Story Time: New Beginnings

Months ago, I was in a very unpleasant place. I was living in a hotel after waking up alone to find the kitchen on fire. My father was getting sicker. I had lost hope and couldn’t see anything as positive, or good for myself because so much had fallen apart. One night, with my hotel suite full of friends, all I could do was lay in the dark and cry. Then he came in the room, laid next to me, and offered his company. I don’t remember him saying much; whether I asked or if he offered, but he held me while I cried. That wasn’t the Not Giving Upfirst time that he was exactly what I needed when I needed it most, but I count that time as one of several turning points that brought me to where I am today. He’ll probably never know how much what he did that night meant to me or why, but I am grateful to him every day.

I’m sitting in a place I feel comfortable calling home. I’m in a new city, a new state, and living a new life that is all mine. A year ago today, I could barely see how I was going to get here, only that I needed to get here. Of course there were other steps and epiphanies; turning points and points of no return. You might find yourself feeling lost, insecure, or all manner of done. Doors will seem to close, and you might think that you’re all out of options and opportunities. Your mind might tell you all kinds of untruths that could cause you to act against your best interests; the kinds that make you think you can’t. I am here to Require you to Do More and Better for yourself. Ask for help. Talk to a friend. Open yourself up and let someone in.  Stop standing in the way of your own new beginning. Doing More and Requiring Better isn’t just about how you interact with the world around you, it’s about Doing More of whatever you can to make everything about your world Better.

So this is it: Do More & Require Better.
Not just because I said so, but because knowing that your life has new meaning, new focus, new purpose, new drive is worth the effort.

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