The Curious Case of Kuro Shinobi[The Black Ninjas] or “How I met Lee Williams”

So Facebook is usually the walking dead for me. I have my group, and usually there is someone in my group of friends who tragically jumps out the window by being a friendly assassin. Often someone takes my blog post personally or reveals their biases. And the usual conspiracy theory stuff. So I’m understandably on alert when friend requests come through from places unexpected. One of my hilarious contradictions is that if you have the same name as I do I’m usually quick to accept, and I’m usually nicer to folks with my last name on first meeting as well. Go figure. However on the day I got a friend request from Lee Williams I was already in the middle of a then raging conflict with multiple friends and former associates over my loyalties to certain folks. Long story short, that was a day many friends were removed, and a nice glass of Bourbon and a cigar were had as I laughed at the insanity.

In moments of accepting, Lee was telling me about who he was and why he sent the request. We happened to be in the same group on facebook so it wasn’t just a random request. And then we started talking movies. Specifically his movie, and my current screenwriting projects (Shout out to everyone who’s endured looking at pieces of “In All Good Conscience”). But I came away exceedingly impressed on a number of fronts. Mostly I was impressed at his rational ambition. He wasn’t adding a lot of pufferies. He was focused, and the vision he was putting into the film was focused as well. In the conversations afterwards I told him I would be happy to lend our little corner of the internet to talk about the film. So a little while ago when he said he was ready to drop a clip soon I was ready. In fact, this part you are reading was written a little over a week ago. So sorry it is so long.

So Black Ninjas is well…epic. I won’t divulge what I’ve been given of the rest of the story, but let’s just say this clip is not the end of the awesome. This is literally just the opening. Soon we’ll have a full sitdown with Lee about the film, and about the Kickstarter project to finish the film. But for now, I wanted make sure I got this up for you, our readers, so you can enjoy as well. Be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media stuff.

Lee Williams on Instagram: BlackNinja13
Lee Williams on Twitter: KuroShinobi89
Lee Williams on Facebook: Lee Williams

Now that you’ve shown the man some love. Here’s the amazing opening to The Black Ninjas:

Here is the link to the video on Facebook for our readers who can’t see video normally from our site.

Click the picture to See the video on Facebook.
Click the picture to See the video on Facebook.

And here is a link to The Black Ninjas if you can’t click the picture.

Now I could go on and on about how good this is, or how much you should be interested in Lee’s project. But…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!!

U mad bro

– THE Ruthless Wonder

P.S. Almost forgot these are the earlier trailers for The Black Ninjas that are up on Youtube.

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