Holidays Don’t Do It Justice

Folks let’s be honest and true with each other. You love us. You love my Monday posts, You ruminate waiting for ruminated thoughts, You clamor for more from Reign, Reason, Revanchist, and Kudo. Hell you love the podcast so much you’re annoyed there aren’t new episodes on the new youtube channel.

So this week we are going to say thank you to you, while also making sure to not get in the way of the Holiday.

Throughout tomorrow and Wednesday we are going to pack in as much as we can. I promise you a new Wrath of Ruthless as well. But because we want you to focus on the holiday and time with family, EVERY post for the week will be on Tomorrow and Wednesday. With nothing again until next week. Not even a weekend with ruthless will appear.

So see you over the next two days. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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