Green Grass and Bright Lights Episode 2: Pump ya breaks kiddo.

“You can’t f with Lu Cre MO, You can’t f with Lu Cre MO.” No one is chanting this currently but I think its catchy, think that old 7 nation army song. Anyway, thanks for the views, the last video got 500. Long way from Messi sure, but you guys love me. Let’s here it loud Exeter!

Sorry. I’m just a little stoked after that last Exeter City match. My first every Man of the match, 4 goals,

“3 assists, and 9.8 rating while playing the whole game. YEAH YEAH WE KNOW Lucrémo.”

“Seriously you people sit here and watch him talk about how awesome he is?

“This is the same lame man who did a victory lap after picking up a girl at bar 2 weeks ago. We are clearly the better heroes for you to worship.”

And now that the peanut gallery is done hijacking this vlog, I’ll see you guys after the Wales and Spain matches. OH and Chesterfield and Torquay United! The three of us are planning to put on a show these next few games. Peace, Love, and Lucrémo!


“Its the man himself at a dive like The Arena? I’m the guy the Express and Echo has writing about you. So I saw your name on TV but you didn’t play, are you hurt or something?”

“Nah Klinsmann is just saving my boy here for the big show next week. Lucrémo is the big US secret weapon, The Spanish Slaughterer, the French Flayer…


“I swear to God, I hate you two some nights.”

“Shut up and take the free drinks bro.”

“Seriously though, next game is Spain, My Boy is getting the start and its going to be amazing.”

“Yeah yeah, he’ll be great unti you two have to face us.”

“The Dutch could use an up close and personal. After all if I’m going to get in at United I need to make RVP look like a lightweight.”

“Just gonna up and leave if they come calling huh?”

“Nah, I’m here for the year, unless they send me away. So you know, Cheer louder for the 3 of us.”

second lucremo paper

Oct. 20, 2013 “So now the newspaper guys are all over the bar we go to? Terrific.”

“Yeah yeah, price of fame Matt, you gotta get used to it.”

“Lol the price of fame in Exeter City. Sooooo, going to suit up in the Red, White and Blue now?”

“They don’t need me, they have the man the myth the legend in the flesh, LUCREMO!!! lol But seriously, i haven’t decided, If I get on with Germany we could easily win it all.”

“Yeah but you might be a sub, You come home to the US with me, We win, you and I hold up that trophy, and we showcase exactly how good we are.”

“You two forgot how you never get a chance to score because of my defenese.”

“Sounds like a bet to me.”

“I have a better one. We each pick a game to show these League 2 fans what we can do.”

“What’s the prize?”

“Worst one pays for the trip to Amsterdam next month.”

“Deal, I’ll take the next game.”

“Okay but any training injuries are auto loss.”


October 30th

Well folks I promised you another show. And that you to everyone who came on the road to roar with us as we put the boots to Torquay! 7 goals, on the road, for an 8-1 win? You guys keep cheering like that on the road and I’ll have to start doing more than sneak in video of Julian doing the Dougie. Oh and shout out to Shinji for being named player of the month. I’m going to win one of these eventually.

But sadly I do have to admit the rumors you heard are true, I’m going to be on the shelf for a couple weeks. That was an actually fairly bad challenge that caught me in the foot during the Capital One Cup Match with Newcastle. Yes I’m happy for the win, and the 4 goals, but my foot is killing me. The doc says it isn’t too serious, and with rest I’ll be fine. But I traded in my soon to be sponsored cleats for a pillow until I’m all set. Oh and Super T(Yes he still hates the nickname which is why we keep saying it.) wanted to say he’s sorry for that slide in the box.

The fellas and I were going to tell you about the bet we have going, but they cancelled it when they saw me go down late in the game. So I’ll see you at….hmmm I think the next match I can play is the J Paint trophy match on November 12th with MK Dons. Guess I’ll see you then. Peace, Love, and Lucrémo!

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