And now…A new hour begins

Your brain is feeding you correct information, I assure you. That weird feeling in the back of your mind that says this can’t be happening is, in fact, incorrect. You are here, reading these words. And as it were, so am I. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. You deserve it.

Crazy how life goes. For 3 years my Monday schedule included frantically editing and prepping the piece I wrote over the course of the last week. And then getting it shared all over my various social media sites. Stressing over content. Straight up harassing my writers until they get me a post. And wheeling and dealing to get more done. At the end, I added a site, a couple youtube channels, some merch, and way more affiliations than I ever expected. Hell if things kept as they were I’d have been shilling products in ads for the site. Again, crazy times.

But that all came at a cost. 300 thousand views was great. And the love on the podcast was wonderful. But it wore me into a husk of myself. I had to let it go. And soon life consumed the podcast right along with it. All I had built up, dashed against the rocks of hubris. And that was in fact where you would have found me in August until the end of December. Different plans in 2016 and 2017, off to LA and quite unfortunately back to cold KC until later in this Year Of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen. lol. But seriously. After 3 years of massively overworking myself, 2 years of looking for a new plan and of course the usual setbacks and pitfalls of relocating, I feel comfortable in this space. But do you? I said years ago my greatest hobby is resurrection. And what better to raise from mostly dead(Only thing you can do with all dead is go through the pockets for loose change) the site that really got things together?

This of course means Mondays now belong to Your Favorite Super Villain once again. There have been a lot pretenders on the throne. And more than a few friendly assassins. To say nothing of the wolves in sheep’s clothing incidents. But I assure you. The monster you made. The silver tongued villain with a smooth grin. The mirror to a world he gives no quarter. THE Ruthless Wonder not a ruthless wonder. Is back. So let’s get the rest of this rundown done before I get to something I want to blog about today. What does resurrection mean? Besides a return to form, I am bringing back a few of our ideas in a new format.

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain – A great idea in theory it just didn’t have a focus.And really anything from me could be considered that right? So revamp. Once a month this will address a major issue in what could be considered a more rant fashion. Pure opinion, very little research, consider this your chance to see what’s been pissing me off lately.

When Ruthless Wonders – This really didn’t have anything. it was just a clever title I rocked with from time to time. So new format. Look for any philosophic thoughts in this branding. Relaxed, not really having an answer, or definitive position, just a topic worth considering.

Weekends with Ruthless – Gone. I love y’all but I need the weekends.

Weekends Don’t Do It Justice/Wknd Life – This is why Weekends with Ruthless is gone. All of the gaming, film, and story content will get rolled into Wknd Life, and that will have a rebranding once we bring it properly into the WDDIJ fold later this year.

The WDDIJcast/The Wrath Of Ruthless/Give No Quarter/Cheater’s Guide To The Universe/Mid City Wrestling/Streamlife – Man I got plans for the Youtube side of things. Y’all don’t even know. lol but for real, I’m going to be working with a number of current, former, and new content creators for all the video content which means a lot of revamping/rebranding/updates. Watch both WDDIJ and my person channel “The Ruthless Arakhan” over the next few weeks for what is going on there.

And now the biggest part. The lovely Reign. She went hunting for me, I said no. She resurrected the Twitter account, I said no. She started posting again with some great and truly brave pieces, I said no but I was getting the itch. And now I’m back. Actually here posting for you. Thank her all over Social Media, In person if you know her, and any other non creepy/pervy/fucked-up method you so happen to have. Because yes, this resurrection is because she’s that damn awesome. STILL. I’m not going to commit her to any particular schedule, but as she develops one of her own look forward to her posts as well.

And now with all the massive site stuff down. Let’s get to a topic shall we?


Your Interests aren’t personal…anymore

One of my many interests as astute former and current readers know is wrestling. I got introduced to wrestling by my grandfather when we would watch old NWA/WCW on TBS when I was visiting them in Southern Missouri. I started watching on my own as I got older, and despite some times I walked away from the product in all forms, I’ve returned to it in the time since I stopped writing over here. Obviously, something so large in the public space looms over some people’s opinions of you as a person. With wrestling in particular, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I literally write promos and edit WWE 2k18 gameplay footage for a fake Wrestling show on my YT channel. But for some people, this particular interest is a problem in their lives. They feel the negative impact of being called a wrestling fan.

That negative impact of a interest largely depends on the other people you put in your circle. So it should come at no surprise that your interests aren’t personal anymore, but it does. And this isn’t the internet’s fault, directly. Fan Clubs, and other interest based groups have been around at least as long as civilization. Trade Unions are at base form, similarly talented people with a shared interest in the same methods. So from Masons and Fraternities, to the Diogenes Club, to your group chat, we’ve always had interest based groups. What I mean when I say your interests aren’t personal anymore is different. I don’t mean private either. Though with Google knowing your search history, it is safe to say your interests might not be private either ya sicko.

No, what I mean is they aren’t personal anymore. You could say that is more to do with the ubiquity of the internet, but I think it has more to do with the evolution of corruption of civilization we call society. I would put forth for you today that societies, cannot actually regress. They can shift to a new paradigm, rendering previous advances and progression moot, or invalidating their former place. But that isn’t regression. That’s straight up change. And your interests have, because of society’s paradigm shift, become fair less personal to the point of being public. Let’s get deeper here.

Around the point were geek/nerd culture was adopted as mainstream bankable we had a shift that some would say is obvious. Most people have something that others would consider geeky or nerdy that they like. Once that becomes socially acceptable, other interests are likely to as well. So the sports fan/former player who loves fantasy football will soon be able to also show their love of also playing video games. And then their comic book love. And suddenly they look up and everyone is inviting them to check out an online game of Warhammer40k while the game is on. That same story goes on across interests. Certainly there are negative effects. Nazis feel comfortable now, and that is bad for us all. Pedos and other sick and disgusting undesirables have an easier path of linking together. But civilized people also have a benefit in counteracting these groups.

A number of comedians, a few social commentators, and of course that one friend on facebook, have been heard to say the best way to fight the problem of leaked nude photos of yourself is for everyone to take and post a photo and then no one is private anymore. While at some point I know we’ll end up in a society that has decided only your thoughts are private, we aren’t there yet. And for me that is a good thing. However, that idea is at the base of this topic. So that you can safely indulge in the things you like, we have all exposed them to each other. What you used to hide, we all see. What we used to hide, you see. And the things you love define how you interact with the world around you. Your interests belong to society, and everything from your targeted ads online, to the obsession you have with dive bars, to the group chats you have for the different circles of friends are all about that paradigm shift in society.

Nothing used to annoy me more than people decided who was and wasn’t a real fan. It is the modern age version of the No true Scotsman. But the gatekeeping mentality present in that idea does erode in the face of these changes. We get somewhere by giving into this idea. Perhaps the end of the corruption that is society and a return to civilization. Who knows. But lack of personality to interests comes at a personal cost. Remember the first slice of pizza, sandwich, beer, soda, musician, actor, game you ever experienced? Probably not. But you remember the experience that you decided was your favorite? Of course. But you remember fewer and fewer of those experiences as time goes on. Because we have decided that not only are you able to find out everything about something you decide you even kind of like, but you can connect to as many people who also like that thing. And you can even get ones at the same level you are. Not sure if you like artisan cheeses, or just the one you had last night? 20 minutes of Google and you’ll have a discord for people who are trying to do the same thing.

That is by definition no longer personal anymore. All interests, yes yours, mine, and everyone’s belong to all of us. But as I close I know what you’re thinking. What about cultures not in the first world? What about cultures who disavow technology? What about ones that don’t interact with outside groups. I’ve talked a lot, so I’m gonna keep this short. How do you know about them? because some else went looking right? I’ve made my point. Global civilization may just be on the horizon. Society may in fact be drawing us to it. Because once your interests are every ones. What about borders? What about the ideas of ethnicity? What about ideas of race? What about the idea of humanity? What about the very concept of Sentient existence? I’ve said before I think we need to move to the cosmos and stop focusing on this blue death ball we live on, but I’ll save that for a podcast. For now. Welcome back to Words Don’t Do It Justice. I am THE Ruthless Wonder not a ruthless wonder. And you are witnessing the beginning of the next hour. Damn it feels good to be back. Words don’t do it justice…

THE Ruthless Wonder

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