Did you miss me?

Of course you missed me. What has it been now? a month plus? Yeah I know I know, I’ve been gone so long you forgot all about THE Ruthless Wonder not A Ruthless Wonder. Before I get to today’s topic, which has more to do with that title than you realize, I want to say a few thank yous.

First to the person I often have to lean on in these odd moments where life and blogging conflict and I need to bounce, REIGN! Seriously, I told her what was going down and she said I got you. Not even a question. Ain’t she awesome? Thank you Reign, somethings are impossible to do around here without you.

Second to Ruminated Thoughts, Kudo, and Reason. You guys stepped in and held it down while I was out.  Your commitment will be rewarded, trust me.

To our WDDIJ Partner in Super Villainy 9to5 Gamer and their Big Boss Bami O.

To our friends over at Geek Street Radio, Me Myself and Miles, Geek Minds Think Alike, The Contemporary Urban Male, The Extraordinary Adventures of a Black Nerd, Geek Illuminati, and of course that secret Kabal of uberness we call THE SUPERFANS! You guys keep us up and though I’ve been neglecting you(and SoundCloud) lately, I thank you for all the support.

Thanks to our international readers as well. Hopefully, I’ll get you guys someone who is more into your issues soon too.

Now a brief announcement.

Tenebris Veritatis

Obviously you saw this new writer can come in with teeth kicking freshness. That wasn’t a 1 off, get ready for more. Along with returns from many of your favorite alumni. Who? Well that would ruin the surprise. I’ll simply say they both are among the most requested returns, and getting them to write isn’t hard, but getting them time to do it is very…difficult.

GI Vantinel

So recently my ambitious machinations have led to a foray into E sports. We have plans for far more investment into it, but I wanted to start with someone I know and like first. Vandaveas Gaskin aka GI Vantinel is our first E-Athlete. Check out his Youtube Channel here of course. And click on this for his twitch stream. But you can see him take on the competition on  “Dengeki Bunko Fighzting Climax” “Melty Blood” at CEOTaku October 17 – 18 in Orlando, FL. There is so much more to come. And a much bigger announcement regarding him, WDDIJ, 9to5, and of course my shadowy parent company 314 Publishing. You might say my Imperial Dreams are being “produced.” Anyway if you know a good E-Athlete that for now wants more of a sponsor type relationship for right now, you know my email.

Julian Bond and Act of Aggression Contests

Well I must say, I planned to have to fork over a lot of dough for a great book and game. Our “Her Story” giveaway had a lot of participants. Not the same for these two. Not one person entered. So I’ll be purchasing the book for one of our Superfans. And Act of Aggression will be going to…well someone that it isn’t important to announce anymore.

Serious note for a moment, I do these contests to give back to you some of the many things you’ve given me. I’m not mad, sad, or otherwise disappointed that you didn’t enter. But it is surprising. We’re going to tailor these kinds of things to you, so don’t be surprised when things shift in the offers.

Okay I think that is everything. Now on to the actual blog post for the day.

Did you miss me?

One of the most jarring parts of my move to Saipan has been the time difference. It is one thing to go from Pacific to Eastern. It is quite another to go from Central Standard to the other side of the international Date Line. I’m in the Future, it is Wednesday, and yes that gets amazingly weird. So weird in fact that I often miss the time to call my Mother, certain friends, or general business contacts. So then I have to wait all over again. The frustration is palpable right now. But it will go away. I’ve been assured of that.

In the majority of TV shows when someone is gone this far away it means that the rest of the cast either has a single line of communication, or completely forgets about the person. Usually this is because the person is filming a movie, or they needed time off, or the producer is an angry twatwaffle and wants to ruin the show with this stupid idea(ie Daniel being written off SG1 as being “Ascended,” and yes I am still mad) Regardless, as you know life for those the person is leaving still goes on.

We see this in personal relationships as well. Think right now about your circles of friends over your life. Statistically speaking you know at least 1 male and 1 female who have had a long distance relationship. And 35% of you have been in a long distance or Online only relationship. Those numbers are growing, but we’ll get to that. Think about the ones that failed at this long distance dance of love. There is more commonality with the TV example than you realize. Because no matter how great the person, over extended time, and without something more hazardous like being in a military family with someone off to war, the mental attrition crushes you. And you have to make a choice. More often than not, that choice is stay or let each other go.

But what if it weren’t?

I’m not about to suggest teleportation, so calm down geeks and nerds, this isn’t a sci-fi column(Sidenote: favorite part of living out here? Rewatching farscape with people who haven’t seen it before. I still have a thing for Gigi Edgley and Raelee Hill(Seriously bring my show back or people will be injuried)) No, instead I’m talking about the difference between even 2010 and 2015 as far as long distance. How do I best keep in touch? Skype calls, Google Hangouts, Glyde, Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, GotoMeeting, twitter, periscope, fraking Gmail Chat and the mightiest of South Pacific phone apps, WECHAT(MWilliamsEsquire add me).

I say all that to say communicating isn’t what it was even a little while ago. You can keep in touch with anyone. I magicapp/magicjack my mom in KC so I’m not wasting data on my cell. It can easily be done is what I’m saying. So how does that impact relationships? And how the frell does that at all deal with the post title? Well it should be obvious to all you super fans, but I’ll go ahead anyway.

The other standard trope of characters gone away for a long time is starting the call with do you miss me? And when they of course return because the producers finally stopped snorting lines and realized they were killing the show, they often triumphantly say “Did you miss me?” Oddly enough that question is rarely answered. Because you know the emotion the show is trying to convey. The person isn’t asking the show characters, it is asking you the audience.

I find myself wondering about these personal relationship effects considering my own status now as that character on the other side of the world. I’m the guy doing things people have no idea about as they continue their lives. Of course this means I may be entirely forgotten by the next time I go home to visit. And I don’t really know what I think of it. But just like I’m saying about the precious by-gone notion of the effect on TV of our technology, I have my ways to keep in touch back in KC. Just like I have my ways for all my law school friends in FL. And they can get in touch with me easily. So much so that other than me talking to you from March the 29th in the year of our Lord 7,890,321, everything is well communicated, just in small bursts.

So when I get home to visit, will I have to say Did you miss me? No, I know most of the things going on and they’ll know most of mine. Will I say it? Of course, it is nice to feel like you still mean something to your friends and family no matter how far and how villainous you are. Besides, it will then be a lot easier to convince them to come visit. Though any Saipan and Chill(Credit: Esteemed Colleague Vanessa Cotto) sessions will have to be negotiated separately ladies…

The view from my house in Saipan. "We Can Saipan and Chill then have "Coffee In the Morning" But I'm not Miguel."
The view from my house in Saipan.
“We Can Saipan and Chill then have “Coffee In the Morning” But I’m not Miguel.”

I could tell you a ton about Saipan, what I’m doing, and a bunch of other things but…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!

THE Ruthless Wonder

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