John Gray: A Tale of Hearts Part VIII

Welcome to the Mystery World of Reason…

“Captain, I don’t think I understand,” I say, “So there were two babies found, one was dead and placed just like the others in the basket wrapped in the same blanket, and now you’re telling me there was another baby, but she was alive?”

“John, I don’t understand it either to be honest.” Captain Philip says, “But yes, that’s what we found.”

“Why did she leave one baby alive?” Steve asks, “What was so different about this baby?”

“That’s what we are trying to figure out Steve.” Cap says, “The doctors are giving the baby a thorough exam. And Marcy is doing the autopsy on the dead baby now.”

“Was the heart taken out like the others?” Stone asks.

“It looks like it.” Cap says.

“And we have no idea who the third baby belongs to I assume?” I ask.

“Correct.” Steve says.

“This bastard is really starting to piss me off.” I say.

“I think it’s safe to say we’re all about done with this horrendous case.” Chambers says.

“I’m sure it’s a waste of time to ask, but were there any witnesses this time?” I ask.

“You’re right, it was a waste of time to ask.” Steve says.

“Right.” I say, “Well how about the sketch that witness gave us, any luck with that?”

“No, unfortunately not, we faxed it to all the local police departments, but no hits yet.” Cap says.

“So is this killer a genius? Not prints, no DNA, no witnesses, nothing, or are we just missing something.” Steve says.

“There has to be something we…hold on my phone is ringing…hello, yes this is Detective Meres.” Steve says, “Mr. Clever yes, of course I remember you, what can I do for you…really…no, no that’s great…can you guys come in now? Okay, we’ll see you in a few hours then.”

“Mr. Clever, that was the father of the kids who found the second baby right?” Chambers asks.

“Yes, and he says Timmy, his son who found the body, just told him he did in fact see a woman leave the basket.” Steve says.

“That’s great.” Stone says, “So we’ll have him look at some pictures, plus the sketch and see if he identifies the same woman.”

A few hours later, the Clevers come to the office. Timmy is now looking at the different photos. We want to show him a variety of pictures that way we will be sure, when he picks the one he recognizes. “I don’t see her here, dad,” Timmy says.

“It’s okay, Timmy, just keep looking.” I say.

“Wait, go back!” Timmy says, “That’s her, right there.”

“Are you sure Timmy?” Steve says.

I really hope he’s sure, because he just picked the sketch we got from the witness who works at the yarn shop. “Take your time Timmy.” I say.

“I’m sure. But her hair was like mommy’s not dark.” Timmy says.

“So her hair was blonde, Timmy?” Mr. Clever asks.

“Yes, like mommy’s’.” Timmy says.

“Was there anything else that was different about her Timmy?” I ask.

“Her belly was not big like this.” Timmy says.

“Okay, Timmy thank you, you did a brave thing. You and your dad just sit here for a couple minutes and we’ll be right back.” Steve says.

Steve and I go outside to talk to the rest of the guys. “So the killer was pregnant when she bought the yarn, but not when she left the second basket?” I asks.

“Are we thinking she lost the baby?” Chambers says, “Maybe that was her breaking point.”

“I don’t think so because by the time she was buying the yarn, she had already had her plan in place.” I say.

“So she dressed up like she was pregnant?” Steve says.

“Looks like it.” I say.

“But why not keep up the façade when leaving the baskets?” Steve asks.

“That’s just a question we’ll have to ask her when we catch her.” I say.

We wrap things up with the Clevers and we head over to the coroner’s office. “Marcy, what was so urgent that we all had to get here ASAP?” Stone says.

“I have something for you.” Marcy says, unable to hide the excitement in her voice.

“What is it Marc?” I ask.

“The third baby had the same strand of hair wrapped around her hand, just like the others.” Marcy says, “But this time, the strand had DNA.”

“What?” I say, “Are you serious.”

“I couldn’t believe it either.” Marcy says, “But apparently this strand, unlike the others was pulled out at the root.”

“Did you get a match?” Steve says.

“Well, no. I just found it.” Marcy says, “But I did send it over to the lab STAT.”

“That’s great news.” Chambers says.

“It is.” Cap says, “Let’s hope the person this hair belongs to is in the system.”

“Anything else Marcy?” Steve asks.

“No.” Marcy says.

“So this baby is just like the others?” I ask.

“Yup, same MO. Baby died from overdose of BZD, then the killer cut out her heart.” Marcy says. “Have you guys made any progress on finding the hearts?”

“No.” I say. “We’re thinking the killer took it with her.”

“What the hell is she doing with a bunch of baby hearts?” Marcy says, “Never mind don’t answer that.”

“I don’t think I want to know either.” Cap says, “Anyway, everyone take a break, let’s meet back at the office in an hour.”

Steve and I go to a coffee shop nearby. We sit down and Steve immediately says, “So how was therapy?”

“It was good.” I say. I know vagueness drives him crazy, so I try to be as vague as possible with him whenever I can.

Steve gives me a frown, “Come on partner give me more than ‘good’.”

I tell Steve everything that happened at the therapist, but before he can respond we both get called into the office, “So much for an hour break.” I say.

“I hope it’s not another body.” Steve says.

“No.” I say, “That wouldn’t fit the timeline.”

“I sure hope you’re right.” Steve says.

We get to the station where the other detectives are waiting for us, “The doctor who examined the baby just called me.” Cap says. “The baby we found alive was the twin of the baby found dead.”

“What?” I say out loud by accident.

“The baby we found alive has a heart defect.” Cap says. “Once the doctor examined the baby he realized the defect and searched for her records and found that she had a healthy twin sister. He gave us the name of the parents and we will be going with them after this meeting to identify the body of the dead twin sister.”

“I’d rather not be there Cap.” I say.

“Likewise.” Chambers says.

“Very well.” Cap says, “Stone and Steve you meet the family at the coroner’s to identify the body.”

“So the killer kidnapped twin girls. Killed the healthy one and left the one with a heart defect alive?” Stone says. “Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this?”

“Actually it makes perfect sense.” I say. “The killer wants healthy hearts. The sick twin sister had a defective heart which was no use to the killer, but it’s the healthy heart she wanted… she needs healthy hearts.”

“That’s insane.” Steve says, “But I think you’re right.”

“Are we thinking she’s using these healthy hearts for some sort of ritual?” Cap says.

Chambers goes to the computer then says, “I’m looking up rituals dealing with hearts now.”

“Maybe she has a bad heart and she thinks stealing hearts will make her healthy.” Steve says.

“But why baby hearts?” I say, “And why only girls.”

“Right, that part doesn’t add up.” Cap says.

“Hey guys I just got a text from Marcy, she said they found a match on the DNA.” Steve says.

“Already?” I say, “How is that even possible.”

“Hey you know Marc, she always finds a way to make things happen.” Chambers says.

Steve calls Marcy and puts her on speaker phone, “Go ahead Marc, you’re on speaker phone, tell us what you found.” Steve says.

“Okay it’s really weird so make sure you’re sitting down.” Marcy says, “The hair belongs to a Dorothy Minder. She’s an agent with the bureau.”



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