huddled and maimed, they’re only chance of survival depending on the gall of the revolutionary. A revolutionary by my belief is one who will sacrifice, life, the taking of life, and virtue for a cause. That cause must not be perverted by greed nor pride. That cause must be a most the sacred cause, the cause of TRUTH.

An endless list of revolutionaries has been etched in history. The question of their validity has been both contested and exalted through time. In the time we live in now there is a potential revolutionary that I decided to interview to gain some perspective on this blood ridden dance for freedom and truth known as revolution.
A nationwide movement for people of color, to boycott goods and services, from those who are not of color. Opt out To Blackout is still going strong. A boycott drive to encourage people of color to buy goods and services only from people of color. One can tell by all the negative opposition feedback it has gotten that it has certainly gotten attention. Check it out all over Facebook folks. It is set to last for an entire year. One can hope that its economic impact will be felt to the point where the establishment is forced to do more than to merely scratch at a nuisance but feel true fear and apprehension at a plausible threat.

Bianca Lewis is a driving force in Opt Out’s digital frontier. I first encountered her on a Facebook video promoting Opt Out. She was a young female with child. Who has made multiple videos promoting the Opt out movement. After first seeing her, my skepticism ran rampant. Is she for real? Is she just another mouth looking for attention? I decided for whatever reason my warped mind decided to get to know her. After talking to her on the phone, I took 8 days, then decided that my first ever journalistic article would be about her.

From these questions your opinions will begin to ferment. From my comments hopefully your opinions will take fermentation with their input. The first question though the simplest is the most important. To those who know, you don’t need to say, you already know.

ME : Are you a revolutionary?
BL : Yes, I am revolutionary and down for the cause.

A simple response. One so easily said. Yet the firmness of her words strikes something within me. Bear in mind this is a woman with child. For those of you that don’t know Snowden showed it. The NSA knows us as well as we know ourselves. In this day in age to even to make such a statement is to require courage held by a Paragon. I’m serious people. We’re all on record.

ME : How is Opt Out To Blackout turning Out?
BL : Opt out to black has sparked a fire inside of everyone to think for themselves, and become independent, and supportive.

Right now you’re asking why should I give a shit about ANOTHER boycott. BECAUSE IT’S DOING AND STANDING FOR SOMETHING IN THE FACE OF THE DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP ONLY ANONYMOUS seems to know about. We are watched people. We are recorded, and we are logged. The TRUTH , the core of all revolutionaries even in this simple statement speaks. To Bianca for this I say RESPECT. Even if Opt out fizzles out, it was an attempt at revolution in the face of Corporate Autonomy. Believe it or not that fucking counts!

Even the revolutionary can be lead down a darker path. Consider Stalin. A freedom fighter who in the end became the dictator he opposed. An ironic fate, of revolutionaries. Thus, this question :

ME : What is to stop a revolutionary from becoming that which they fought so hard to oppose?
BL : The only way a revolutionary will be defeated now, is by making the same mistakes twice. We weren’t discrete. There should be multiple leaders ;rather than one target, and watching out for infiltration. I mean there are so many tactics.

Behold the oldest of Greek myths. The Hydra with one head cut off explodes into two. Two becomes four, four becomes eight. No one leader is a target. The movement carries on regardless of assassination. It’s not new people, but it helps. If one revolutionary becomes power drunk, they are replaced by 8 others trained and heartened to carry on.

A biographical movie of Fidel Castro comes to my memory. The particular scene Che Guevara confronts his executioners and shows no fear. The revolutionary is a target. Perhaps a target soon to be forgotten after killed, or claimed by martyrdom. It is not just him however. Innocent casualties seem to be constant fodder in revolution.

ME : In any revolution there are casualties on both sides. Are you prepared for that?
BL : Of course, I am prepared for casualties! Typically people are forced to change, and unfortunate circumstances ;such as death , poverty, and desperation brings about evolution.

Damn that’s cold! Unless you believe in rebirth by whatever spiritual or religious path you follow. Yet I can feel her words. Revolution is always told in blood. Perhaps it is easy to blame the revolution. Do not miscount the establishment. Those who have cemented their power to hold in such a way the only choice to remove is through violence. They are not innocent in this. Though their media might say so.

Time will tell how Bianca Lewis continues her fight for the revolutionaries goal: THE TRUTH. For without truth what truly do we have? She is young, In her early twenties. She has spark. She has conviction. She also however has a child. Which can be an easy option for the powers that be in more sick and twisted ways that I care to mention. Revolution is alive. It is the reader’s choice to discount or I her, to discredit her. It is my choice to watch what she does in the time to come. I have not called her revolutionary. Those are her words. I call her potential. I call her possibly.

The truth in my humble opinion is the goal of all revolutionaries. For without truth how can one have freedom? I wish Bianca Lewis well, as I wish her child such. She faces disappointment. She faces torture, she faces death. We will see the result of her newly begun struggle.

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