Lesson 4: Given More to Handle

So I’m sitting here under voluntary quarantine from work, watching anime between sleep and muffled conversations with one tissue after another and I am reminded of lesson that seems pretty applicable today…

God will most definitely give you more than you can handle, and for those occasions, we are supposed to lean on each other for the strength to move forward, and overcome. Would the Civil Rights Movement have gotten anywhere if not for a massive following, and support from white people? Would Woman’s Suffrage have been a thing if not for all the women an men fighting for the cause? Would I be losing this battle to bacteria or viral infection if they weren’t uniting against the tyranny of my immune system? And most applicably, I won’t get better if I don’t get something into my system to back up, boost, and rally my weakened internal troops so they can show the invading army of Influenza what germ warfare is really about.

Some people turn to faith and others turn to friends and family whenHelp times get rough, but the result is the same. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: there’s no point in there being so many people on this planet if we weren’t meant to really do it all alone. No matter what the circumstance, there is always someone out there who will help. Even when you think that you’ve tapped every resource and phone every friend, there is still probably some stranger out there who is just looking for someone to do something good for.

I recently heard someone complaining about how alone they are, and how no one has ever been there to lend a hand or be supportive. I just so happens that I know them well, and have some insight on their story. This person has been blessed one person, stranger, or happenstance after another. Things might not always be perfect, but they do tend to fall into place. Even now this person has people around them who are always willing to lend a hand and be supportive, an all they do is complain about the way the help is provided. It’s never good enough, or the way they would have offered to assist… Luckily, their blessings have not been taken from them, but nothing lasts forever.

So many times I’ve told stories and discussed the importance of gratitude and appreciating the people who have been placed in your life to help handle those things that are too much to handle alone. I don’t think this will be the last. There are very few things more important than recognizing the people who’ve been placed in your life to help you when you think you can’t handle any more. Those are the people for whom you must Do More and Require Better from yourself for. After are, they are Doing More and Requiring Better for you.

Do More. Require Better.

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