Note from your favorite Super villain: Harsh truth is more than a hashtag (part 1)

Today we’re going to forgo the newly often appearing pics and video for a select couple of important images, and lots and lots of me. Why? because honestly the entire idea of this still being a thing has pissed me off so much I had to stop myself from jumping down someone’s throat in polite company over the weekend. The internet is a weird place, so getting under my skin when I’m watching the fight with friends is not an easy thing. Anyway, we’ll get to that in a moment. First up I want to talk to you about more than Baltimore. Because as you might have notice the title is about harsh truth. So let’s loosen up with someone who’s so much bigger than me she’ll never read this.

Hilary Clinton is so clearly inferior as a candidate to Elizabeth Warren I laugh when people attempt to even talk about her legitimacy

When you look at political announcement season, and believe me we will be looking more and more at it as we gear up for a campaign season without Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central, there are a few truths. The first is that usually the earliest and latest announcements are losers. Since 1992 with Slick Willie Clinton, the people announcing who are truly frontrunners and have a clear mandate from Americans usually save their announcements for after a few of their rivals pop up. And that is for good reason. 1 they usually have to deal with wondering if leaving their current situation is really worth it. 2, they have no need to subject themselves to the process that ultimately makes everyone sick of them by the end early. They know people are down with them. They don’t need more.

Hil-dog, as South Park coined(credit: comedy central, Matt Parker, & Trey Stone), was essentially the first one from the democrats to do so. Why? Well if you back Hilary you say it was a savy move because no one believed she wasn’t running. If you’re a super villain it is running through your brain that she had to announce so people would be distracted from getting out a better candidate. One who doesn’t want to and has said no to running. And frankly a candidate who would be both better for America and for that party that you. After getting run over by the Obama hype trains so hard she ended up working for him, Hilary isn’t going to make a mistake twice.

But the savy nature of her moves are what will again undo her. Because she is Queen of the savy moves people think of her as sneaky. You know, like use a personal email that you later delete savy. And while I certainly like her more than who we have in the race at the moment she isn’t the best person for the job. Why? Because she’s the same corporate schill the rest of them are. She doesn’t plan to hold people accountable. She’s not the second coming of Bill Clinton. She’s not a Female Obama. She’s Hilary Clinton, who voted for the Iraq war, who gives speaking engagements to the banks she was supposed to help regulate, she couldn’t be more pro financial corps and anti average American if she took photos for instagram with your tax money. But Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for now. And unless she changes her mind we are at harsh truth 1.


Now do I like that? No not at all. But this Note is about hard and harsh truths, and this one should have made you shudder. As for who I think is tied with her on her worst day? Well that’s for a more election focused article. I’m not exactly ready to do that one yet. We’ll get there. But just remember if I say anything nice about any candidate it is in the context of my candidate not being in the race. So let’s move on. i have a lot to say in this part, so much we might need 3 parts to this. And since I basically have this week to myself, plenty of space to do it.

Before you ask black people to side with your minority struggle you should be helping with theirs

Charlamagne tha god might be the official prince of pissing people off, but I’m well aware what I’m about to say is going to do a very good job at it as well. The QUILTBAG(which I will shorten to LGBT for the purpose of simplicity) community, the feminists, the socialists, the communists, and the MRAs/The MGTOWS can all collective shut quote “THE FUCK” unquote up for the next 6 months as far as I am concerned. Why? Glad you asked. As Baltimore descended into media misinformation and relatively small chaos, where were you? As Ferguson dealt with the aftermath of injustice, where were you? When Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Trayvon Martin, and too many more to name were gunned down by police where have you been?

I ask because there have been other groups getting involved. Anonymous stepped up. Multiple big and small Latino and Asian organizations have come to stand in solidarity. Religious groups, Comedians(including oddly enough Bill Maher and Daniel Tosh), The President, The First Lady, the Band Cake(who I passingly liked and now may so much more attention to), Star Athletes, and ESPN personalities, have all hopped in with a word, a photo, money, supplies, or just straight up showing up to march. Can Freddie Gray get a press release GLAAD? How about from you NOW? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Now some folks will say “But Ruthless, that isn’t their mission.” To you dolts, I point to the civil rights movement, the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the increase in minimum wage, as well as just about every tight election ever. Look folks, it is really simple. It took multiple groups with different missions to accomplish anything in America. But even more so now, I don’t care about your struggle is par for the course. Yet everyone asks for black people who have admittedly had the best success in getting civil rights pushed forward, to come care about theirs. Why? What exactly have you been doing for black people that they should care? I mean let’s take a look at my major annoyances here.

Why should black people help out the LGBTs when every time there is a major issue you all get quiet as church mice? Now I can’t blame all gay people, that would be stupid, but where is your press release of support? How about a few tweets? Maybe a moment of selfless participation on an issue so in front of your faces the potential Presidential candidates are already being questioned about it? Same goes for the feminists. You want black people to care about your struggles currently, How about not helping turn that mother who decided beating her son for being at THE SAME PROTEST SHE WAS AT, should be a hero because she’s a single mom. I hear MGTOWs and MRAs talking about wanting better protection in the legal system for fathers specifically and men in general. What I don’t hear is about he masses of MGTOWs and MRAs coming to Baltimore to deal with the police brutality. Not even to South Carolina for a murder by police based on a man’s warrants for child support. That’s right up your alley and you do/did nothing.

Contrast with this(Yes more Elizabeth Warren, skip to 6:39 for the part I’m talking about)


Did you notice who was working with her way back then? La Raza, NAACP, AARP, Consumer Reports. 4 names not normally heard at the same time. All of which said “This isn’t our first issue, but it affects us so we’ll help.” correct me if I’m incorrect, but the same oppressive majority culture effects all your groups right? SO what are you and your members and self-identifying supporters doing? Nothing? Yeah I caught that. So we’re at harsh truth number 2.

Until you lift a finger to help deal with police and wannabe’s murdering black people like we hopped in a portal to the late 1800’s I and most black people don’t care if you get to marry, get equal wages, fix the gender, age, race, sex, and political inequalities. So join the fight or fight on your own.

There is a reason black people and certain other minority groups often are comfortable around each other and seem to work well with each other. We often find they are happy to help fight injustice. And lest you think this is about just those who belong to communities outside the black community I point you to my constant critique of the so-called “Pro=Blacks” on Facebook, twitter, reddit, and youtube. They are always all about their people and anti white people but use creations of white people to speak their message. They often have time to make videos and talk down to everyone, but don’t contribute to the funds of charities that help black people, or volunteer time to help out underprivileged folks in their community. They’ll talk a big game, may participate in a couple things a year, but somehow they don’t have time for anything important. Like I said, until you join the fight, we don’t care, I don’t care, and your pleas will continue to fall on deaf ears. Why? Because you’ve shown to be just like the people you claim to oppose. You only care about black people inside a certain box. So do fundamentalist Christian Conservative Republicans.

We aren’t done. But I will be saving 3 and 4 for tomorrow. Maybe even part 5 tomorrow. Why? Isn’t it obvious? Because…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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