Jake&Jamie 12/23/14

Welcome to the Love/Supernatural World of Reason…

Dear Jake,

Wow, so that’s the kind of guy you are? You push special kids down a flight of steps to be a part of the “in” crowd. Lmbo OMG, I really thought you were going to say, ‘I like teenage boys on the weekends,’ or something like that. Smh. Is it bad that I burst out laughing when I read what you did? I guess we’re both horrible people. We must belong together LOL! Well, now that I’ve heard your secret I don’t feel so bad telling you mine. But I’ll save that for later…build up the suspense and all. Anyway I think it’s really sexy that you want to learn to play the saxophone; it’s a beautiful instrument. And you can definitely play for me anytime, anywhere 😉 .

So to answer some of your question, uh I don’t actually like kids. I’ve considered having them, but I don’t know, it just seems like a lot of responsibility. That’s why I teach. I enjoy the kids for a couple hours and then I get to go home, LOL. You mentioned you were selling your business, why is that?

My childhood was pretty normal as well. I am an only child. I had an older sister who died before I was born, she was about two when she died. My parents don’t really talk about it. All I know is she ran out into the street and was hit by a drunk driver. They never caught the guy. Anyway, enough of my violin worthy story…

As far as likes and dislikes, I like animals too. I don’t actually own any, but I wouldn’t mind having a few. I did have a fish once, but it died. Apparently you have to feed them more than twice a month, SMH someone should really put that on an instructions manual. But don’t worry, if I have kids one day, I know to feed them more than twice a month. I think it’s awesome that you want to live on a farm though. I lived on a farm for a couple of years. It is a lot of work! Feeding the horses and chickens twice a day, I REPEAT IT IS A LOT OF WORK. I guess my parents didn’t spoil me as much as I thought they did, since they expected me to do chores, the nerve of them! Maybe if I had brothers and sister like you, it wouldn’t have been as much work. I think it’s great you have so many siblings, being an only child sucks. It must have been fun growing up with built in friends. Also, I think if I had some brothers and sisters my parents wouldn’t have been so protective. Or maybe that was because of what happened to my sister. Who knows? Are you close to your siblings now?

Okay now for the juicy stuff. Something I’ve never told anyone before…but you have to PROMISE not to ask for details, because my lips are sealed. Oh wait, I just realized you said you got close to being married, tell me more about that, why didn’t it work out?

Ok here goes…I was in college and dating this guy who was the “bad boy” type (I went through a rebellion phase). Well I guess he was getting bored with me, because I was exactly the opposite of him and I knew if we broke up it would make my parents happy, and I couldn’t let that happen right? So I promised him I would do anything to make him stay and well…he came up with the brilliant idea that I should have sex with a girl while he watched. Me being as sheltered as I was, I was mortified. But I was more afraid of losing him so I agreed on the condition that I would get to pick the girl. He agreed so I picked my childhood best friend because I figured who else would it be less awkward with…yeah I was wrong. So anyway… afterwards she started telling me she was developing “feelings” for me. It got so bad we stopped being friends. Now this was someone I grew up with mind you, so now when our families get together they always ask why we aren’t as close anymore. I just turn tomato red and she rolls her eyes and says, I ‘betrayed’ her. Yeah so I think mine might be worse than yours…actually no, no it’s not LOL. I think having sex with your best friend and pushing a special needs kid down the stairs are pretty much the same kind of awful.

I’m really glad you responded to my email Jake, I don’t why but I feel like I know you…


Sincerely, Jamie





Dear Jamie,

Now you know you cannot just say something like that and not expect me to ask for details. But seeing how I “promised” I will only ask one thing! Did you like it? Well, clearly not enough to reciprocate her feelings but did you like the physical aspect of it? Did you ever do anything like that again? Would you consider it now? 😉 Okay, okay I’m done (clearly I was the top counter in my class). Btw you laughing at my special push wasn’t cool at all (get it special…push, the kid was special and I pushed him…get it?). Just like you KILLING your poor fish wasn’t cool. Jamie c’mon now, someone really had to tell you that you had to feed a fish more than twice a month! Man you’re never gonna be able to live that one done. Whenever you do anything now, I’m just gonna say, “fish killer”. LOL. But wait I guess you could just retort with, “special push” hmm I guess I’ll have to decide when it’s wise to use that against you…LOL.

As far as my business goes, I don’t know. I needed a change I guess. I want to sell it and use that money to maybe start a different project. Or I’ll just travel to all those amazing places you mentioned and do that till I run out of money…So you want to know what it’s like growing up with a bunch of “built in friends” well I couldn’t tell you. My brothers and sisters and I never got along. We fought all the time. I think it was just too many of us, too many different personalities, that kind of thing. I think I would have chosen to be an only child, but don’t tell them I said that when you meet them, because I WILL DENY, DENY!

I get that being sheltered must have been horrible but at least you know your parents cared about you. Me on the other hand, I always felt like my parents didn’t have time for me. Or like I always had to act out to get attention. I know my parents loved me, but I guess I would have preferred a little more attention than what I got. And I know it wasn’t their fault, like I said before they did the best they could with what they had. I’m sorry to hear about your sister btw. That must have been difficult for your parents. I can definitely understand why they kept you so sheltered. They must have been terrified of going through that again… “Enough of that violin worthy story,” SMH I laughed and felt horrible for laughing, thanks for that LOL. Yup I’m blaming it on you…fish killer! MUUAAAHAHAHA (evil laugh).

So you want to know why I didn’t end up marrying my finance. Well, a couple of weeks before the wedding we were fighting about something and she postponed the wedding, and well it was postponed forever because we never really worked it out. That part of my life I don’t really like to talk about, but it’s a fair question for you to ask, but I’d prefer if we didn’t really didn’t discuss it any further.

Anyway Jamie, you should send me some pictures of yourself (fully clothed please I’m not like that ‘”bad boy” you dated unless… you want me to be 😉 ). I’ll send you some pics of me as well. Anyway I gotta head out. I have some clients waiting for some estimates. TTYL.


Yours, J.


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