Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Have I ever told you that I like all of the holidays? So of course I love Valentine’s Day too! Not because of the materialistic elements that have been incorporated into most of the holidays. No, I love that there are specific days where we are encouraged to have fun, celebrate, and spend invaluable time with people we like. With that in mind, I want to tell you all… well it’s in the title. Although today, being Valentine’s Day, also marks the how-ever-many-thousandth anniversary of a certain somebody’s massacre (which I read that some bitter jerk face decided to try to add their name to the list of mass murdering ass hats), I want to focus on the part where we get to just love, be in love, and show love.

When I was little, my mom used to buy me a single red rose. She’d make sure I had a box of cards and candies to give out to my classmates. She made sure I knew that the day was about being nice to other people, not necessarily about couples, jewelry, and sex. Actually, that was basically her lesson for every holiday. I’ve carried those lessons with me my whole life: holidays are for letting people know you care.

So, as this day comes to a close, know that you are cared for. Even if you’re single, you are not alone, and you have every reason to feel good about today. I hope you found something to enjoy about the day. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Plus, tomorrow is Black Panther Day, and that should make everyone happy.

Oh, yeah… don’t forget to Do More. Require Better.

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