Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: No Kings, No Masters


Now that the hook is out let’s get to it. I know you expect me to rock with N’Jadaka. And I do, sort of. Let’s get this out the way. Michael B. Jordan tore the face off this role and wore it for 2 hours. He is a better written and acted villain than Heath Ledger as the Joker, and were this note a spoiler discussion I would get into all the ways that is. Instead I want to get to a bigger point. Choice. Fair Warning: This is the new style of note, all opinion, no real research, and we’re about to get into some heavy shit, so back out now if you can’t handle Super Villain discussion.


Choice becomes less logical the larger the scale goes. And humans can’t handle it.

Often I am accused of being a conservative by liberals who don’t understand my aversion to the loss of meaning to words. One of the things that makes language work is giving things finite meaning that can be relied on by speakers. Creation of terms means the solidification of the underlying information. Math, science, philosophic thought, whatever, the underpinning of a word is used to make that word mean what it is. Choosing to expand that meaning can be detrimental. So much can be lost that as a general rule I am against that. This idea though, that thought expansion is accompanied with new word creation must include new underpinning. New foundation. Which as you have already picked up on makes me liberal to conservatives. But as you returning readers know and some of you may be smart enough to guess, is far from reality. In reality I don’t rock with democracy. I think it is idiotic in the civilization sense, to entrust humans as we currently are to use a higher level governance system which requires an evolutionary progression we have not reached yet. Let me unpack that for you.

We have a mostly unlimited capacity for thought expansion. But, because we evolved based on tool use, and possibly the influence of psychedelics/psychotropics that occurred naturally, we are very prone to, and unfortunately accustomed to thinking beyond our ability. When I was in high school, aka the good boy years, a teacher put forth an interesting idea. His name is Chad Ryerson. he said, “We are limited by our vocabulary. Until we get the words to describe something we can’t create it.” At the surface you want to reject that. The creation of something like say A deathstar requires science and math. But don’t look at the surface. look deeper. We can’t explain how to uni-directionally combine multiple lasers into a single strike utilizing a crystalline stabilization chamber and resulting in instant planet size explosion. Once we can describe each part of that creation is assured. That is thought expansion beyond human ability. The very concept of it.

And yet, in human interaction we refuse to apply this logic. I said in my return snippet that society is the corruption of civilization by the nature of our humanity disease. I meant that. What it means to be human and humanity are not the same. Our collective ability to think and progress is not the definition of human, AI can be created to do something on par with this and soon far more than this. Our traditional notion of limits, barriers, and our general conventions on what IS human are our humanity. And it is a disease that we have been unable to fully cure through evolution so far. Older pieces have talked about the idea of the 150. That our brains can really only keep track of 150 people. The concept of us them tactics being resource scarcity tactics that prolonged various tribes, and older proto-human groupings that would become Homo-Saipen. We kept these far longer than necessary. Even at the point of the middle ages the use of this held back the world using the advanced understandings of the Muslim world. AKA Europe being EXTRA.

But let’s not spend 3 hours talking about past subjects. Civilization is progress. Development from and to a point. But our biological imperatives, combined with the genetic disease of humanity turned us into creatures in need of society. How is that any other than corruption? But knowing what we should be and being it are not the same. Something a good friend who is a staunch communist and another who is a staunch conservative don’t understand is the systems they back require a human who has evolved beyond our biggest issue. Human greed and avarice. we must solve them to make anything else viable. Until then, we will fail at the idea of democracy and the evolution to communism. And make no mistake, capitalism and conservative democracy will always head towards communism. Because once everyone is not restricting what other people do they work collectively to accomplish things. Through evolution? Communism. Through blood-letting? Socialism then communism.

But like I said, we don’t have the right brain for it yet. And as you may have noticed I’m building on the previous pieces and concepts to get to it. We have too many choices. At a personal level it is fine. What you think, who you love, what you do with your life in particular? Totally fine. But once you have people with singular backgrounds and human social attachments in charge of the direction of human group management in any form, you run into problems. Particularly so in governance. Because the social disease corrupts the logic of a human to value personal social attachments. Which becomes more malicious the more people you add. We have a planet of 7 billion. That is enough thought power to take over planets, terraform solar systems, reach into new dimensions of space and time. Instead we are so fractured that the existential dread of the human condition traps us into survival mode and that us them scarcity problem. What happens when the control of large scale organization and group management is taken out of the circle of corruption? Progress. In place of our operating system that is corrupted we get a pristine OS with all new software to utilize us more completely and more positively.

But more humans means more corruption and machines lose the understanding of what it means to be human. So what replaces it? A Technocrat Philosopher King. Learning from the best minds, growing with a sense of humans as a collective species with individual thoughts, instead of our current actions as an individualist species with collective thoughts. And what old is new. Plato put forth the idea of technocracy 2400 years ago give or take a few decades. Human thought outstripped human ability then as it does now. In short, a they would be developed by a combination of genetic and educational engineering. True experts in multiple fields developed while divorcing themselves from social attachments inherent in current human life to create a sub specie of un-corrupted technocrats from which a single leader is found. And they govern on a planetary scale. We have heroes and villains in reality and our fiction who which to tear down borders and end oppressive traditions. But those are pieces, not wholesale change. What’s T’Challa’s movie last name? Think about it.

But to all of you that is radical, and you think your personal life choices would be impacted. That is the disease of humanity corrupting your view of civilization without society. And again without spoiling Black Panther, the resistance is at play under the layers of the film. Killmonger and T’Challa are mirror images of attempts at Philosopher Kings within the bounds of corrupted humanity. Loki as wrong as he is during the course of Avengers gets one thing right. Humans are meant for now to have singular leadership. Our capacity to reach internally outstrips our ability to reach collectively. And we must evolve to break the cycle. Which brings us out of the philosophy of civilization and human evolution and into the film. Killmonger is right. Now this is not just me agreeing with the other super villain in the room. I opened by saying I agree with him, sort of. We must burn down what came before to build anew. Just like he says in the trailer. But, Killmonger is looking to eliminate. I look to elucidate.

You made a choice to read this piece. You made a choice to continue reading it. And at the level these choices were so small for you that you probably didn’t even think about them. And that is what I mean. Choice at the low levels makes sense. But we have not evolved that choices at the high levels makes sense for all 7+ billion of us. That’s the difference between reading this and sharing it to friends, and reading this and deciding that you want to found a religion based on my ideas. You know, like L Ron’s idiots. Anyway, The matrix would tell you the problem is choice. But the problem isn’t choice, just how we got to it. Choice in the corrupt society is illogical for humans. In the space of the evolution of humans to earthlings? It is the solution. But I’ve gone on and on. How does this tie into No Kings, No Masters? Think about what you’ve read and you’ll see the thread. It isn’t about anarchy and the death of rulers, but makes sense all the same. That said, I might need you to bury me in the ocean when the time comes too.

-THE Ruthless Wonder


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