Happy Anniversary… I mean … Happy New Year!!!

Reign's 2015Yeah… that’s what I meant… Happy New Year folks. And what a year it was. I promised to call you out, piss you off, and talk about random stuff that interests me. After reviewing all of my posts, I’m pleased to say I kept up my end of the bargain… You guys; Not so much. So here’s the question: What have you learned this year? What have you done? I know *I’ve* done a lot of Reflecting, and I’ve invited you all to participate in my journey.

Remember the angry days when I was sounding off about race classification, or that time I went in on my fellow Black people? Or that fool who went on a killing spree because he couldn’t get laid? Those were not good times, but you shared them with me. And how about when we talked about relationships, self love, and my own struggle with my image? Believe it or not, those were good times, and I shared them with you too.

Looking back, you’d have thought we could only talk about race relations but so much until I had to embrace my lack of decorum and the Supreme Court ruling against Affirmative Action in of all places, schools. We had to discuss Ferguson, “White Privilege,” and people choosing to focus on race when they shouldn’t. Oh, and by the way, the assault on schools didn’t just end with Affirmative Action… Nope, we had people shooting them up again.

Looking forward, I think we’ll keep this positivity train moving forward. Of course I am committed to sounding off about social injustices and current events, but I think MJ said it best:

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.

I might have been forced to change my name to Reign Justice by a fascist FaceBook, this is still the Reign of Change. You can expect to have more notes to take in Self Improvement 101. I’ll have a few more letters to add to The Letter Series, and since writing is how I’ve decided to treat my ails, you’ll have to clutch your pearls because of my Decorum Deficiency Disorder, so consider yourself warned. We’ll be checking your Depth Perception and making PSA’s as necessary, and I’ll still expect you to Dig Deep.

So here’s the answer: you’ve made it with me to another year. Congratulations folks, we’ve earned it! Between technical difficulties and my ongoing struggle with Decorum Deficiency Disorder, I feel like we’ve grown so much closer. I just want to thank all of you for reading me this year, sharing your stories with me, and letting me share mine. I look forward to even more learning, sharing, and growing with you… and as always…

Do More. Require Better.


Welcome to 2015.

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